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3 reasons on why the fertility rate is low

Updated on February 17, 2012

In this article, I will be identifying three attitudes that seem to stand in the way of couples having children.


Reason #1: Kids are too expensive

When people think about financial constraints, they view it as a serious plight, especially if they have children who are still not capable of earning a decent salary. Raising a child from birth through tertiary education entails a large investment of both parents' money. In terms of monthly cost, each child can cost parents between $800 and $3000. These copious amounts of money are used to pay tuition fees, school fees, babysitting fees, enrichment activities fees, medical fees, food fees and many other more. It is really a litany of requisites for raising a healthy and useful child. If there is, say, another child, then that burden will be multiplied by two, and both parents will be too encumbered by then, unless if both of them can draw high monthly salaries.

Some people might not let their fears of financial problems to stand in the way of their dreams of procreating. The obvious reason is that they are rich.


Reason #2: Where is my house, baby?

Many young couples blame their housing woes for stalling their marriage and procreation. It is true that without a secure refuge to stay in, it is difficult for having a family. Houses cannot be afforded for some couples due to the absurd costs. How can anyone expect to start a family when there isn't a house in the first place? Would we live and reproduce in the dark alleys and isolated villages, and raise our children as gypsies or hermits? This is infeasible in the modern world we are living in, and everyone will inevitably face the problem of housing affordability. Without houses for young couples, there will be the absence of a solid foundation for family planning. That is why analysts think that there is a correlation between housing affordability and fertility.


Reason #3: Kids can be a headache

For parents who juggle family and career, you know what I am talking about. Usually the mothers have to keep to a tight schedule and be prepared to sleep for less than six hours per day. Sleep is one of the things these mothers have to give up for their children. A typical day for a working mum would be heading to work early in the morning, then return home to ferry the children to preschool and do some housework in the interim. After bringing the children home after preschool, the fatigued mother would then head back to work in the evening. This regimen is quite intimidating, and balancing family life with career might be difficult. Anyway, who is willing to let their careers to be affected in this way? Wouldn't it be better if we don't reproduce when we are actually reproducing another challenge?


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