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20 FANTASTIC ways to come out of the closet

Updated on January 10, 2012

Keeping the true "you" locked away within yourself is something no one should have to do! If you're still in the closet, but thinking about how you might throw off the illusion of being something your not, there are as many ways to do it as there are colors in the rainbow! Here are twenty fantastic, fun, (and sometimes silly) ways to bring yourself out of the closet on the right foot and start living your life the way you were meant to!

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1. Flip through your contact list with your eyes closed and call a random number. Whoever picks up, tell them that you're gay. Repeat several times for more fun!

2. Make a FABULOUS music video.

3. Go to the top of the highest building you can find and shout it at the top of your lungs.

4. Introduce yourself to strangers by saying "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I'm gay."

5. Skip the next big family get-together or office party and go to a gay-friendly club (or party) instead. Tell anyone who asks where you're going.

6. Start a new blog and use it to focus on the new you!

7. Bring your partner to meet your parents. Act like yourself.

8. Look up an openly gay celebrity you respect, then model your "coming out" after theirs.

9. Find a way to get on TV (Big news stations do things all the time where they show the public) and shout out the truth of who you are! Or if there's no sound, hold up a big cardboard sign!

10. Get married (Still legal in California!)

11. Go shopping for rainbow gear (buttons, gloves, ties, shirts, etc.) Wear them openly.

12. Start vocally "noticing" members of the same sex around people you know (i.e. Wow, he/she's pretty cute) or hitting on people of the same sex. If people ask, respond casually "Yeah, I'm gay."

13. Go with the stereotype- if you're a guy, start filling your life with pink, sparkly, and fuzzy things. If you're a gal, go for trucks, construction, beer, football, etc.

14. Paint your car rainbow!

15. Work up the chain and establish a safety net. Tell close friends, then siblings, etc. Save parents for last.

16. Write it on your chest.

17. Kiss someone!

18. March in a PRIDE parade! and invite people to come with you!

19. Write it in big black letters on your bumper.

20. Write an actual, honest-to-goodness letter (sent with a stamp) through the postal service and send a copy to everyone important to you. Tell them how much they matter to you, how much you love them, thank them, and then drop the bomb by saying something along the lines of "So I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything because I realize that the way you look at me will be forever changed when you read the final line of this letter. (Name), I'm gay."


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    • profile image

      Jane E 2 years ago

      Can you not put bisexual in the same category as 'not sure' in the survey? They are not remotely the same thing.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 4 years ago

      I am a male lesbian and prefer to be the butch one. I went in the closet once and never came out. I think I came out of the closet when I was like 8 years old and no one really cared. I am throwing a normal heterosexual pride parade, because I think its odd that I have to celebrate my sexuality. I am tired of people picking on me because I am straight. I do not know why I need to tell my parents because it lacks all the drama. I noticed all of television is now gay, does anyone know how I can get the straight channels? I think the whole gay thing today is all about getting attention and half the people claiming to be gay are mostly doing it for attention.

    • profile image

      Tira 5 years ago

      @Helena; Make sure you're certain before coming out. Also, maybe wait until you're no longer dependent on him if you think he'll react negatively. Oh, and try testing the waters, asking him his opinion on the local pride parade.

    • profile image

      Helena 5 years ago

      hey i'm 11 (girl) and i'm pretty sure i'm bi, but i don't know how to tell my dad.... i don't know how my dad'll react, please help!! He isn't homophobic or religious but i'm still soo nervous.

    • profile image

      Jenny 5 years ago

      I am a bi sexual girl and I act straight! :D

    • profile image

      rachelle 5 years ago

      yeah my mum is also gay and all of my mates know but just saying it scares that hell out of me! im 12 but have known for about a year or so and have just had the corage to tell my best girl mate which i have the biggest crush on so i just told her. im thinking of just going to skool but leaving a note saying hey im gay on the table what do you think?

    • profile image

      Emma 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm 15. I'm absolutely terrified of coming out to my parents. Especially of how my dad will react.

      I was adopted into a VERY Christian family. I mean like wearing crosses and everything.

      I'm thinking about using #20. It sounds the most anonymous. So ya. My comment

    • profile image

      Sami 6 years ago

      These are great. I might actually try one when I tell my parents I'm bi. It's how I'm gonna tell my grandma that im gonna need a better way to break it to....she was PISSED and "beyond ashamed" that her daughter (who was brought up in a fairly strict Mormon household) was "going against the lords will"

    • profile image

      ThePersonWritingThis 6 years ago

      ive recently figured out my sexuality.. im BI, i really want to come out to my parents. I've come out to my most important friends and ive been told to tell my parents before i tell more people at my school. idk if you have any suggestions or anything xD

    • profile image

      KatKat 6 years ago

      I'm a lesbian, who wears dresses and skirts, has long hair and wears make up. I tried/am trying to give everyone ai least a little inkling as to what my true sexuality is (by incorporating rainbows everywhere I can and talking about gay people all the time)but no-one around me knew what all that meant and thought I was just being a bit weird. When I came out to my friends I said "I have something to tell you..." and before I could say anything else, they went "Oh No! You're pregnant!" after that they were relieved that my only issue is being gay.

      Moral of the story; make it sound like it's something worse than homosexuality and that will put it all in perspective, thus making coming out easier.

      *This has some humour to it, don't take it too seriously...

    • profile image

      someone... 6 years ago

      I just cant do it!!! I'm to scared that people wont sceptically me

    • profile image

      Udontneedtoknow 6 years ago

      It is very hard to come out when I do I won't be thinking of ways to make it "funny"..

    • profile image

      Keori 6 years ago

      I. Love. It. #20 sounds best ;D

    • profile image

      rainbow dude 6 years ago

      im sure this will work lol its sooo funny

    • profile image

      Deanna 6 years ago

      I am a girl, that doesn't dress like a dude or necessarily act like one either so, no one would guess that I was in fact gay. I was thinking about ways to make it more obvious that I am without having to verbally tell everyone.

    • profile image

      Victoria 6 years ago

      No one expected anything when I came out..

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is great!! I like the one about skipping the office party and going to a gay club. I'm bi, but that still sounds like a really great idea!

    • profile image

      daquan fountain 6 years ago

      Oh my Godd like thank you so much I've Ben meaning 2 tell my friends to ages

    • profile image

      Me... XD 6 years ago

      I've been trying to "come out" for ages... Maybe I should try one of these methods... Thanks!

    • profile image

      Me... XD 6 years ago

      I've been trying to "come out" for ages... Maybe I should try one of these methods... Thanks!

    • profile image

      Danny M. 6 years ago

      #21, share this link in your facebook wall and tag as many ppl as u can ^^

    • profile image

      tiny tempa 6 years ago

      Im gay and i act straight

    • profile image

      JH 6 years ago

      JamaGenee- Many of us don't act how you would consider "gay." I know absolutely nothing about make-up, fashion, I hate pink etc. There are tons of gay guys that look "straight." The label of straight or gay has to do with what gender you are attracted to, not how you act.

    • profile image

      Kristian 8 years ago

      lol i like the music video 1.....i should try that

    • MissWright profile image

      MissWright 8 years ago from Black Hills of South Dakota

      Kudos! I think that shedding some humor on an otherwise nerve wrenching situation is awesome! I hope someday we can just accept everyone for whom they are as a person, not what they do in the bedroom.... oh wait I guess that would require a trip to the land of OZ. Nonetheless one can always keep the faith!

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 8 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Very funny! But unless you've managed to appear 100% straight before you come out, most everybody (except your parents) will have suspected your true nature all along.  Announcing it in whatever fashion you decide on will only be verification of their suspicions and not necessarily the big surprise you envisioned.

      But at least now the girls can ask you for make up tips and your straight guy friends will stop wondering if you're hitting on their girlfriends! ;D