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4 Reasons Why Scammers Get Away With Stealing Your Money(My experience as an undercover scammer)

Updated on January 13, 2016

Scamming is morally wrong not lawfully. It is NOT illegal

My Undercover Experience as a Crook

Scammers are crooks but their actions sit in a special place in the criminal justice system.There is a line we all know about, on one side its the legal and good side that society wants you to abide to, and on the other side is the illegal dark side that society will punish you for. Scammers however, sit right in the middle. They sit on that line that divides legal and illegal activities, and if they don't move from that line and cross over to the illegal territory they will most likely not be touched for their shady activities.

I was scammed on an online job board a few months ago. I was almost scammed out of $400.So i know how it feels to be cheated.The event made me so furious that i decided to become a scammer myself.The guy that scammed me taught me the game and i knew how to play it well, all i had to do was follow exactly what he did to me. I posted my own fake ad on a job board thinking if he can get away with it so can I.I got many replies from strangers desperate for money (this is what scammer use to get to us), some of these people were working mothers just trying to get by with raising their children. Others were kids who wanted to earn their money instead of asking their parents. I couldn't go on with the operation and terminated it immediately. The thought of stealing money from innocent people was not something i wanted on my conscious. I learned scamming is a dirty job that day, and you have to throw all your morals out the window in order to do this type of work. However, i have learned plenty! There is so many loop holes in our system that scammer's abuse ,but today i want to focus on my top 4 reasons to why they get away with committing scams.

Number 1: Ignorance

Ignorance is a choice, do your research before any transcations
Ignorance is a choice, do your research before any transcations

Thats Right! You are truly the ignorant one. Im not saying you are stupid for getting scammed because ignorance and stupid are two different things. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge or information in a particular subject , everyone is ignorant to something because nobody knows everything. However, the scammers are not ignorant to the scams they are committing. They know the system very well, and when i say system i mean the FINE PRINTS! Yes those tiny little words at the bottom of the screen or paper that nobody cares to read.

Most scammers know the terms you signed up for and what they can or can not legally do. They also know that you didn't read the fine prints and are therefore unaware of what you are doing(who reads those things nowadays anyway).They look for loop hole in those prints and when they find it they abuse it. This is one way scammers avoid that illegal territory where the laws can punish them. If i had read the fine prints(below) on scams the job ad site had given to me, i would have had knew better to take the particular job that was offered to me. I would of knew that i was going to be held responsible and not the scammer. So make sure to READ the fine prints very well.Some companies like Ebay and Paypal give their users certain rules like the ones you see on craigslist. If you get scammed on their sites their laws will not only protect the scammer(ex. Ebay's chargeback) but you would be held 100% accountable because you didn't read the prints.

Another form of ignorance is being unaware of the different types of scams out there.This is why doing your research is important.By reading my article right now you are getting knowledge and becoming less ignorant to scams.Soon you will become scam proof and whenever someones says " i send you payment through Paypal" you will tell them "no thanks i keep my item, Good Day Sir!".

Here is a list of Craigslist scams:

Number 2: Its not worth the resources to investigate

Scams happen everyday to millions of people. Police are often not able to help you.
Scams happen everyday to millions of people. Police are often not able to help you.

Some people have reported scammers to local and federal(FBI) authorities. However, it is not likely for them to step in and take action against the scammer.The local police wont do much because it not worth the money and time to look for a scammer that scammed one individual.When they can use the same resources to solve more important crimes like illegal drug or weapons trafficking.The FBI will simply laugh at you because they deal with much higher level swindles that could make your head spin, and according to the police officer i spoke with they wont even look into your case you filed to them.

It is just simply not worth it.Even if the scammer is caught, the most they could charge them for is lying to you (which is basically what scammers do).If the scammer is caught they will be charge with such a minor offense that they will only go to prison for 3 months to a year max. It is a massive waste of money to catch someone just to charge them something so minor.

Number 3: Scammers use fake identities while on the job

They leave no trace because their email, phone, and names are all fake.
They leave no trace because their email, phone, and names are all fake.

Many scammers are smart and successful because they leave their real information out of the picture. Many scammers use fake names and emails, and if you were to report them to the authorities it would lead to a dead end. Their identity they give can not be traced easily, unless you can find the ip address of the scammer(if you are scammed online). However in most scenarios law officials will need a court order to get access to the scammer's computer address which can lead to the scammer's true identity.

According to the police officer i spoke with, getting a court order for such things is a pain in the neck. It is not worth the trouble and paperwork. Plus, in most scenarios the scammer is in another country where the laws that govern us here cannot touch them.They are technically untraceable. Police get thousands of complaints each day about people being swindled, that they don't even bother looking into it.All they can do is collect information and warn the public about such scams and how to avoid them.

I have heard only of a few special cases about scammers who were caught and brought to justice but, only if a detective agrees to follow your case and goes out of their way to help you(rarely happens). And during those special cases the victim were never reimbursed of their losses.

Number 4: You let the stranger in

Don't Open Your Doors!
Don't Open Your Doors!

Yup! Scammers basically knock on our doors and we are the ones that let them in.This ties to my argument on ignorance above. Scammers are not considered full criminals because they can not harm or rob you without your permission. The way it works is the scammer will knock on your door pretending to be someone or something, it is your duty to see the make up the clown is wearing and deny him access to your home. Scammers will post about fake jobs, fake sites, fake get rich fast ideas to convince you to give up your information (like credit card) and they will use it to burn you. This is another way scammers stay away from the illegal dark side, because YOU LET THEM IN. If they were to enter your home without permission( like hacking into your account), that is crossing over to the illegal territory and they can be charged for Identity Theft, Fraud, etc.These are very series crimes and you can serve decades of jail time.Scammers are aware of this and will not hack their away into your account but would rather let you open the door and let them in.

If a stranger knocks on your door promising ideas that are too good to be true (like "make $3000 in a week") and you let them in, and if they go behind your back and steal your furniture, money, etc. Who do you think is going to be held accountable? Most likely not the stranger.As i type this article , the scammer that scammed me is still sending me emails from is other email account about my "Time Warner cable bill needs to be paid" enter credit card information. The email looks so fake that i have to be crazy to open it. He is trying to scam me again and is knocking on my door, HOWEVER, i am less ignorant now and wont fall for the same mistake by letting this guy into my territory. DON'T OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS.

Summing Things Up

Scams comes in different forms and shape.It is NOT illegal to scam people in America, companies do it all the time.You would be surprised to see that your local grocery, electronic,video game stores (game- stop's trade in games for cash) have their own version of scamming.Scamming is apart of business to lure people in and squeeze an extra dollar or two out of your pockets.Educating yourself is the only real defense you have.

However, don't give up, there is justice in this world. You might not see it because it is overshadowed by evil. Some Scammers do get caught because they slip and make a mistake and step into the illegal territory. There was a scammer paying people with fake checks(a serious crime) and the victim reported him of local officials and the scammer was caught and is now serving more than a decade of jail time(full article below). The line between illegal and legal is very slippery, a scammer can easily cross to the other side by scamming hundreds of people. This likely to catch the police attention(or FBI) because they are stealing money by the masses and will to be dealt with.

I have developed my own strategies of getting back at scammers. If you hate scammers then my next hub is for you. So SUBSCRIBE.



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    • YoungWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Flame Alchamist 

      2 years ago from NYC

      @bradmasterOCcal Good and watch out for those fake Paypal emails. It almost got me the other day. I almost let the stranger in but i didn't.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      I didn't click the link, another door!

    • YoungWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Flame Alchamist 

      3 years ago from NYC

      thank you for your kind words. :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      Very interesting, as you have had the experience of being an undercover scammer, who better than you to write an article about it.

      So glad you couldn't go on with the operation and terminated it immediately, not many humans around like you.

      Keep writing, great reading.


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