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2016 Prez Campaign

Updated on December 1, 2016

I am running for president in 2016. Not to be the first woman prez, because I think Hilary already was... but because I think this country needs a common sense person running it. We need to right a lot of wrongs, beginning with releasing Leonard Peltier (If Obama hasn't done so), and getting rid of the death penalty and reducing the numbers of prisoners we board...with taxpayer's money!

I am Tiana Dreymor.

  1. I am running for President in 2016. I verify I am 35 years old... that's a major concession because I've only been claiming 25 before.
  2. Why the hell not?
  3. I am not a politician. I think this country needs a Common Sense person running this country.
  4. The first thing on my agenda is to fee Leonard Peltier if Prez Obama has not done so.

My Official Photo

I have selected Kinky Friedman as my running mate.

....unless the fool decides to run himself.  I've already stole his campaign slogan and he's got the finger point like Uncle Sam, down pat.
....unless the fool decides to run himself. I've already stole his campaign slogan and he's got the finger point like Uncle Sam, down pat.


I do have experience at being Prez.

I was President of the Head Start Parents Action Committee, and later the President of Cub Scouts Pack 51 back in the '70's.

Today is: December 5, 2012

I was just sitting here eating Reese's Miniatures, and was frustrated by all the wrapping for such a little chunk. Maybe that's why they are so expensive. I rarely buy them, and that's probably why.

But it got me thinking about government spending/waste... It's been brought to my attention that when a program is coming to the end of the year, there is a flurry to use up the rest of their budget, because if they have a surplus, they get their budget cut next year.

I see this in the prison I visit. Last January there were no napkins, plastic utensils and the like in the visiting room, due to the budget cuts... now, in November there were hundreds of brand new chairs in the visiting room! They are padded flat seats covered in cheap plastic... and they are EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE compared to the scooped heavy plastic ones they replaced. Furthermore, when the guards flip them over as the visit comes to a close, they are getting nicked and ripped already... in just a month. John and I were counting the damaged ones on our last visit. We counted 5. That's not counting the 30 or so stacked up against the wall. (UNneeded.)

Herein lies the rub. There needs to be incentive for NOT using up all the budget allotted to a branch of government, instead of taking it away and not giving the same amount next year.

Excuse me while I unwrap another Reece Miniature...

USPS - Eliminate Saturday Delivery?


USPS is pennying themselves to death. Instead of raising the stamp a penny... they should have bumped it up to 50 cents years ago.

Also, some of their services leave a bit to be desired. I paid $5.75 to send a letter CERTIFIED. I got a call from the company a week later wanting to know why they hadn't heard from me... WHAT? DIDN'T YOU GET MY LETTER? I SENT IT CERTIFIED. She claimed she hadn't even got a notice. When I finally tracked down someone to speak to in USPS... they claimed she was notified. And they don't attempt delivery more than ONCE! FOR $5.75? Oh, thank you very much.

This could have been devastating for me as it was extremely important... why I sent it CERTIFIED in the first place. I finally faxed her a copy of the receipt and said she needed to pick it up at her zip code branch. She did and it turned out well, but I think I got shafted by the Postal Service.

[Update: March 8, 2013 - I just heard yesterday they might not eliminate Saturday delivery after all.]

Prison Situation

February 28, 2013

I want to address the prison situation. In 1995, I saw a news account, which just happened to be on my birthday, October 27th, that the United States had just reached ONE MILLION persons incarcerated.

Okay, that's a million people in over 200 years.

Just 10 short years later, we passed TWO MILLION! What's wrong with that picture???

Pretty soon there's not going to be any taxpayers out here to pay for their support! We need to cut that total in HALF!

"In the USA, 'Land of the Free,' we've got more people behind bars than any nation on the planet." ~ Kris Kristofferson

Ohio has 2 sentencing laws. The NEW LAW should have grandfathered in those already imprisoned, which it was intended to do. Oh, well, darn, when the parole board caught wind of this, they realized if all the OLD LAW inmates were released they wouldn't have a job!

I have been involved with one such prisoner since 1993, who should have been released in 2004, but the board flopped him 10 years so he wouldn't gain a new hearing until 2008... FOUR YEARS OVER HIS MINIMUM... Even then, they flopped him another SIX YEARS! That is double what NEW LAW would receive for the same crime!


'I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, But still is there because he's a victim of the times.' ~ Johnny Cash in the song, Man in Black

David J. Diroll, Director of the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission, pointed out (under Old Law) 'The inmates actual time served was not determined by the elected judge in a public forum, but by the Parole Board -- an unelected body -- meeting in private.'

We should be OUTRAGED by this.

I am personally outraged by the disparities in the death penalty and it should be abolished. It is NOT a deterrent to crime, and the expense is overwhelming. Not to mention, how many have been exonerated as innocent of the crimes they were accused and sentenced to? Just how many innocents have been put to death? One is too many! Also we keep company with 3rd World Countries in killing our citizens. Our allies have abolished the death penalty and subsequently saw a decrease in violent crime.

And I am OUTRAGED that Leonard Peltier is still in prison for a crime he did NOT commit. As it stands now, the President is the only one who can release him. And if Obama doesn't, I WILL!

Did you know? The Parole Board was origionally established to get prisoners OUT of prison!

My First Man

This is John and I, in 2003. Prisoners are no longer allowed to visit in 'civies'... but must wear their prison blues.
This is John and I, in 2003. Prisoners are no longer allowed to visit in 'civies'... but must wear their prison blues.

The Preamble to the Constitution

Remember: We ARE the People


More to come

I will be adding more information as it becomes available.



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