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5 Conspiracy Theories

Updated on February 25, 2013

What exactly is a conspiracy theory?

Although their are different types, a conspiracy theory is basically an explanation for a critical event as being a cover up by an organization or covert group.

From banking to space, their is a wide variety of cover up stories out there, theories of unknown groups pulling the strings behind some of worlds most critical events, some of these theories are more believable then others.

Please note that I do not associate myself with or advocate any of the theories listed below.

The 1969 Moon Landing

On July 20, 1969 the world watched the Apollo moon landing take place live. Yet conspiracy theorist believe that what millions of people witness from their television sets was hoax. They believe that what was shown on TV was not the moon but a stage set up in a studio.

The reasoning behind this theory is that the Kennedy administration wanted to renew faith in the NASA space program and win the "Space Race" Against the Soviet Union.

The fake moon landing conspiracy theory has been mostly debunked as false but their are still a few skeptics out their that believe the 1969 Apollo moon landing never happened.

The Kennedy Assassination

President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while riding in a motorcade on November 22,1963. Approximately one hour after the shooting Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of the president. Just two days after his arrest Oswald was shot and killed causing an uproar of suspicion to arise.

The conspiracy surrounding this event is "Who really killed Kennedy?". Many conspiracy theorist do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald is accountable for the assassination of Kennedy, and the was that do, believe that he was not acting alone.

More suspicions arose when witnesses from the shooting were unable to agree on where the shots were fired from. The location of the shooter or shooters is something that theorist still disagree on causing, a countless amount of different theories behind Kennedy's murder to be conceived.

Their are several theories pertaining to the motive of the shooting, but many believe that it is because Kennedy wanted to put an end to the Cold war.

The origin of Aids

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS, is a virus that attacks the body's immune system, causing the body to become unable to defend it self against illnesses and infections.

According to the scientific community it originated from a strain of Simian immunodeficiency Virus located in western African monkeys.

Conspiracy theorist believe that this devastating disease was made by the government as a way to control the population of lower class citizens, minority groups and gay people. Many theorist say that the government has a cure and is not releasing it for the same reasons.

Banking Electronically

It is believed among some conspiracy theorist that a secret group created credit and debit cards, or virtual money, as part of a plan to one day dominate the world.

According to theorist, the master plan is to have citizens rely completely on electronic banking, by totally eradicating coin and paper currency. When this phase is complete the group will cause a world wide blackout, erasing everyone's banking information and accounts, which will cause a world wide panic.

Allegedly the motive behind this plot is to re introduce slavery into the modern world, and their is a number of different theories as too who exactly would benefit from this.


On September 11, 2001, four commercial passenger jet airliners left their normal flight paths and and were flown towards select locations in the United States. Two planes crashed into the twin towers, one plane crashed into the pentagon and the final plan crashed into a field close to Shanksville, Pa. On that infamous day nearly 3,000 people lost their lives.

Many conspiracy theorist believe that the government coordinated the attacks, and different theories suggest different tactics involving remote controlled planes, planted explosives, and even missile strikes to conduct the alleged attack.

Other theorist suggest that the government was warned about the attack ahead of time and chose to ignore the threat and kept it hidden from the american people.

Most theorist agree that the key motive for the attack was to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 

      5 years ago from Philadelphia

      Great hub the biggest theory of all hasnt been discussed in this hub meaning that there are more theories to write about.looking forward to seeing more on this topic


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