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21 Reasons Why Gays Don't Vote Republican

Updated on September 14, 2014
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan | Source

1. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan effectively turned a blind eye to human suffering and particularly gay people during the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic during the 1980’s.

Reagan never even uttered the word AIDS publicly the first six years of the crisis. Many considered him to be an anti-gay zealot and terrible president.

2. George W. Bush

No friend to gay people, Bush wanted to create a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, enshrining discrimination into the U.S. constitution.

3. Karl Rove

Even though his father was rumored to be gay, right hand man and presidential political strategist Karl Rove helped to spark dozens of anti-marriage amendments on the state level during the 2004 presidential election.

4. Ralph Reed

Reed was the executive director of the Christian Coalition and hardball political operative. His anti-gay venom is well documented, used to suppress the rights of gay people and advance a religious, right wing agenda.

5. Jerry Falwell

Who can forget this champion of the Christian right? Falwell made his reputation by espousing anti-gay beliefs throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

He was a firm believer that God would heal the “gayness” in "sinning" GLBT Americans.

6. Texas Republican Party

As recent as 2014, the Texas Republican Party has gone on record through a vote to support so called “reparative therapy” for gays. This unabashed anti-gay language, included in the Texas GOP platform is publically viewable.

7. Tea Party Nation

No friend to gays or any other person under the rainbow, Tea Party Nation has had leadership that have made public remarks that are vehemently anti-gay.

8. John McCain

The former Navy officer and presidential candidate was totally against ending the ban on "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell" and voted against repealing the bill ending discrimination against LGBT individuals serving in the armed forces.

He gave a fiery speech in 2010 in opposition to the ban and came off to many a bit unhinged.

9. Rick Perry

Gun toting, anti-reproductive rights and anti-gay zealot, Rick Perry has been anything but supportive of people who hold different beliefs than he does.

Now indicted on two felony counts, the Lone Star leader is awaiting trial. Perry cut an anti-gay campain ad that is still can be viewed online.

10. Sarah Palin

Aside from being a general nut job and favorite of the Tea Party, former Alaskan Governor has endorsed a number of people holding anti-gay views. She made it a point of stopping by Chic-Fil-A to pose for a “thumbs up” picture. If you recall, Chic-Fill-A’s CEO made remarks in 2012 that were widely considered to be offensive to GLBT individuals.

11. Fox News

Fox News is considered by many to be the mouthpiece for right wing ideology, including anti-gay rhetoric. Even though one of its main television personalities is thought to be gay, the network still doesn’t have one person on the air that is “out” about their sexual orientation.

12. Rick Santorum

Former Pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum is about as friendly to gay people as a hungry cat is to a mouse. A major anti-gay mouthpiece for the right wing, Santorum has made too many anti-GLBT comments to list on one page. A cornucopia of his views on gay people can be found on a Wikipedia page.

13. Anton Scalia

Supreme Court justice Anton Scalia has used a bunch of anti-gay language when talking about gay people and gay issues. In 2003, he used the analogy of “flagpole sitting” during a discussion of the merits in a Supreme Court case that ultimately ended discrimination against same-sex intimacy.

14. Michelle Bachman

Bachman, the congresswoman from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District has made too many anti-gay remarks for this article. A full listing of her rhetoric and hate speech can be found on the New Civil Rights Movement website.

15. Mike Huckabee

This former Arkansas Governor, Fox News contributor, radio host and preacher has made boatloads of anti-gay remarks. He made particularly poignant anti-gay remarks during his failed fun for the presidency in 2008. He continues to espouse his views on marriage to this day.

16. Marco Rubio

Even though he is a senator from a purplish-blue state with a large GLBT population, Marco Rubio has made more than a few remarks that are considered offensive to GLBT individuals and to some, anti-gay.

17. New Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has a long history of making ugly, ant-gay remarks. He has gone on record as saying homosexuality is a “choice” and was one of the first to sign the anti-gay marriage pledge in 2011 during his failed run for the presidency.

18. Rand Paul

Rand Paul voted against sending ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) … a bill that is designed to stop employers from firing a person based on their sexual orientation. He has also made a number of statements and comments that are viewed to be anti-gay, including unfunny “jokes” that have offended many.

19. Tony Perkins

A major force within the Republican Party, Perkins is the head of the Family Research Council. He has opposed everything from civil unions to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. He and his organization have been labeled a “fount of anti-gay propaganda” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

20. Pat Robertson

This extremely far right preacher is head of cable’s Christian Broadcasting Network. He is also a former GOP Presidential candidate in 1988. He has a long, long list of anti-gay remarks that date back decades. A full listing can be found on Wikipedia. As recent as 2013, he accused gay people living with HIV in San Francisco of were plotting to infect people through handshakes.

21. Ted Cruz

The senator from Texas has made more than a few anti-gay remarks. In February of 2014, he introduced a bill to the senate that was designed to promote “traditional marriage”. He was one of the first to “warn against the dangers” of gay marriage immediately after the Supreme Court ruled on the watershed California gay marriage case.


These are just a handful of reasons why gay people don't vote for republicans. There are many others not listed here who are either members of the GOP (or supporters of the party) who have made outrageous comments, offensive statements and unkind remarks towards gay people over the years.

Which person appearing on this list do you think was most unfriendly to GLBT individuals and families?


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