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50 Eco Friendly, Green Websites

Updated on January 19, 2012

Eco Friendly Sites and Blogs to Help You on Your Path to Going Green!

Going green is quite easy with the amount of information on the web today. There are hundreds of established websites that offer green living tips to make your impact on the environment less substantial, and to help reduce your carbon footprint. Here's a list of 50 recommended eco friendly green websites on topics ranging from climate change to frugal living. The list has no parameters or order, but will give you many new green websites to read on a daily basis. Get your bookmark tool ready!

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GE 13-Watt Energy Smart Fluorescent Light Bulbs, 8 Pack, 60 Watt Replacement

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Go Green All Over the Internet With These Everyday Eco Websites

  1. The Green Guide, for everday eco friendly living, is a site run by National Geographic.
  2. Green Living Ideas keeps going green down to Earth on their green living blog, with posts on sustainable, eco and green living tips.
  3. The Daily Green has quick, easy green articles that tie into everday life that can be implemented by the everyday person.
  4. TreeHugger is one of the best known green websites, offering daily news, updates, and tips. TreeHugger is often brings new ideas to the public first with hundreds of relevant green articles. Just visit the front page and you'll be overwhelmed with green info.
  5. Ideal Bite offers bite sized ideas for green living.
  6. The Green Living Tips Blog has ideas on making your life more sustainable, green, organic, and all natural, while pointing out some of today's greener products on the market!
  7. EcoGeek, brains for the earth, blogs about the latest green news with great resources, tips, and green suggestions.
  8. Reference this website, Environmental Working Group, to inform yourself before buying green products.
  9. Even the Discovery Channel has gone green and offers their own tips on sustainable living on their sub-website, Planet Green.
  10. Browse NRDC's green living guides on mercury in fish, buying toilet paper, and eating gree, as well as their household savings calculator.

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Suncast Recycle Bin Kit

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A Life Changing Book About Food, Nutrition, and Going Green

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

In Defense of Food will change the way that you think of food. From the environmental impacts of meat to examining exactly what we're missing by passing on the vegetables, prepare to be enlightened. The author, Michael Pollan, points out that much of our food isn't really food at all. With fiber being stripped from our pasta, rice and flour, only to be "refortified" with vitamins and minerals, we're missing much of what we're supposed to be getting. Improve your nutrition and improve your quality of life by learning what actual food is, and where you can get it through this life chanign book.


11. Is it possible to live life plastic free? The Living Plastic Free blog has proved that it can be done.

12. The Green Tip of the Day can be found on Twitter, tweeted daily without fail!

13. Save the Earth is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating society and increasing environmental awareness.

14. Planetsave brings you green news, commentary and encourages you to get involed and take action to save the planet.

15. One of the top environmental websites is Grist, home to environmental news, advice, and columns.

16. There's always something new going on in the world of green. Planet Ark stays on top of news daily, and is your daily guide to helping the planet.

17. The site that you are on right now, Hubpages, has a wealth of green information in their environment categories, climate change, and recycling categories, to name a few. Each page is written by one of the local experts, or hubbers.

18. You can read more about climate science and progress on the Climate Progress blog.

19. If you're a beginner in the world of alternative energy, can give you some background on the history, machinery, technology, and innovation of green energy.

20. Time Magazine listed WorldChanging as one of the top 15 green websites. The site aims to change your thinking, and spread the word about a greener earth.

21. The American Wind Energy Association gives us the latest updates about wind energy, events, and even jobs if you're looking for employment in this green industry.

22. Living cheap is the new green at Lighter Footstep, where savings in our budget coincides with keeping our planet green and healthy.

23. Imagine that there were no environmental crisis? That's what No Impact Man does, and tell us how we can take steps so we can get to that point.

24. EcoGeek, a website that's motto is "Brains for the Earth," tries to tackle the problem of keeping 6 billion people happy without destroying the planet. With this blog, we're one smaller step towards that goal.

25. Covering some of the greenest cars available today, Autoblog Green has covered everything green about cars, hybrids, and new eco friendly auto technology.

26. The benefits of going Vegetarian and Vegan have countless benefits for you and the environment. gives you some recipes, reasons to try out going Vegan, and

27. Are you all about the latest news on Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie? Were you the type of person in school to listen to and spread gossip? Then you'll love ecorazzi, which blogs about the latest in green gossip.

28. Green Options helps you make good green decisions that will help you become more sustainable through a network of green blogs.

29. This Yahoo article, for the budget conscious green advocate, will not only help you live a greener existence, but help you grown your savings.

30. Kids love going green, as you can see on this entire website dedicated to nature called Nature Detectives. Kids will be intrigued and learn to enjoy nature further with crafty kids projects, ideas, and examples.

See How Green Rooftops are Saving Energy and Beautifying Rooves

31. This blog from the New York Times, Dot Earth, contains some really interesting information, statistics, and articles about natural resources and the environment.

32. Climate Ethics gives us the ethical analysis of climate science and policy. When word breaks on the latest in climate change, expect this blog to have a detailed analysis of what's going on.

33. When you visit Observation of a Nerd, you'll notice the striking appearance of this blog, and that the posts are all about interestingly nerdy subject matter. It fits in perfectly with green themed blogs out there on the web, but has a heaping helping of animals and science injected into it to make it different.

34. Ever wondered what if you could reuse and not throw away anything as opposed to what you're currently tossing into the garbage? The Rubbish Diet chronicles a woman's life through trash, and helps to reduce, reuse and recycle more things in your life.

35. Green America encourages economic action for a just planet, with tips, newsletters, news and updates on everything green in the USA.

36. If you'd like to find real information about our climate from climate scientists, RealClimate will give you just that.

37. If you have something you no longer need , and don't want to sell it, consider freecycling it instead of throwing it away. Doesn't reusing feel good?

38. When you're doing some green remodeling in your home, Green Home Natural Home Improvement will help you find non-toxic paints, energy efficient lighting, water conserving plumbing, and everything else you'll need to have a green home in and out.

39. Need a reminder on why we're going green in the first place? The Nature Conservancy has endless information on animals in need, lands that have been conserved, land that needs to be saved, and how you can help protect our own environment.

40. Eco Chick features fabulously green topics ranging from green artwork to new green makeup brushes on this blog. Because Mother Earth is a woman!

Drinking Tap Water Can Save Enormous Amounts of Plastic!

Do you use tap water or bottled water?

See results
Renewable energy will be creating new jobs, while emitting less into our atmosphere.
Renewable energy will be creating new jobs, while emitting less into our atmosphere.

41. Even the Wall Street Journal has got in on the action of going green on their Environmental Capital blog.

42. The Green Lashes and Fashion website finds the best organic and natural beauty products and shares them with you, from eco friendly nail polish to organic tea, recipes and clothing.

43. Want the freshest, healthiest, most robust selection of organic produce near you? will help you find the closest, greenest, and tastiest produce.

44. New to the area? Find your local recycling center, and find out where to dispose of odd materials with this easy to use search provided by

45. One of the areas of the world that is most at risk from the changes happening to our environment is the tropical rainforest. The Tropical Rainforest Conservation gives us some updates on the gains and setbacks in these critical countries and regions.

46. You won't believe some of the green technology and green design Inhabit has featured, from green gadgets to green design and architecture.

47. Our planet's water supplies are becoming more and more contaminated. The Waterkeeper Alliance was created to help preserve watersheds throughout the world so we can have water today and tomorrow.

48. It's funny how going green and saving money often go hand in hand. That's what the Frugal for Life blog is about - spending less, wasting less, saving more.

49. Everyone likes something for free. Ecobunga specializes in green deals and giveaways, from socks to bedding to gardens and homes!

50. Can doing something as small as switching search engines result in a change in the Earth? Blackle is an energy saving search that has saved millions of watt hours just by using a black screen instead of white (and, it's powered by Google).

BONUS: #51: Stop by my own website, A Million Ways to Go Green, for more earth friendly advice, news, and recommendations.


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    • profile image

      shamkr 5 years ago

      Thanks for Sharing the Article.

    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      I found a great company that focuses on green living and staying home with your kids. Take a look at

    • profile image

      Catherine 5 years ago

      Want more go green news go to www.a

    • profile image

      kiani 6 years ago

      thx very helpful got a project due tomorrow gtg and get stuck into it

    • profile image

      karan kang 6 years ago

      Very nice this site is also very good

    • profile image

      David Pierce 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such a nice resource with us and I also wanted to share something I know.

    • profile image

      Mohammed 6 years ago

      great article..please take some time to visit my blog at

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      Thank you, thegreenerme, this is a very valuable Hub. Your other hubs on this topic are equally valuable. I will stop by your website too!

    • ShermanMorrison profile image

      ShermanMorrison 6 years ago from Florianópolis

      Congratulations on putting together a list of great online resources for greener living! I'm a new Hubber and I'm just starting up a whole series called Sustainable U to help anyone and everyone make the personal transition towards sustainability. I hope you'll take a look at it!

    • rainmist profile image

      rainmist 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      That's great hub ,thank you !

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you for sharing these links! This one is bookmarked. Here's to a greener planet!

    • profile image

      Jenny 8 years ago

      Blackl's old website, Blackle uses dirty energy. Their new Blackl ( uses renewable energy and is now a proper green search engine. Data transfers are also reduced to save more energy and result display has been improved.

    • HealthyHanna profile image

      HealthyHanna 8 years ago from Utah

      This just about covers everything! Great one stop hub for green living. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago

      There is a new Google out now to save energy while surfing the web. Advantage to this one is that you get an option of choosing different categories located at the top of the page, which help you look through the type of sites you need rather than the entire web. Check it out at


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