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Updated on November 21, 2011

The people VS a political party.

A gloomy forecast by Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi that, if the Super Committee should fail to reach an agreement to reduce the national deficit by the proposed $1.2 trillion on Nov. 23rd, 2011, the consequences would be dire for the country's economy in the coming years.

He said so without mincing his words; and adding that the stock market would have a bumpy road ahead, although, it would not react as swiftly as it should just for now. The committee should pay attention to Mr. Zandi's predictions; shouldn't it?

Even, some of the committee's own members came out to say that a consensus was within reach, but for the Republicans to remove an item, namely, the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy, which they had brought to the table.

The issue was tax revenues in a recession, which was against the Republican Party principle, but now, the party's members on the committee were insisting on the Bush tax breaks to be extended.

That was the hurdle the committee has to overcome within the next 24 hours for the it to finish its assigned job.

However, the question was that there were about 14000 millionaires, who did not pay any taxes at all, and they should be forced to do so, but they were not. Why or why not? Was the Republican members' stance for their protection?

They were the ones that President Barack Obama was persisting that they should pay their fair share in taxes; although, they have not paid any for years, and so they should start doing so, due to the crisis the country was in.

The Republicans would rather have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid slashed, instead of those people paying their fair share in taxes; and adding that the Bush tax breaks should be allowed to continue to go on unabated benefiting only the rich. What?

That has set the controversy for the committee on making a decision around the privileges that its Republican members were asking for the wealthy to be permitted or not to be permitted to enjoy.

It seemed, it was now down to "country in crisis versus a political party", and who should win?

Many would prefer the country to a political party; and that would be what they would indicate at the ballot box in the 2012 presidential election, to choose whom they wanted as president.

Since that determination was still in the hands of the people, Americans should rest assured.


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