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7 Reasons to Use CFL Bulbs

Updated on July 13, 2010

Reduce Your Energy Use and Switch to CFL Bulbs!

CFL bulbs are nothing new. They've been around for a while, and they're becoming more and more popular with the general public. With their impressive energy saving abilities, it's easy to see why. Read the back of most packages of CFL bulbs and you'll read that they claim to last five times as long as the average incandescent bulb, and they use less energy every time you turn them on. The energy savings quickly does add up! If you need a few more reasons why you should use CFL bulbs, read below and see if it convinces you.

CFL Bulb Multi Pack - Start Saving Energy

GE 13-Watt Energy Smart Fluorescent Light Bulbs, 8 Pack, 60 Watt Replacement
GE 13-Watt Energy Smart Fluorescent Light Bulbs, 8 Pack, 60 Watt Replacement

Last 8 times longer than a standard incandescent! This will save you on the average $45 in energy use per bulb. Multiply that by the entire pack and its hundreds of dollars of savings!


Be sure to properly dispose of CFL bulbs after they have been used up. They contain a small amount of mercury, which is toxic if the bulb is broken. Take great care in handling these bulbs. If they should break, don't worry, you shouldn't need an environmental clean up crew to pick up the mess, but you shouldn't breathe it in.

CFL Light Bulbs in Plain English

Reasons Why You Should Use CFL Bulbs

1. CFL bulbs will reduce your electric bill. Quite simply, switching to CFL bulbs will start putting money back into your pocket within 5 months on the average after purchasing.

2. Electricity isn't cheap to produce. By using CFL bulbs, you'll be saving in more ways than just the bulb and on your bill. The fact that you'll be using less energy means we'll experience less power outages and less smog from energy emissions at coal plants and power plants.

3. CFL bulbs are a greener option for the environment. Yes, they do contain a small amount of mercury, but the energy that they save is well worth this small downside.

4. You won't have to change the light bulb as often. This is especially nice for those hard to reach high ceiling lights that you have to climb up a ladder to reach.

5. They can help end our dependence on foreign oil. Most forms of energy are fueled by fossil fuels, including electrical energy and even the energy used to make the bulbs. If we can use less bulbs and use less energy, we'll be lessening our need to depend on countries outside of our own, making for a more sustainable economy.

6. Energy use is predicted to increase in price over the years, so making this small investment now can help curb those costs.

7. That extra savings can be put towards green home improvements. Weatherstrip the inside of your doors, or invest in a simple doorstop to keep the draft out.

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How Much Money Have You Saved by Using CFL Bulbs?

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