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25th Amendment and Trump Impeachment

Updated on January 13, 2021
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Donald Trump and Impeachment
Donald Trump and Impeachment

Trump's Future

In the United States, the Democratic Party's efforts to oust President Donald Trump from the presidency are gaining momentum, and many members of Donald Trump's own Republican Party have begun to side with the president. Liz Cheney, the third-most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, has said she will vote to impeach President Trump following last week's riots on Capitol Hill. Earlier, President Trump did not take responsibility for the attack on the US lawmakers' building by his supporters. President Trump's four-year presidency ends on January 20, the day President-elect Joe Biden takes office.The US House of Representatives will vote on Wednesday to impeach President Trump on charges of "sedition" and "disorderly conduct," meaning he will become the first president in US history to be twice accused.

Republicans Stand
Republicans Stand

Republicans Stand on Trump

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney has said she will support the Democratic Party's impeachment campaign. This is the first time since the impeachment of President Richard Nixon during his presidency in the 1970s. It will happen when a party member has announced to support the impeachment against the president of his own party.

In her statement, Liz Cheney said: "Never before in American history has there been such a great betrayal of the Constitution and the office and oath of office of the President."

Liz Cheney, representing the state of Wyoming, added that "President Trump called the rioters, gathered them and incited them to carry out the attack."

In addition to Liz Cheney, at least two other Republicans in the House of Representatives, John Katko and Adam Kensinger, have said they will vote in favor of the impeachment.

Republican leader in the House of Representatives and a supporter of President Trump, Kevin McCarthy, has said he will oppose the impeachment, but has reportedly decided not to tell other members of his party that he too will be impeached. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also told his close aides that he is happy with the Democrats' attempt to impeach President Trump because of his support for the Republican Party, according to the New York Times. There will be an opportunity to get rid of President Trump.

According to the Washington Post, McConnell has told his colleagues that he thinks the president has committed a crime for which he should be charged.

25th Amendment
25th Amendment

25th Amendment and Impeachment

In the United States on Tuesday night (and Wednesday morning in Pakistan) the US House of Representatives passed a resolution with 223 votes to 205, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to remove President Trump. But earlier on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence announced that he was rejecting the Democrats' resolution. Section four of the amendment allows the cabinet to be removed if it feels the president is unable to carry out his or her duties. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence said: "Under our Constitution, the 25th Amendment is not intended to remove or punish a president. Using the 25th Amendment in this way will set a very bad precedent for the future. ”It is clear that President Trump has indicated that he wants to run in the 2024 election. If President Trump is impeached in the House, his case will be heard in the Senate, where the charges against him will be decided. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that at least 20 senators had indicated they were ready to convict the president. President Trump needs a two-thirds majority in the upper house, the Senate, to be convicted, which means he will need the support of at least 17 Republicans to achieve that goal. The vice president's refusal to use the amendment means a vote of impeachment against President Trump will be held on Wednesday. It is also possible that in the impeachment proceedings, Democrats will vote to bar President Trump from running again in the presidential election.

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

What did President Trump Say?

Speaking to reporters for the first time since last Wednesday, President Trump did not show any remorse for his behavior or the speech he gave to his supporters on Wednesday morning. It was only after President Trump's speech that his supporters attacked the US Congress. Speaking to reporters before visiting the US-Mexico border wall in Texas, President Trump said: 'What I said was very appropriate. I don't want any kind of violence. This impeachment is making people very angry, you are doing it, and this is a very bad thing they are doing. ' President Trump said the "real problem" was the "emotional rhetoric" used by the Democratic Party in its "Black Lives Meter" protest last year. The impeachment motion against President Trump is centered on his speech to his supporters last Wednesday, after which they all stormed the US Congress building and stormed it. President Trump has been making unconfirmed claims of fraud since he lost the November 3 presidential election to Biden, and he also called on the people in that speech to march on Congress, where last Wednesday Newly elected members of the legislature were "certifying" Biden's victory. In his speech, President Trump called on those present to "raise their voices with peace, and with patriotism," but also said, "Fight with great passion."

American Capitol
American Capitol

6th January Incident at Capitol

The FBI said Tuesday that 170 people involved in the attack had been identified and 70 had been charged. It is expected that several more people will be charged in the next two years and those found guilty could face up to 20 years in prison. The rioters are being told to stop. Bring it to justice and there is also a campaign on the social networking site to help the public identify the rioters with the help of pictures. The FBI said in a statement that it had found two pipe bombs and explosives and a timer. In addition, there are reports that the day before the riots, the FBI issued an internal warning to an agency that extremists were traveling to the US capital.US media reports say that according to the FBI document, the attackers also exchanged maps of tunnels under the US Capitol building.


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