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2010:the year of corruption in india

Updated on December 11, 2010

the year of shame

2010 is coming to an end in a fortnight or so to say.Looking back upon 2010 reminds me of several sweet memories with my familybut what really stirs me is the indian politics.This is the year when the indian politics broke all records of corruption and scam and thanks to them in the news papers they covered more space than the real concerning issues.

2010 has worn out a shameful face on the holy lands of india.From the peons to the ministers every single one was involved in such sinful act.Just thinking of the volume of it I feel pity for my poor India.It all started with the common wealth games.It revealed the diabolic works of those in charge and brought nothing but shame to india.Around 90 crores was pocketed away by individuals.Can you beat that?As far as i know all the members involved were over 46 years of age.I don't understand what will they with the money in their old age??

We came to the earth without a single piece of thread on our body and will depart much in the same fashion.Then where do you find the need to gobble up so much wealth??!!!Everyone has seen the hunger stricken poor people in several areas of india.lthough there are signs of development in such areas its not what would be expected after we hear the whooping some of money that the government sanctioned.Not even once did the face of these poor flash in their minds??I don't understand if they have something called conscience in their dictionary.

When a vigilance drive was made it brought into light the infinite cases of corruption.Dignified doctors ,politicians,engineers all had joined this rash train without giving a second thought!I 

I ask what did you get after all??

are you happy showing your shameless face on the national television? or are you happy to have hurtled india's name in the top of the corruption list?

This simple question is utterly inexplicable.

Now the 2 g spectrum is popping its head shamelessly.There was a time when I proudly said I'm a proud Indian,look at my culture,look at my skills,look at my ethics,my aesthetics,growth rate........I wished i could say that every year.But this year my face has become red with shame.If I dare to say that I'm a proud Indian questions will be raised---are you proud of your corruption??Pity on you!!

I want to raise my head once again and want to say-----YES I AM PROUD INDIAN.If the politicians are not afraid of the government its not a problem.But what about the lord up in heavens.Nothing remains hidden from him nor does he shut his eyes regarding this matter.

Above the law of the country there is the law of nature.One who commits a crime will pay for it any how.Its high time that the politicians decide between two things----do you wnat to lead a clean corruption free life or do you want to face God's wrath?

The choice is yours and it will decide their future.So its an advice-----CHOOSE CAREFULLY!

after all its because of you that topics like corruption always rule the newspapers.

please read the above article and drop in your comments.


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    • luckyridesagain profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Thank you for your comment.I feel the same.The politicians nowadays are coming with harder skin and minimal conscience.

    • rafken profile image


      7 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I agree, the media, should report more news. Corruption is news but bad news should be mentioned, then left alone. It seems that news of corruption, to a politician, is like a light bulb to a fly. If they see someone else is doing it, then they want to get into it.


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