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2016 – Will It Be The Year Of Food Shortage?

Updated on October 20, 2015

It has been an early call from the agricultural scientists all over the world that 2016 will be the year of food shortage. These people believes that heavy flood in Australia, China, France, Japan and the USA in recent past would lead to food shortage due to which world will face food scarcity, especially poor nation from the Asia & Africa region will suffer a lot.


How critical will the year be is a serious question to answer because a recent study shows that more than 80 million people around the globe already are victims of starvation. You can imagine what would happen if such a situation arises?

The question is what are the causes of food shortage and what steps need to take to avoid such a calamity. Read them here.

  • Cause: We accept it or not, but a continuous growth in population is the biggest reason for food shortage. The global population is currently about 7.3 billion and latest predictions for population growth from the United Nations indicate the Earth will be more crowded than previously thought. Solution: Since we do not have direct control over the population, the only way left is to increase food grain production.
  • Cause: Food wastage is another big reason for food shortage. John Mandyck in his book called ‘Food Foolish’ has mentioned that there is food wastage 1 trillion across the globe. Inadequate food storage facility is the major reason for food shortage, which leads to more than 35% of wastage. Solution: Modification in storage godown and use of technology can help us solve this problem.

  • Cause: Speedy urbanization is one more reason. Due to this land for farming is decreasing day by day. Solution: We’ve to think for such a technique through which we can have largest food grain production from that particular farming land.
  • Cause: Global warming and climate change are good reason to add. Solution: The only solution to this problem is we as an individual need to change and change our habits such as decrease air pollution and grow more trees.
  • Cause: Illiteracy is one big reason, not exactly in the case of education. Solution: Again we individual need to change, like not to waste food in parties or in general function, not while taking lunch or dinner at hotels and even at home.
  • Since natural calamities (like floods, tsunamis and other) are not in our hand, we can only pray God to save us from such a situation.


Previously I wrote about Water Management and urge the people to save water and this time requesting to save food. The reason behind this is, as an individual need to take initiative and rest all will follow the same. The sooner we realize the better for us.

Do you agree or not? If not let me know reasons via comments.

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© 2015 Vishal Dalwadi


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