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31 Phobias: #3 the Fear of Being Abducted

Updated on November 2, 2017


Being Taken

The Fear of Being Abducted

Being Taken Against your Will

The thought of anybody ever kidnapping you; taking you against your will - hardly ever crosses the minds for most people today. I italicized on the word "most" because an actual abduction/kidnapping happens nearly everyday - more times than most people would like to think, but being kidnapped and being abducted are two (2) totally different situations.

Being Kidnapped

The News Media usually reports of a kidnapping (or "a near kidnapping") on a daily basis. But even though, as often as the News Media "misinforms" its viewers, unfortunately these reports are true.

To kidnap a person by definition, is to take someone against their will and then (possibly) use them as a "negotiating tool". Whether it's for financial gain (being held for ransom), or for some political reason.

The reasoning behind kidnappings are usually revealed after the victim has disappeared and not seen for quite sometime.

Being Abducted

Although being kidnapped or abducted is a very serious offense, it can also leave an emotional scar that can last up to a lifetime. A person who has been abducted may be in a bit more danger than someone who has been kidnapped. The reasoning behind this is sometimes unknown, but it is usually due to a deceitful or perverse desire that the abductor MUST satisfy.

A divorced parent is more likely to abduct their own children (out of spite) because of being denied custody. While in more serious cases, sex offenders abduct their victims for some sort of sexual gratification.

Targeting & Abducting Victims

How an Abductor chooses its Victim

Defending Yourself against an Abduction

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Like most criminals, kidnappers& abductors will ONLY strike when they feel their victims are at their most vulnerable. It's a cowardly act, but it does seem most effective. Abductors (usually) choose their victims they feel they can overpower physically.

Kidnappers thrive on fear. Causing others to fear them gives them a sense of "superiority"; a sense of power. Most kidnappings involve children, children from infancy to about six-years-old are the usual "prime" targets, but in reality, being abducted has no age limit. Approximately, over 2,000 children are being reported missing each day.

Defending yourself against an abduction or kidnapping isn't all that difficult. Being around people is the #1 defense when defending yourself from a possible abduction/kidnapping. Making a lot of noise if you feel you are about to be taken against your will is also a good defense.

However, drawing attention to yourself when "in a time of need" isn't always as easy. You are more likely to get help from people by yelling out "Fire!" than you are by simply yelling "Help!"
Sad - but true.

An Old Saying

It is better to have it and NOT need it, then it is to need it and NOT have it!

Taken Against your Will

Have you ever (or ever felt that you were almost) a victim of an abduction?

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The Abductor
The Abductor


In actuality, there isn't anything to fear anyway. Go about your daily life, do your normal routine and always be aware of your surroundings. If something (or someone) doesn't look right - it probably isn't.

The odds of you being abducted is 1 in 610,000...for the normal person.

When victims are abducted there is a 95% chance that they will be let loose alive, not bad odds as long as you're not that unfortunate 5%. It's also been reported that if you're not killed in the first few minutes after being kidnapped/abducted, your chances have instantly increased that you will be released alive

Well, that's good news.

Be as Cooperative as Possible

Unless there is some sexual threat, show no resistance. Say and do whatever your abductor says to do. Showing signs that you will escape if given the chance will only heighten the chaos and fear. Not to mention that it may also cost you your life.

Being Abducted by Aliens

UFOs Abducting Humans from Earth

Intelligent Life from other Planets Abducting Humans from Earth

Do you believe?

Well of course I believe!
I feel that if you think we humans are the only living beings in the entire universe, I consider you very narrow-minded.

~James Timothy Peters~

People who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens never seem to have any solid proof when they have been returned by their "extra-terrestrial" abductors.
It's a bit of a strange coincidence, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who have claimed to have been abducted by extra-terrestrials, only to find out later that they were mistaken or just plain out lied to the public. When these claims become popular and then later proven to be false, it only makes the skeptics even more skeptical and that ALL claims of alien abductions to be false as well - even when we know they're true.

Alien Abductions

Is this what you see before an alien abduction?
Is this what you see before an alien abduction? | Source

Why Aliens Abduct Humans

The Reasoning Behind the Abductions

Why Aliens Abduct Humans


Most people who believe that "alien abduction" is real also believe that this is done in order to do experiments on us. Exactly what kind of experiments varies from abductee to abductee (some even say they were even probed). But there are also abductees who claim that no experiments were performed on them whatsoever, but were scanned and observed instead.

Most abductees experience a time lapse. What seemed like hours to the abductees, were actually gone for days when they were finally returned.

Some believers suggest that extra-terrestrials abduct humans - just because they can. These believers also suggest that our existence to these "higher beings" .

Checking in on their Investment

There are even a few believers that suggest that we were genetically grown for a purpose (or no purpose at all). They believe that there are beings, exactly the same as us (genetically), but live on another planet and are just checking in on their investment.

It's also been suggested that Jesus Christ was an extra-terrestrial (or just a crazy man) because of his abilities, especially the ability to heal he performed on a regular basis.

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Are you a believer?

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

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© 2014 James Timothy Peters


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