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4 Facts about changing your thoughts and changing your World.

Updated on October 4, 2016

Changing thought and world

Change Your Thinking

Most times I have heard people say ''Be mindful of what you wish yourself''… I guess most of us are familiar with this too. In life, somehow, we could be caught out by our simple thoughts or wishes. When these happen, they make us start to wonder the power behind changing your thought and your world simultaneously.

The ability to think, plan both for short and long term, perhaps, achieving these plans make us different from the animals or the sub-humans.

Thoughts come to our minds on daily bases and most of them are influenced by –.


  • What we believed in – This has a lot of influence in the way and manner our lives are shaped. Everyone believes in something, even those who reject this premise (that they don't believe in anything), unknowingly hold onto that as their belief.

    Being superstition has its advantage and disadvantage, which has a deep root in our thought and life in general. Some people start and conclude their day by saying little prayers, others take to meditation and they are so sure that with these rituals it makes them at rest or at ease.

    Talking of belief, it is funny what you get to hear about the stuffs some persons believe in. Things like, the left socks has to be worn first before the one for the right leg goes on the right leg. Another weird one is that they avoid passing under a sign post or board. If they do something bad could happen to them.

Happy family

  • Family Background – Family tradition or ways-of-life shouldn’t be underestimated in respect to shaping how we think. And in turn, changing our world. Family being the first group we know and born into, (in an ideal situation) the bond last forever. That’s why we quarrel, amend or don’t bother to. No wonder they say … family stick together no matter what.

    Besides, kids growing up in a dysfunctional family, their thinking pattern can't be the same with the ones who are from a balanced and loving parents. Their ways are different and there is a higher chance that their achievement will also differ.

Peer group

  • Peer Group / Profession – These are like-minded people who see themselves in the same circle of interests. They function based on what they share or have in common. Some members have more loyal responds to this group compared to their immediate family. Such influence is great in shaping the individuals involved positively or otherwise.

    So also, this is a very kind of dynamic group because of what brought them together in the first case. Hence, in the long run determine the longevity of the group. A good example is that of primary school friends who couldn't make secondary school together. Likewise secondary mates who couldn't do university together.

    Distances tend to hamper these group staying together for long. Even the same fate could befall the professionals who happened to change course.


  • Environment / Society – Are big factors. They either influence or restrict the ability to think in relation to changing one's world. Good example is South Korea compare to North Korea. These are two countries from the same region but due to their government policies the pace of development and awareness differs. Again, those living in the slums and affluent environments. Their thought in terms of shaping their world most often are different too.

Going by this assertion, that we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. It is very obvious that only a handful thought we can act on, while large portion of them are disregarded. Among these thoughts have to do with reshaping our lifestyle, solving problems, strengthening personalities, improving health, and greatly enhancing the chances for success in any kind of endeavour.

No wonder Norman Vincent Peale once said “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

From a layman’s point of view one could ask how realistic is this? Just by simply changing what your mind process then you will have a different world?

Here is a story of two people who woke up one morning and decided to do something different, which involves them going out onto the street for couple of hours.

Their plan was, one is to try and smile at everyone he comes across, and while the second individual would engage in an offensive behaviour towards anyone he comes in contact with at any slightest opportunity.

From what we can imagine these two guys are going to return home at the end of the day with two different tales. During their course of being on the street, they are going to get back exactly what they have equally put out.

However, the smiley one will certainly get a positive response, though may not be from all those he smiles at but majority will reciprocate. There could be some who will even stop and have a friendly chat with him. The bigger part of this is that he might even end up making someone's day, just by the simple act of a smile.

We can as well guess the faith of the much less pleasant person, who also embarked on the street and how his day is going to turn out. He will as well get back what he puts in. This for sure is not going to be a nice experience. He will get hostility, confrontation, abuse and most of all, dislike.

All in all, positive thinking is the key for making significant changing to our world, in parallel to the societal values. In a world where the power of the brain is more of high demand than that of the physical strength, the genesis of shaping our world has to be from the inside… the powerhouse called the mental faculty.

You don't have to be the president of a nation, neither the prime minister nor a monarch. Little by little you could start something in your own corner and that could radiate to the other corners of the globe. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass (Twitter), Larry Page (Google), even Bill Gate (co-founded Microsoft), just to mention but a few.

We've had stories of how these guys started. Just by thinking, the use of exercising the mental faculty called imagination. If they could do it what is stopping you!


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