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5 reasons Marco Rubio supporters should support Ted Cruz

Updated on March 16, 2016

He is the only one who can stop Trump

When Marco Rubio talked about what a disaster Trump would be as president, he wasn't kidding. Trump will lose in November and he may well drag the party down with him. He is not fit to be president and would be a disaster for both the Republican party and the United states. He must be stopped and Ted Cruz is the only guy that can do it. Sometimes in politics your guy doesn't win but that doesn't mean you get to pack up and go home. True patriots will support the best candidate left standing even if it isn't the one they had first hoped for.

He is Pro-life

One of the reasons many were strong supporters of Marco Rubio was because he was uncompromising on the right to life. Ted Cruz is equally strong on this issue. He has fought for the rights of the unborn his entire career and like Marco doesn't believe in exceptions. He has argued repeatedly about the need to defund planned parenthood and has fought to have their lies exposed. The right to life is the most fundamental right there is, politics and personal disputes should not prevent us from uniting behind the most Pro-Life person left in the race.

He will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court

The next President of the United states could make up to three appoints to the supreme court bench. Its imperative that the guy in the White House can be trusted to appoint sound constitutional conservatives who will protect and defend the rights of every American. Marco Rubio often talked about the need to have justices who interpret the constitution in a way that it was originally intended , Ted Cruz also understand this need and will appoint justices appropriately. Especially with the death of conservative stallwart Justice Scallia, this issue takes on extra importance. Neither Trump nor Hillary can be trusted to make good appointments so its imperative that we support someone we can trust.

He will defend religious liberty

Marco Rubio was adamant that religious freedom needed to be a priority for the next president of the United States. Ted Cruz both in his time as a congressmen and in his capacity as lawyer has repeatedly defended religious liberty and made it a priority. The ten commandments in the Texas State Capital grounds are still their today because won the case in the Supreme Court. When the words 'under God' were threatened in the pledge of allegiance, Ted Cruz stood up and defended them. He has a proven track record of protecting religious liberty and we owe it to our country to elect someone with just such a record.

Its time to reunite the conservative movemnt

Every time primary seasons comes around conservatives decide to start eating our own young. We turn on each other and fight like dogs to get our guy the top position. This isn't wrong, its just the way it is. What we need to remember though is that we is in the conservative movement are not enemies, we are brothers. We are not adversaries, we are family.

Do we have legitimate disputes, Absolutely. But these should not stop us from rallying around the last REAL conservative in the race. If we stand together we are strong, Ted Cruz may not have been your first choice, but he can be OUR champion.


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    • profile image

      big E 21 months ago

      I think Donald Trump would get more respect if he was black!