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2012: The Warmest Year On Record

Updated on November 29, 2012

Things are heating up-literally, one degree at a time. Call it a sign of the End Times, one of final trumpets blown that will bring woe to Earth causing a change reaction of events affecting everyone socially and economically; or, give it a more scientific name and explanation, in any case, it is "before our eyes". It cannot be denied.

Unknown to most, a chunk of ice, the size of the USA, broke off and melted in 2012. Think about it. A mammoth block of ice 3000 miles wide or so, melting in the Artic. The ocean level rose slightly, few noticed. The scientists of the World Meteorological Organization did notice. They also noticed that droughts devastated two-thirds of the USA, western Russia and southern Europe. Floods swamped west Africa and heat waves were longer in the Northern Hemisphere.

The ice melt from March to September was 4.57 million square miles, which is actually bigger than the USA because of greenhouse gases that have reached record levels. The average worldwide temperature has risen 1.4 degrees. So, 2012, is the warmest year globally in 160 years of record keeping.

If you know about the Bible's Book of Revelations, then your take about this is that things socially and economically will only get worse for the world through a chain of events and the inability of mankind and government to handle them. Food production will be impacted, prices rise. Can you imagine paying $10 for a loaf of bread? Impossible? well, I recall when a good loaf was not more than $2-3 in the 80's-90's. Now its $5. What happens when the oceans die? Already, disturbing signs are here: 700 dolphins have died this year in the Gulf of Mexico and the biologists are clueless. Pollution in the food chain?

If you are not religious, then, you will just put your faith in mankind and government to solve or deal with the impact of man's impact on the environment, which we know, so far is incompetent.


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    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Keep in mind that one of the theories about how Mars came to be was that it was once like Earth. Man-made or not, climate is not stable just because we wish it, because we are here. This is the only example of a habitable climate we know. How are we supposed to know how long it will last? If it is possible for humans to alter the climate, we have to try to figure it out.

      If I believed in God, I shouldn't think God's plan is to make the Earth a barren rock.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Nature will self-correct by extinction! either that, or, Jesus returns.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Fact check: The biggest single piece of ice to break from the Arctic or Antarctic was in July, off the Greenland ice sheet, and it was the size of a large city. It was the biggest on record since 1962. It's possible that you meant the total amount of ice that has broken from the poles could fill up the Unites States, but that isn't much use because ice is continually re-freezing and then melting.

      The rest of the article is more or less correct. This IS the warmest year on record, and the forecasts for next year aren't encouraging. At some point, the deniers aren't going to have any more wiggle room. In the beginning it was "There's nothing wrong with the climate." Then it was "You said it was warming, so why is it cooling?" Then it was "You said it was cooling, so why is it warming?" Then it was "Okay so you've said all along that it was warming... so what about this cold winter?" Then it was "Okay... so warming means general warming, not local climate, so why has this year been so cold?" Then "Okay, so the trend is currently up, but this is just a global cycle." Now it's "Okay so this trend is atypical, but humans aren't causing it."

      Through it all, it's been the collective wisdom of deniers that we have nothing to worry about, that the Earth will somehow correct itself.... that's obvious because humans aren't responsible, so that HAS to mean that it is self-correcting. Leaving aside that humans ARE responsible and even if it was a natural occurrence, it does not follow that the Earth will somehow "correct" itself. One does not necessarily follow the other. That's how we get mass extinctions and ice ages, and we aren't even preparing for a temporary increase in global temperature, never mind a permanent one. According to politicians, the world is as it always will be and we have nothing to worry about.