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5 Ways to Save Earth & Energy Right Now

Updated on September 19, 2009

Do you have an urge that you would like to do something for the world and the current global warming crisis. We have all seen it in the news and how shocking it actually is, but how many of us exactly do something about it?

Well, guess what! If you stick to any of the following 5 ways to save earth and energy you are doing something for a better tomorrow. If you can do 5/5 then congratulations.. you are the next Al Gore =).

  • Numbero 1.

Take Showers Instead of Baths
This doesn't sound so hard to do right? The fact is that it takes a lot of energy to heat a bath of water, than it takes for a regular shower. If you stick to this one you will also save money for the hot water costs. Now if you are hardcore like me: (ha ha) Take cold showers like me =). Yes it's true I take a cold shower every morning! I save energy, My boold gets circulated and all of my toxins gets flushed out. A great way to start the day!

  • Numbero 2

Always Wash the Dishes or Your Clothes When the Machine is Full!
It sounds boring I know but it's effective in saving energy and water. But what if you need a fork or two and they are in the dishwasher, well do it like your anchestors.. Do it by hand. Seriously this is something that saves the climate tremendously. Just do it!

  • Numbero 3

Turn off Your Electrical Devices When You Are Not Using Them
This is so old school but how many people are actually doing it?, well my guess is that it's close to zero. Your DVD, TV, Playstation, Computer, and Grandpa's Dialysis Machine should be turned off when you are not using them. The energy cost that it takes to have these devices on standby quickly adds up. Soon your energy costs is greater than your neibor's energy costs.

  • määrä 4 (Finnish)

Use Flourescent Lightning BulbsThese lightning bulbs runs on far less energy than your traditional light bulbs and they last longer as well. Be sure to consult with your lightbulb specialists because most of these types cannot be used with dimmers. If you don't have dimmers then what are you waiting for? Go and change!

  • Number 5

Buy Items That Has The Energy Star Label on ThemThe U.S. Department of energy have strict guideline for products that gets the energy star on them. If you buy items with this label you can be certain that the manufacturer of this product has done a lot to make sure that the product have/will do the least amount of damage to the enviroment.

What now? Is it already finished?


If you don't behave then you might get a visit from the Green Team!
*Warning* Do not watch if you have a sensitive heart..

Green Team


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