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21 Steps Towards Fixing the United States of America

Updated on April 14, 2022

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve & the IRS:

Abolish the Federal Reserve & the IRS and give the power to create money back into the hands of the duly elected Congress as proscribed in the Constitution.

2. Legalize and Tax all drugs:

Legalize and Tax all drugs, see my other hub for more information on this subject:

3. Release all non-violent inmates:

Inmates that have been convicted of stealing will have to recompense their victims threefold, once that is done all records will be expunged if it is a first time conviction. If it is a second conviction but is non-violent put into a medium security prison where they will have to work off their sentence up to 5 fold.

4. Execute 1st Degree Murder with DNA evidence:

Anyone convicted of 1stDegree Murder with DNA evidence deliberated on by a jury of your peers will be executed within 2 weeks of conviction including child rapists. Child Molesters will get life in prison without parole (molesters that have not committed rape).

5. Train Everyone to use a Gun:

Require firearm training for every man, woman and child (similar to Switzerland) and require all citizens to keep and bear arms.

6. Repeal all property taxes for properties under $100,000.

7. Abolish all income tax:

Income tax is unconstitutional anyway. Instead tax only for services rendered, like use of roads and bridges and sales tax.

8. Reign in Congress:

Repeal all benefits that Congress currently have and have a nationwide vote to review and renew them.

9. Stop Corporations from Buying Influence:

All monies from Corporations given to a political person for reasons of influence to be illegal, as well as using your own wealth to run for office or support those in office, only money gathered from the public can be used to promote someone politically and that amount to be capped individually so that the wealthy cannot buy a candidate.

10. No More Media Monopolies:

Make media monopolies illegal, no one person can own more than one form of media.

11. Remove all voting machines:

Install verifiable machines that can be counted individually when needed and that are overseen by an elected local body that must be replaced every two years.

12. Overhaul Health Care:

Institute a pay as you go health service including Clinics that are subsidized by the tax payers for preventative measures. Some of the money saved from prisons and gained from drug sales could fund this.

13. Bring the Money Home!

Stop giving money to other countries. If individuals want to support a country then they can do so but no money is to leave the U.S. that is tax money.

14. Stop all wars, cut the funding:

Use the money saved from the wars to propel a government program that would give grants to individuals that have good ideas for small businesses. Local citizen groups will be convened to judge whether someone's idea would qualify (similar to the small business administrations)

15. Stop Banks from Price Fixing:

Pass a law that makes it illegal for banks to artificially set the price of homes that are in foreclosure instead of letting the market set the price.

16. No More Bail Outs!

Make ALL government bail out's to Wall Street and any other corporation illegal.

17. Plant Victory Gardens!

Encourage all citizens to grow gardens and implement self-sufficient energy usage like wind-mills, watermills and solar power.

18. Abolish the CIA and ALL Secret organizations that are not accountable to the American People.

19. Make secondary education voluntary:

Remove all tax funding and fund each school individually from parents, that way only schools that are actually teaching what the parents want and successfully will be funded. Students who disrupt classes will be expelled permanently after the second offense. Remove all tenure

20. Nullify all Laws that have been passed that infringe upon the Life of a Human Being:

That includes the elderly, the disabled and the pre-born.

21. Restore State Rights:

Remove Federal infringement upon state rights and restore the power given by the Constitution to the States.


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