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2016 Presidential Power Grab - I Still Want Romney

Updated on August 3, 2016
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Romney in my mind is advocating the republican party find someone new to steer its political aspiration for the presidential office.

Mitt Romney has decided to take a back seat to the US presidency bid. According to the Associated Press, Romney publicly declined another bid for the United States presidency stating

I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well-known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee. In fact, I expect and hope that to be the case.1

Romney supporters like myself sighed with sorrow at the announcement after the brief three weeks of hope that he would pursue the office. I suppose Romney looked at his options and saw that some more prominent republicans like Jed Bush would be running for the republican party nomination and his inclusion may fracture the party and hurt a republican bid for the presidency entirely as he indicated in his press release.

Traditionally speaking, after eight years of one party in the White House, the American people trend toward the other party. Based on the last 40 to 50 years I would assume that a Republican will win the bid for the presidency and Congress will lose some republican seats.

Romney is aware of this trend I am confident; additionally, he takes note that fracturing the party can allow room for a change in that electorate behavior for the executive office. To avoid this he is out!

It didn't work! The Republican party fractured. Donald Trump now has the party on lockdown. I have left the party to support a third party candidate. I might just write Mitt Romney's name in!

Mitt Romney


Advice to GOP

When Romney advocate that the republican party find someone new to steer its political aspiration for the presidential office I am certain he did not mean to support Donald Trump. Look at the things he says about the man!

According to CNN, Mitt "suggested ...that Donald Trump's election could legitimize racism and misogyny, ushering in a change in the moral fabric of American society."

Mitt continues, "I don't want to see trickle-down racism. I don't want to see a president of the United States saying things which change the character of the generations of Americans that are following. Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America."

Reading another article about substitution, the act of using less offensive ways to say the same thing, Mitt Romney has challenged his party to look for someone new. Apparently, the party continues to go to the same old standby people and he did not want to be one of them ! (Check out the article to the right for more about substitution according to wingedcentaur.)

After his announcement, Romney did not indicate that any of the republican prospects for nomination by the party are worth his attention and I think it is of great note that he declined to throw his support behind anyone. Even Romney is ready for a change and wants fresh face to lead the party forward, a fresh face other than Trumps

He wants the next generation to assert itself in the political realm and garner the attention of the party. I don't know if he means that he is a relic and needs to be tucked away along with all those in the game right now or that the party just needs a younger leader.

He is almost 70 years old. Maybe someone in his or her 50's may meet Romney'a definition of the next generation.

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Mia Love


Doug Ducey


Fresh Voices

Romney seems to be advising the republican party to start grooming the rising generation of leaders who have not blabbed about his or her politics all over the nation--people like Mia Love from Utah.

Aside from being the first republican African American Congresswoman, she is a fresh face. She does not fit the stereotype of what most would think when he or she thinks of a republican. Love matches what Romney suggests the republican party do, let the new generation speak!

Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona is another new voice. He nor Love have made any mention of running for president in the foreseeable future, but theses are the current leaders of the republican party that Romney seems to be suggesting should be heard.

One of the greatest concerns of the republican party is the changing landscape of American society towards less traditional lifestyles. With the changing definition of family and marriage, these new faces may provide a way to continue to support the party position without alienating supporters or driving away potential supporters.

The psychological impact of putting a face like Mia Love's on the old party views changes the message dynamic. Instead of it being the 'old White guys party', it is the party's perspective that is important suddenly instead of race or socioeconomic status.

It seems that Mitt Romney has the party's interests in mind regarding his decision not to run and wants his colleagues to see the opportunity that he sees a real change. He revealed,

I feel that it is critical that America elect a conservative leader to become our next president. You know that I have wanted to be that president. But I do not want to make it more difficult for someone else to emerge who may have a better chance of becoming that president. You can’t imagine how hard it is for Ann and me to step aside, especially knowing of your support and the support of so many people across the country. But we believe it is for the best of the Party and the nation.2

At sacrifice to his personal desire for the power offered by the office of president, Mitt Romney kowtowed for another person who may appeal to a broader scope of the electorate and the American people.

Trump filled the vacuum that Mitt left.

Sources 2

© 2015 Rodric Johnson


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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      He did let that be known by stating that he wanted to see some new leaders step forward, but it is too early in the game to assume that he will not support Bush. I support Bush just because of name recognition. I will find out about him later during the actual election process for president.

      I think Romney will throw his support to Jed once it is apparent that he will win the primary and we can move forward. If there is a remote chance that someone comes along that can steal me away from Bush then good luck to that person. He or she would have to have Romney backing. I am a Romney man, but without him I am Bush all the way.

      As mentioned, it is too early for Romney to back anyone. He just officially decided not to run himself. We need to see if there will be someone who represents Romney's views better before he starts to put his name behind anyone.

      It would be a bad move for him to support Bush and then someone who matches his philosophy better comes along and he flips on Bush. I think he is being careful.

      Paul Ryan is the one that worries me. I do not like the little things he is doing to crab above the other potential republican nominees.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      For one thing his speech saying he wouldn't run showed his habitual passive aggressiveness and was mainly directed at Jeb Bush to let him know he would be in the camp of anybody but Bush.That is not a message conductive to a republican Victory in 2016.But this is just a small example there are many more.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Thanks for reading and commenting here. You could be right about Romney not caring about the GOP, but I doubt it. What indicates his apathy toward the GOP in your view?

      Jed might win the nomination. Unless someone steps up new Jed Bush would be my choice.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      Romney couldn't care less about the GOP he is just spiteful that Jeb is running and he will do everything possible so he doesn't win the nomination.