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2016 Politcal Shorts

Updated on September 18, 2015

The Deal with Iran

I have yet to hear anybody, especially the so-called educated corporate media call attention to the fact that America, in the form of the CIA helped topple the elected government of Iran in August of 1953 in favor of a dictator, the Shah of Iran. This is a fact that was a major catalyst in the events of 1979 when hostages in the US Embassy were taken by the Iranian people. The term backlash should be part of the discussion associated with this deal.

The Deal with Iran

Is the action of the CIA in 1953 relivent to this Deal?

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Planned Parenthood Debate

No effort as of yet has been made to investigate the people who created these videos. No effort has been made to show the actual footage of these videos to establish their authenticity, because there are lawsuits in place to keep that from happening. Fox News aired these videos without having properly investigated their authenticity, and should be held accountable for not doing, so. And yet the GOP has chosen to pursue legislation without all the facts in play. In my book, political business as usual!!!

Planned Parenthood Debate

Did the GOP and Fox News fail to properly investigate these alleged incriminating videos?

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Climate Change

I live in Colorado. Pikes Peak is almost literally in my back yard. The Broadmoor Ski Resort has not operated in more than 20 years, because the average daily temperature rose too high to keep ample snow on the ground for skiing. Cheyenne Canyon just west of the Broadmoor has been suffering from aggressive changes in temperature such that the evergreen trees in the canyon are dying out. As Colorado Springs is a central area for lightning strikes, a major disaster is in the making. Aspen trees of Colorado are suffering as well from a drastic change of climate. In recent years there has been the Waldo Canyon Fire, the Black Forest fire, and the biggest one the Hayman fire. Last but not least, the Colorado River is slowly but surely declining its water flow. What is happening in your neck of the woods as it relates to Climate Change?

Climate Change

Is climate change a threat to mankind?

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Turning education into a business has taken the greatest education system the world had ever known, into the least effect education system among the industrialized nations of the world. You can thank Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan for that, as his protest against protesters of the Vietnam War pursuant to the University of California Berkeley.


Should education be a constitutional right of citizenship?

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The People who go to war to defend our country have earned the right to expect health care for life at taxpayers’ expense. If it should be done for veterans it should be done for everybody. Healthcare is not business it is a fundamental right of citizenship.


Should healthcare be a constitutional right of citizenship?

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Foreign Policy

On August 6th and 9th of 1945, the United States used atomic bombs against Japan to end World War II. It is my belief that we have not been able to suggest that we ever operate from a position of weakness in the global events as a result. It is the power to destroy a city anywhere in the world in less than an hour and the ability to destroy the infrastructure of an entire country in less than two hours that makes such words of weakness empty headed nonsense.

Foreign Policy

Was using atomic bombs against Japan in WWII necessary?

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The LGBT Right to Marry

The one part of this issue that nobody is willing to address is the need to apply the separation of church and state. Christians like Mike Huckabee insist that religious beliefs should be allowed to outweigh constitutional authority. The Supreme Court, in the form of those five justices who voted for the LGBT communities’ right to marriage was the correct choice.

The LGBT Right to Marry

Does the separation of church and state apply to this issue?

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Bernie Sanders

When he spoke at Liberty University the most compelling thing he talked about, was the 15 richest people in America making a combined 170 billion dollars between them in the last 2 years. Two of those people are clearly the Koch Brothers. Is there any doubt who Washington works for? Is there any doubt how the Koch Brothers can be so, arrogant as to openly pursue buying the election of 2016 to the tune of almost one billion dollars. There should be no doubt, as to who has actually benefited from Reagan and subsequent Republican tax cuts and spending measures.

Bernie Sanders

Should the accumulation of wealth in America be regarded and treated as an entitlement in the same way Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are being regarded and treated?

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    • Arthur Bundy profile image

      Arthur Bundy 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I have not decided whether I agree with your assessment of "context" as they relate to my "questions".

      LGBT - The Constitution "of, by, and for the People". The LGBT community is of the People, and they every right to their form of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The political side of the equation was the other justices playing for the audience. A Christian audience that continues to demonstrate that they won't take no for an answer. The right to religious freedom does not give Christians the right to impose their will on the rest of us. That is why the "separation of church and state" matters here.

      As for decisions that don't resolve issues, the Conservative members of the SC have handed down decisions that favor Corporations over the People, Citizens United. The Fed over the states, Bush v. Gore. And the government over accountability, Ashcroft v. Iqbal.

      Bernie Sanders - 170 billion dollars split between 15 don't see a problem with that!!!.

      The fundamental difference between Ronald Reagan and FDR is that FDR taxed like crazy to pay for his spending. Where as Ronald Reagan cut taxes and went on a spending spree which has effectively bankrupted the federal, state, and local governments.

      Healthcare - Government is not business nor should it be treated as a business. Patents for medicine are just as outrageous as patents for food.

      The problem is that organizations like ALEC (American Legislative Education Council) with all it's supporters have systematically inundated local councils, state assemblies, and the US Congress with focused business minded people. People who believe in and focus on business solutions to all issues. The People on the other hand, have been very aggressively left behind.

      Climate Change - I saw a documentary some time back where scientists drilled and removed a cylinder of ice from the Arctic. They suggested that had nature been allowed to follow its' course we would be heading into another ice age.

      This cylinder of ice was like the rings in a tree. Each ring told a story about each year in the existence of that tree. The layers of ice which are created by the process of warming and freezing throughout each year has left behind a similar record. It is a record that puts industrialized man as the culprit of our present global warming issues.

      Pretending we don't know what is driving climate change feeds into the thinking that supports profits over accountability.

      Foreign Policy - In WWI Japan was an ally. Both Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh helped us against Japan in WWII. In Korea, China was irritated that the US interfered in Taiwan. In Vietnam the issue was getting the colonials, namely the French off their backs.

      Personally, I think the death of JFK did more to screw up foreign policy than any other single event. JFK had finally earned Khrushchev's respect and was ready to seek some kind of accord with Castro.

      The GOP has had the same cast of characters in each subsequent Republican Administration going back to Watergate. A mentality that has fostered the development of the Military-Industrial Complex in support of making the business of war and not self-defense.

      Education -

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      I couldn't answer many of your polls because they didn't have the proper context, or question.

      The LGBT Right To Marry for example.

      First of all any SC 5-4 decision is a bad one as it ignores the opinion of 4 expert jurists.

      The Supreme Court has yet to make any real good decision. A good decision is one that resolves the issue. This SC didn't resolve any issues, it was based on a very ambiguous, and misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. In 1974, the SC decision in Roe v Wade is still in controversy today.

      The LGBT has no common denominator, and therefore it is not even equal among its own group. There is no right to marry in the constitution, and the 14th amendment didn't even give women, or black men the right to vote. It took two more amendments, fifty five years for women to get the right to vote. Even today, women and the rights are still in issue, so how does the LGBT have superior rights to women?

      Marriage and its licensing was left to the states, and not the federal government. The issue here is not religion, but the right of the states to have their own constitution, and their own laws, and their own licensing requirements.

      The SC has misinterpreted the Interstate Commerce Clause since the 1940s in favor of making the federal government usurp the powers of the states. This increased the size and scope of the federal government to the point where the states, while united lose their significance and reason for being.

      Religious freedom is a constitutional right while the SC interpretation of the LGBT rights are fabricated making the SC decision a political one.

      The SC in making their LGBT decision didn't define any judicial notice as to the cause of LGBT being different than being Heterosexual. So LGBT is just a simple social preference that the SC gave as a right without any substantive foundation.

      That is clearly a bad decision and one that smacks of politics.

      Your question on Bernie Sanders and entitlement is wrong on both counts.

      SS, Medicare and ACA are Mandated TAXES, and entitlement misconstrues these programs. The division of wealth in this country has its roots in the Income Tax system whose Internal Revenue Code allows only the rich to use it. The wealth of these billionaires comes from the stock market and how they can manipulate and hide their gains.

      Yes, the top ten percent of the people pay 90% of the income tax, it is still only a small fraction of what they gain. The proof is simple, how else would it explain them being able to double their net worth in a few short years.

      Health Care

      Yes, the military, and veterans should be taken care of for free, but it is not a constitutional right for the rest of us. The US government does give free education and healthcare to illegal immigrants, and that is not right.

      Healthcare should not be run by the government, as they can't successfully run a business. Healthcare to be successful cannot be run for a profit, and medical patents retard finding medical cures. We haven't had a medical cure for a major disease in over 60 years, and that was during the time that Congress gave the duty of monitoring medicine to the FDA. The FDA has no independent testing capability and therefore it merely uses the data provided by the drug companies.

      The healthcare insurance companies including Medicare practice medicine without a license.

      To find medical cures, profit has to be removed from the process.

      Climate Change

      We don't know the cause or the solution for the current climate, but we do know that over time the climate has changed on its own before man existed. So, any attempt to fix a problem that we don't understand can only make it worse.

      Foreign Policy

      It is politics and politicians that have lost every war for the US since the Spanish American War. Yes, lost, because the politicians gave away the farm.

      WWI lost because Germany and Japan were allowed to rebuild and start WWII.

      WWII lost because Eastern Europe was not freed, it just changed hands from the Nazis to the Russians. China became communist, and that set the stage for the Korean and Vietnam War. Also, it set the stage for the cold war.

      The list goes on.


      Illegal immigrants get a free education, as well as healthcare, and welfare. Is that the constitutional right you are talking about?

      Education in the US is still carrying the feel of the 19th century. We need to make K thru 12 oriented to getting jobs, and not classic education. Many of the college degrees given today couldn't get you a job that will give you food and shelter.

      Education today needs to satisfy the function of achieving independence and survival in the world today. If people want to diversify their knowledge to the classics, than they should become teachers, or do it on their own time, but not as part of a K to 12 system.

      California has over 38 million people and the education system there is dismal, if we look at the results of their education system.

      In conclusion, your questions are already set in stone on your opinion, and I disagree with those opinions. Therefore, I can't really answer those questions so they become meaningful.


    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 2 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I love uninformed diatribes over education. Please explain to me why our STEM graduate schools are overwhelming populated by students from overseas. If our schools were so bad...