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5 Reasons For Seeking Legal Advice

Updated on January 13, 2014

Helping You Understand Legal Advice

Throughout the course of any adults life, you will need some legal advice at some point. This page talks you through some of the 5 most popular scenarios of when you will need this legal assistance and how it can really help.

I'm currently at that stage in my life where it's time to 'grow up'!

I've all of a sudden realised that there's an AWFUL lot that I didn't know (perhaps I'm slightly naive!) about using a legal professional for a variety of different aspects of my life.

It's for this reason I thought I'd create a lens about it to talk in a bit more detail about some of the useful tasks that those legal experts can help you with! You never know, you might realise find a use for them in your life as well!

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Buying a house
Buying a house

1) Buying a House

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As you may have gathered, I'm currently going through the exciting process of buying a house. It's also extremely scary, knowing that I'm spending my life savings and being pretty poor for a while due a mortgage!

In order to ensure that my purchase goes through successfully and within the eyes of the law, it's become clear that I need to hire a solicitor. Without their help, I literally wouldn't be able to get the house!

So, my latest task has been catered towards finding the right solicitor for me. I want one that's experienced and capable, but affordable at the same time.

My search continues BUT I just wanted to highlight the importance of having a solicitor when going through a property transaction - as it's not something I considered in my budget, and now.. I really wish I had!

Legal Advice from Amazon

If you're looking for some great legal advice, Amazon has some really informative books to ensure that you won't need to hire a lawyer or solicitor!

Accident Claims
Accident Claims

2) Claiming for an Accident

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It's become all the rage of late, but accident claims are on the increase! With more and more no win, no fee solicitors offering their services to all of society, the UK has quickly become a blame culture.

Whenever someone has experienced an injury at work or on the road - these companies are often quickly on the heels of the victims to encourage them to claim accident compensation.

If I ever experienced such a horrible fate, then I would be in the same position as most of the population, if I was bound to come out with money from my accident - I would definitely hire one of these legal firms.

To go it alone, would probably cause further stress - and if you've experienced a serious injury, that's the last thing you'd need!

Forming a Company
Forming a Company

3) Forming a Company

I've been fortunate enough in my life to have been involved in forming my own business.. twice (soon to be three times!)

I first of all made an online shop called (which we've now closed) and then secondly, a web design business (

In order to do so, I consulted a local legal advisor to explain the steps and procedures I would need to take to create the company.

There's so many rules, laws and guidelines for anything remotely legal in the UK - it's practically ridiculous!

Anyway, the legal advice I received for starting up these companies put me in a really great position to progress the businesses in a good light.

I'm abouts to form a new company for and now I know what to do for creating the UK company, I'm debating whether to use legal advice again, or if to go it alone.

The question is, has UK law changed much in the last year? I would assume not, but you never know.....

Lawyers in Manchester

Watch this video of a brand new website for Manchester lawyers services. If you're from Manchester, this could be a really useful resource for you

Defending in Court
Defending in Court

4) Defending you in Court

Photo courtesy of LeeStewie

From an early age, my basic understanding of a lawyer was from Hollywood films! Specifically, Liar Liar!

Anyway, I've never been into court (as a spectator or a participant) but it looks a very interesting place. I've read many of books such as Michael Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer, and the whole legal system really interests me.

I hope that I never need to use a lawyer to defend me in court, but at the same time, from what I've read about them when I've been looking to a local solicitors firm (for my house), I'd feel very comfortable trusting my future in their hands.

Derby Solicitors

This video is a great resource for those of you looking for a solicitor in Derby!

Making a Will
Making a Will

5) Making a Will

Photo courtesy of Derby Solicitors

Probably one of the most important (yet morbid) task to complete in your life... who gets your possessions once you've gone!

I'm going to have to create a Will soon enough when I buy a house, to ensure that if I was to die, that my family get my house and other possessions. It's not a task I'm particularly looking forward to, but an important one none the less.

You see, in the UK, if you don't have a law... your family still has some claim to some of your possessions (I think?) BUT there would be a much higher inheritance tax (like we aren't taxed enough!) to pay out!

Having said that, to know that your favourite items and memories are being handed down to your children (and their children) could only be a great feeling of prolonging the family heritage. I'm not there yet (with the kids) but when the time comes, I think it'd fill me with warmth being able to pass on my things to them!

I've always been interested into the costs associated with legal advice - with all of the training that lawyers and solicitors go through, it's not surprising the amount that they charge!

But which, in your opinion, is generally the most expensive?

Which is the Most Expensive Legal Advice?

See results

Understanding Law

This fantastic book is highly regarded as a great guide to help you understand law much better!

Lawyers in Derby

Check out this video about a new lawyers website in my home town of Derby

Useful Local Legal Advice

Here are some great websites that could be really useful to you for a further understanding of legal advice and your local businesses.

Have you ever needed to hire some legal advice? What were your experiences?

Any comments and feedback you can offer would be incredibly useful to me but I'm sure many others out there!

Your Experiences with Legal Advice?

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