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50th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Presents

Updated on October 19, 2009

Give a Memorable 50th Birthday Present with These Great Ideas!

If you're stuck for ideas on what to give someone you care about for their 50th birthday presents, we've got plenty for you below!

50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Some people love to tease others about their 50th Birthday and so naturally gag gifts ensue. If you do give someone a gag gift for their 50th birthday, don't forget to get them a "real present" too!

Celebrate a 50th Birthday With an Experience

Has the person turning 50 always wanted to do something but never been able to? Maybe they wanted to swim in a giant pool of spaghetti like in the movie Patch Adams, or maybe they'd like to go for a hot air balloon. Turning 50 is the perfect excuse to finally do the thing they've always wanted to do and can be a great gift!

50th Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are always a welcome present. Here are some ideas for 50th birthday gift basket you can give to someone celebrating their 50th birthday:

Pamper Yourself Gift Basket: Does he or she need a day to relax? You can make a gift basket with their favorite soaps, lotions, candles, a book to read, and maybe even include a gift certificate to a local spa for a day of massaging and relaxation.

Favorite Foods Gift Baskets: Does he or she have favorite foods? Whether its peanuts or chocolate or tea, a gift basket with unique or favorite foods is one gift you can be certain they will use and enjoy.

Year You Were Born Gift Basket: This is a fun creative idea for a 50th birthday gift idea - find things that relate to the year they were born. Anything to do with history or products made then would work: television series, candy, etc. For example, if I were to make one for someone born in 1959 I would include a Hawaain Lei (Hawaii became a state in 1959), an issue of Playboy (published first in 1959), DVD collection of shows from that year, a mixed CD of the top hits for the year, and any favorite candies they might have.

Electronic Gifts for Turning 50

Just because someone is turning 50 doesn't mean they don't enjoy technology. Here are some great electronic gifts anyone turning 50 would enjoy.

Smartparts SP72 7-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame with Beige Matting (Espresso)
Smartparts SP72 7-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame with Beige Matting (Espresso)

Load favorite family pictures into this digital photo frame for them to enjoy and save space at the same time since many pictures can rotate at once.

Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (OLD MODEL)
Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (OLD MODEL)

Give them a digital camera and let them capture many more happy memories!


50th Birthday Presents You Can Make

Sometimes a present you make can be the most meaningful. Here are some ideas for 50th Birthday Present Gifts You Can Make:

Picture Frame Gifts: You can put anything in a frame! Pictures, poems, quotes, memories and more all look great in picture frames! Read my article on Gift Ideas Using Picture Frames for more inspiration and directions!

Scrapbook: Anyone celebrating a 50th Birthday surely has lots of memories, and what better than a scrapbook or photo album to keep them!

A Video: A video of collected pictures or having friends and family say things can make for a great 50th birthday presents ideas!

Photo Gifts: Whether you make a calendar, a blanket, a t-shirt, or a photo album, picture gifts always mean something special and can make turning 50 really be a day to celebrate how many wonderful people are in their life! is a great site to order and design all of this stuff (easy enough for a monkey to do too!) You can get 20% off photo gifts from when you use the coupon code 20OFFGIFTS


Books About Turning 50

If none of the ideas above seem right, a book is yet another great option. Here are some books that might work as a great 50th birthday present idea.

Share a Special Poem

Another thing you can do is write a special poem to share with the person. This is always another great gift idea because it is personalized and special. You can either choose to share with them a funny 50th birthday poem that makes them laugh about turning older or you can write something very meaningful that could even bring tears to their eyes.

You can use one of the many poems available online, but I think it is the best when you make it yourself. When you choose the words, it just shows to the person that you really put a lot of time and thought and effort into it. And that is always more meaningful to anyone than what the price tag says!

Once you have written your poem, you can share it by attaching it to a gift or you can frame and wrap it for another unique and special idea. This is always a favorite, and I think it will be what I am giving my aunt for her 50th birthday party. (But shh...don't tell her, it's a surprise!)

Do you have any other 50th Birthday Presents Ideas? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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      allenpaul123 7 years ago

      Wow, I am happy to find it. Thanks for sharing it here. Cheers

      Birthday Gift Ideas

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      personalised-gifts 8 years ago

      Hi, my Mother is just about to turn 50 and I was worried what i would be getting for her birthday, well not anymore, thanks to this great range of gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!