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30 Seconds to Mars

Updated on February 13, 2015
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30STM inspires the masses

Nowadays, in a completely different era of music, which cannot be understood by our parents, exists a band of a futuristic name 30 Seconds to Mars. Their expression and their songs evoke real sensations in listeners of their tracks.

There is a common thought that the band itself influence people around the planet in a positive and a creative way. They spread a message not to give up on our dreams and that if we work hard and be patient they eventually come true. Take for example their collaboration with NASA and sending their brand new song "Up in the air" actually up in the air. Jared Leto, the lead singer and the frontman of the band, has had an interesting idea for some time to promote their forthcoming album in a memorable way. He even considered a weather balloon as a way to make a difference in creativity. Eventually, NASA contacted him as he had been negotiating with them for a considerable period of time and on 1st March 2013 their brand new song "Up in the air" was launched on a space rocket Space X bound for the International Space Station (ISS) where it arrived on 19th March 2013. The moment when the astronaut Tom Marshburn spinned their CD in zero gravity is going to be remembered forever.

They have the power to start something up. The frontman, Jared Leto, visited Haiti a year after a devastating earthquake in 2010 killed 300 000 people and affected 3000 000 in order to put together photos that he took while he was visiting Haiti. The photo book can be bought for 100 dollars and money collected goes to help the people in need there.

Their short films (videos) inspire majority of people to act and change something around them for the better. To be precise, the video for the song "A beautiful Lie" raise awareness that people can take a stand and make their local authorities and even their government do something about the burning questions of global warming, ice melting on the Arctic and climate change.

Tips for making Earth a better place

When you focus on the video and lyrics for the song "A beautiful Lie" , you immediately become aware of a message it brings - Every individual can do something for this magnificent planet we live on which we have taken for granted. We, the people of the Blue planet can come up with lots of ideas to make it a better and a healthier place for everyone. We cannot put everything in its place but we can start from our own gardens, streets, cities etc. Recycling, turning off unnecessary light bulbs in rooms which are not being occupied at the moment, by not throwing plastic bags or any kind of litter on the streets. Then, when we have finished with cleaning after ourselves we should start teaching our posterity these techniques. It is much better to hand over the planet to them in a better condition than to find excuses in dreaming of some future generation saviour! All of us together can lessen the global warming which makes our planet much hotter and storms rarer but bigger and stronger than ever. Think about it.

However, the band has many more inspiring songs but this one has made the largest impact. The reason it has succeeded in it, is simple. The members of the band: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomislav Milicevic have given their own contribution to the planet Earth by filming the video 200 hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. How can you contribute? Be creative.

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