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4 Year Old Shoots Self In Liquor Store

Updated on June 21, 2012

Local Stories

Perhaps I am used to taking a look at what we call reality and asking a few more questions than the average person. Or, maybe I am just tuned in to the ridiculous. A 4 year old boy shoots himself in the head in a liquor store in Chicago. And, I quote, "Investigators were still trying to determine who the gun belonged to, and how the boy got a hold of it."

Really? That is the question that holds the primary position in your mind? Where did this gun come from? Who does this gun belong to? I guess if I were an investigator, I might be wondering the same things. Certianly those are worth looking into. As a reporter for a local paper or news agency...I would want to know this information. I would be inquiring.

Uhm, of all the articles I read...where is the genius who asks this question (dun, dun, dun)...


Please don't be shocked and fall out of your chair, or bump your head or anything. I might be practicing too much logic...and I know from experience that I am not supposed to bring that to the workplace so perhaps I shouldn't be asking these types of questions in the first place. I am just curious on why nobody was asking that question. Who was watching the boy? He is 4 years old. Was he trying to rob the place, like the 12 year old girl in Michigan?

That leads me other a 4 year old shoots himself in a liquor store in Chicago, and a 12 year old girl robs a convenient store. The clerks at the store recognized her because she frequented the store. She steals a gun from a neighbors house, puts a bandana over her face and wears black clothing. The clerks called 911 while they had her pinned to the floor and she was crying in the background.

I can't decide if I should be sickened or flabbergast. This is what makes news. It should make news...but why are we having these types of social issues? I can't help but think, based on their ages that this has to be something that is starting in the home...and if I am to do my job of asking better questions...then what can we do as a social network to find a net for these kids.

It feels to me as if we are doing a great job of "no kid left behind", if we are talking about reverse logic. I don't know how we make a difference in how much attention our children are getting while they are young. I don't know how we make sure our children are getting supervision. I don't know how we provide a place where our children can come to in crisis and get some help. I don't know how we start paying more attention to our children before we read about them in the papers. I don't know how. Don't you think we should start asking some better questions? Don't you think maybe we should start making a net that catches all of the ones we seem to be dropping?

The point isn't really that it's just one kid or two and that isn't my kid, or my neighborhood. The point is that as a society, we are all in this together. I hate asking questions and not being able to do anything. I don't even have kids so it's even harder...I can see there is a problem but since I don't have children, I don't even know where to start. Maybe if I ask the questions though, someone else will start thinking about it?


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