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24x7 - No Water & No Power for 4 Years.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

H.H.SriKanta Datta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar.

Yes it is in TOI News Paper Advertisement

A quarter page advertisement that the people of Karnataka will not have power or water for 24x7 hours a day.What a surprise it will be after 4 years.If we have believed in the statements of politicians for 50 years it was our great mistake,but who is bothered with our mistakes and who told us to believe these politicians.We voted for them promptly for 50 years.They are now sucking their Thumbs,some are in good Jobs as Cabinet Ministers,Ambassadors and Governors.It is said they deserved those plum jobs as they were loyal party workers,no merit is required.This is a HaJi Ha Ji party,meaning yes please,yes please.

Now what do we have the present party like in Gujarat but in different style is running our Royal State.Our Highness is young and is in the Congress party,he is still respected by the people of the state,people touch his feet,seeing him they believe it will bring luck.Rajdarshan as they call it.He lives in a Palace in Mysore and also in a Palace in Bangalore.

He did participate in congress party activities but he could not rub shoulders who were far inferior to him by any standards.However he did manage for some time but gave up after the present President of the congress party gave him no role that would be fitting to his Royal standards.

He the present Maharaja is perfect fit as Chief Minister of Karnataka.The party if they present him as Chief Minister it will win any election and a clean non correct Govt may be possible.Who will tell Mrs.Sonia Gandhi.

If the present Chief Minister can give in 4 years 24x7 hours water and light how come it was not possible for 50 years.

In today's News Paper a vertical Bar Chart is shown giving Demand Supply Gap in (MWs),Energy-Demand and Availability(MUs),and Category Wise Consumption of State in MUS copy.Who keeps this chart,why was it not taken seriously,even today power is santioned to any user if proper agent is approached it is available if you bribe the concerened engineer through a agent.If efforts were made by the present party bosses in power as soon as they came to power perhaps things would have been much better.If Industries which have come up 3 yars back were asked to produce their own power things would have improved,have they not santioned any power to any Industry since one year.The Chief Minister is aware of what is happening but unable to control.The shortage of power BUCK WHERE DOES IT STOP.The mess made by politicians can't be set right by another.Look at the mess made by Mr.P.Chidambaram,he says he has no officers in IPS cader,why is this cader recrutment limited to a fixed number,why can't it be increased.Why efficient IPS officers are made to retire,so that they can promote their hunch men.After Telangana and Naxal mess at Dendewat he wants to resign.PM rejects.The same in STATE GOVT'S.

Let us have H.H Srikantadatta Wadiar take over he will get the persons to get the Job done.

Mysore H.H Maharaja's Durbar.

H.H.Maharaja & H.H Maharani in Mysore Palace.

Late.H.H.Jayachamaraja Wodeyar.

Mysore Palace only one of its kind in the WORLD.

By Night - Not one in the world Like this.

Bangalore Palace.

His Royal Highness the Maharaja Srikanta Datta Narsimharaja Wadiyar. Wearing a Necklace Made Entirely Out of Diamonds. He only wears this one day a year during


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