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5 reasons why Britain has lost its way

Updated on June 30, 2013

There was a time when one thought of Britain,a strong and powerful country came to mind ; a green and pleasant land, a land where the people were polite,courteous and moralistic.But times have changed.Our once beautiful and proud country has become a social security cesspit.
Britain is going to the dogs now and there ain't two ways about it.And how did she end up in such lamentably deplorable circumstances? Read on.

Reason #5:Moral Decline

Perhaps this phenomenon is occurring on a global scale.But certainly in Britain, rudeness is now commonplace.On public transport, you're shoved and told by irritant voices to "move!" without a second thought.And of course, consideration for your comfort would be absurd.There is no attempt made to placate howling babies,tinny music is blasted out of phones; food is chomped so vigorously, you would think that you're sharing your bus/tram with an elephant.On the streets,expletives are exchanged like playing cards,scantily clad,tattooed women are the norm and people litter without a seconds thought.Absolutely abhorrent.

Reason #4:The Benefit System

Perhaps the one thing that is sapping Britain's strength more than anything else is the welfare state.In 2011, the Daily Mail reported that Courts in the UK see a staggering 23 cases of welfare fraud in just one day( benefit system has become so complex that it is studded with loopholes and anyone can be fraudulently amassing thousands of pounds every single year by circumventing security checks and making false claims.This is not without huge consequence.It is costing the government billions of pounds every year to fund the benefit system,money which Britain doesn't have so she is plunged further into debt and the economy takes a further battering.

Atheism has enjoyed a huge increase
Atheism has enjoyed a huge increase

Reason #3:Religious Disenchantment

I'm not a saint.But I do believe that religion is a highly important part of life.Religion gives people a set of values to live by,boundaries and limitations to follow and most of all, it gives people hope for the future and faith in humanity.Nowadays,people are going off the rails,turning to alcoholism and substance abuse more than ever before.They prefer the temporary,artificial high that this gives them rather than the lifelong inspiration of religion with gives one a much wider perspective on life and the universe.Yet,people are refuting it.Atheism has shot up in recent years,enjoying a 12% rise since 2001.Why? Perhaps, now that scientific evidence has come into play and people are not forced as to which religion they abide by, people are now actually thinking for themselves which is,of course, a good thing.Look, I know that religion has caused so much conflict in the past, I accept that.But I still believe that more than ever in this technological age, if society does not have the purpose and unity that religion gives it,it is not a society at all.

Short clip demonstrating the problems of Immigration

Reason #2:Immigration

I'm not a racist.I'm not even a closet racist.I believe that people from all different ethnicities have something to bring to the table.But I think it would be fair to say that in some elements, immigration has ruined this country.I'm not talking about the wave of refugees and other similar desperate peoples that emigrated here post-WW2. I'm talking about contemporary immigration:the droves of immigrants that have flooded this country in recent years,swamping Britain.It is not unusual nowadays to walk down a street in a bustling town center and not to see a single Englishman.Don't get me wrong-they are people and have equal status to you and me-I don't blame them,they took advantage of what was offered to them which is perfectly reasonable.I blame the government.The Labour Government of recent endorsed unfettered and unregulated immigration for years and years,myopically ushering in droves of migrants.And the problem still remains.Bound by the contracts of the EU, Britain is required to accept the majority of migrants that queue on our doorstep every single day.In fact,Britain is bracing itself for 2014 when a fresh wave of around 425,000 Romanians will arrive when the already lenient laws are relaxed further.Immigration has elicited a few distinct,clear advantages to society such as a bigger market for consumer goods and talented,specialised migrants that are willing to work here, boosting the economy yet it has presented a whole host of problems:

  • There is now a housing crisis as the migrants need accommodation which has resulted in large swathes of beautiful countryside being concreted over for housing projects and house prices have rocketed as the demand has outweighed the supply.
  • Many young Britons are unemployed as so many jobs have been taken by foreign workers.
  • There is more violence and terror,evoked by Islamic hate preachers such as the Woolwich massacre where a British soldier was beheaded with a machete.
  • Romanians lie on countless street corners defiling the pavements or squat illegitimately in other people's houses.
  • Immigration is putting a huge strain on the National Health Service and the Public education system as in the last 12 years an extra 9.5 million are now using the free services.

#1:Political Correctness

Everyone's a winner guys.

No-you can't do that.That's offensive.

In recent years, this country has been throttled by Political Correctness.Of course, I agree discrimination against politically, socially or economically disadvantaged groups is utterly disgusting.We are all human beings and every single one of us should be treated with utmost respect as we should all have equal status.However, PC has spiraled out of control,wrecking the British government and society.Quite a brash statement, I know.But the writing is on the wall.Take a look at the British government.Left-wing ideology has very cleverly and stealthily, replaced British politics. Now,none of the political parties dare suggest any policy that is not politically correct lest the PC Brigade will libellously defame them via the media etc. Witness the Conservative party policy U turns. In a desperate effort to lose their 'nasty' party label they have become Blue Labour, a diluted form of New Labour!

PC has not just repressed political freedom.It has corroded the core of British society by-ironically-smothering freedom of expression among the masses.More and more cases arise every month of good humour and religious expressions being rendered offensive by the PC brigade.Here are just a few examples:

  • Nadia Eweida, a Christian employee of British Airways had always worn a small silver cross on a necklace at work as a quiet way of expressing her religion.This was condemned as offensive and inflammatory and she was forced to remove it or forfeit her job.
  • Dave Jones,the creator of popular children's cartoon Fireman Sam was detained for an hour and branded a racist at Gatwick Airport for pondering as to whether he would be permitted to walk through airport security with a scarf over his face after an Islamic woman with a hijab masking her, breezed through checks.
  • Clive Hunt,58, an IT contractor was accused of racism and refused a £1,000-a-week NHS job after innocently offering to buy an Asian recruitment consultant a bacon sandwich.

  • A former soldier was told he could face eviction after painting a St George’s flag on his front door – because his landlords say it could distress his foreign neighbours.

The fact of the matter is that Political correctness has warped British society in the sense that members of certain ethnic groups and races have prerogatives to quite wrongly outline others as abusive and law enforcement does not have the common sense to deal with it and the government does not want to.Television and Radio programmes are censored meticulously so as not to offend anyone which has incidentally rendered many shows rather dull and pathetic.

Life just isn't what it used to be.

And the good news?

Britain didn't join the Euro.Considering the economic collapse in the Euro-zone,that was a good move.


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    • Aaron Seitler profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Seitler 

      5 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Thanks for your commendation Jonny,I appreciate it.

      I would say that it is within the British national character to be taciturn and it always has been,it's just that this has never been exploited as such since mass immigration has not affected these shores until only recently.Now,it is clear that as most of us are reserved and don't wish to offend people,a drive perpetuated by the PC brigade, we have been pusillanimous at tackling the problems that the influx of migrants have caused.

      The face of Modern Britain is changing as I'm sure you know and as you eloquently put it's "like an express train that cannot be stopped".Whether a moral code will rise from the abyss is anybody's guess but I'm sure morality will somehow prevail.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Aaron, congratulations, you have written a well-considered and mostly truthful account. It has made very interesting reading for me and given a few insights which I had not considered.

      The bias towards allowing too much political correctness in relation to immigrants of different religions is a case in point.

      If I, a white person of atheist leanings, visit a Muslim country, I must not (dare not) say anything which might offend. I willingly offer respect and consideration to what the population regard as acceptable.

      The Britain I grew up in, although it was far from perfect, had its own set of values. Those values have not been protected and honoured by British people themselves in many cases.

      Why the timidity? Why bow down to the demands of immigrants? Surely those immigrants have a duty to adjust to the traditions of the country they enter.

      I do not know the practical answer to these problems. It seems like an express train that cannot be stopped. Maybe the solution must come from the immigrants, indeed. They must build their own high ethics; leave the antagonisms of their origin behind and build a new home that is worth all the effort put into escaping.

    • pramodgokhale profile image


      5 years ago from Pune( India)


      thank you for reply . long back Nehru requested England to make deal for economic cooperation but cold war and Nehru's non-aligned movement caused misunderstanding in the west that India has tilted towards USSR,

      but it was never such thing .

      India has to walk between USA and USSR to build economy and cooperation , We had three wars against Pakistan and USA made Pakistan as a front line state , it hurt Indian economy , we are surrounded by failed nations, so defense expenditure is rising ever year .In these events UK was partner of USA so against India,

      We bury old issues to make ground for grand alliance for economic cooperation which will benefit both countries.


    • Aaron Seitler profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Seitler 

      5 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Hiya pramodgokhale,

      What you say is true I think that the sun has indeed set on the British Empire and she no longer has a robust economy let alone Naval supremacy and being a world superpower(not that I want that.I'm definitely not pompous, irascible, jingoistic and stereotypically British-I think those kinds of people died out years ago anyhow).

      But the point I'm making, both here and in the above article is that a number of problems caused by the government and society at large is inhibiting progress and proving problematic.

      And like you said I think Britain and India need a pertinacious agreement in the future which will be beneficial to both parties.

      As essentially I think Britain and India have the answers to each others problems.India has a powerful economy but still needs to vastly improve the quality of living for a lot of its population.Britain on the other hand has a high standard of living in general but the economy needs a reboot.

    • pramodgokhale profile image


      5 years ago from Pune( India)


      There are different views and fall of British empire was one of the reason as your article displays. I an an Indian , certainly bit biased but i admire British administration system and still performing.

      WWII is one reason and loss of colonies ,so British economy and industries suffered and super power status was lost.

      Still UK is preferred destination for education and Asian students enroll in British universities.Immigration and riots is a problem, i understand.

      Then who to regain lost glory? long back Ex. British prime minister Mr. Tony Blair on his India tour told that they want to leave EU and suggested long term trade agreement with India so both will be benefited.

      British government and policy makers tune with global conditions then it will help more peace and prosperity. Britain has technologies and manufacturing whcih then can share with new economic blocs and emerging economies.

      thank you


      If England goes pragmatic then again


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