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45, The End Times, and Evangelicals

Updated on January 3, 2018

Evangelical's believe 45 is here to usher in the End Times and that is DANGEROUS!

So, 45 declared that he would move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He set off a firestorm in the United Nations and among our allies. There are two reasons he did this. During the six-day war, Israel captured a part of Jerusalem and declared it the capital of Israel. The UN said no and declared Jerusalem international territory after World War II. Doing so signals to his base that we are in the end times.

Make no mistake about it, this has nothing to do with Israel. It has everything to do with pandering to those white evangelicals who make up his base. 45 declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. They believe he has opened the door to build a Third Temple. This signals the coming of the Anti-Christ. And the return of Jesus in evangelical prophecy.

The building of this temple pre-dates the revealing of the Anti-Christ. Most evangelicals have been taught these prophecies from their Mama's knee. Most Americans see how dangerous 45's proclamation is. But these people see it as a pre-sign that Jesus will return and they will not change their minds. It does not matter that Jesus said, no one knows the time. Not even him. Dangerous rhetoric about nuclear war does not matter. That's all part of the prophecy. It does not matter that we are called to be stewards of the earth. All that matters is what they believe. That's what makes this so dangerous.

Evangelicals believe that we are living in the End-Times. That means that violence and death are normal. Hunger and poverty are normal and nuclear war is just a means to an end. Forget about changing their minds. Forget about having a discussion with them or showing them the effects of global warming. It's all part of the plan.

So, 45 and his cadre of minions have given them that plan. By moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, he tells them that he is here to usher in Jesus' return. Nothing else matters to them. It will never matter to them that he is robbing us blind. It will never matter to him that he has made millions of dollars off of being president. It will never matter to them that he is accused of assaulting women. It will never matter to them that he lies. They will never stop the GOP or 45 as long as they pander to their insane beliefs. He could literally walk out and shoot someone and they would look the other way.

It's up to us to stop them and him. We do so by voting in November and sending a clear message that we don't buy their brand of religion. We don't buy their brand of politics. Stand up America and send a clear message to 45 and Evangelicals that they are obsolete.


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