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2011 Election Thoughts

Updated on April 26, 2011

Its never to early to think about the next election, and with news that Ron Paul is now entering the potential candidate pool, the time is now to begin looking at who to vote for.  Many people erroneously vote for any candidates based on usually one or two issues, without ever considering the broader spectrum.

Currently the biggest issue the United States is facing is the economy.  With reports out that China is set to surpass the US and become the leading economy; the outlook for the US is grim.  Gold and silver are skyrocketing, gas prices are climbing with no end in sight, jobs are leaving the country to go overseas, and imports come in with hardly any taxation on them.  Bad decisions have led to a bad economy.  The next president needs to understand the problem, and rectify the solution.  But to do that, all the politicians need to quit being self serving and put the good of the country at the forefront.  

Another issue is the constant wars the US goes off to fight, costing American lives and taxpayers dollars.  We have no business fighting another countries internal war.  It’s costly in too many ways.  The next president needs to realize this and bring our troops home ASAP. 

Another main issue is getting the governments hands out of our business.  Find a candidate who will return our rights to us, slap the TSA down hard for privacy violations, stop police control and brutality, and restore some semblance of freedom to US citizens.  Get the illegal aliens out of the country and quit giving them houses, food, jobs, and safety while natural born Americans, or aliens who come here legally starve in the streets.

The problem in selecting a president is not knowing what they will do once in office.  The only way to find out about a candidate is research them your self, and not take your minister, or co-worker, or television personality’s word for it.  Get online and research, see their track record, see what jobs they have created or cost, see what money they have earned or lost, see how happy their constitutes are.  Don’t vote for a candidate for only one reason, weigh all their decisions.  Too many people make knee jerk choices or are taking in by a slick talking candidate and we end up with the wrong unqualified person.  Without stepping on toes, it doesn’t matter if they are for or against abortion, or gay marriage, or if they are a Pagan, or a Christian, or a Muslim.  Judge them based on actions.  Refusing to vote for a candidate because they are for or against only one issue is foolish.  Refusing to vote for a candidate because they are not a middle age white Christian is absurd. 

It’s time for American citizens to take our country back from big corporations, from the government and from those who wish to tear it apart.


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    • tngolfplayer profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Knoxville

      He is one of the few that party really doesn't matter with, cause he seems pretty straight down the line constitutionalists. A far cry better then most candidates.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I really have no clue why Conservatives don't like Ron Paul. He is one of the few Republicans really worth a vote for.



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