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55th Infantry Battalion

Updated on February 9, 2012


The earliest origin of 55 ° BI is the 1st company of the 2nd Battalion of Hunters, created in April 19, 1851, based in Salvador in Bahia. This company gave rise to the 16th Battalion of Hunters had an outstanding participation in the Paraguayan War, receiving the name of "the Glorious".

In 1908, a reorganization of the Army, which created the 7th, 8th and 9th individual companies, originating from 16 °, 24 and 28 BC.

These companies originate from the 58th Battalion of Hunters, based in Niteroi in 1913, and at the same time created the BC 59 °. These battalions led the 12th Infantry Regiment (RI), based in Belo Horizonte. The 12 ° RI was composed of three battalions: the first originated from the 59 ° BC, the second, coming from 58 BC and the third was not considered effective and prominent in the city of Pará de Minas. In 1968, then-Congressman, Luiz de Paula Ferreira, asked the President of the Republic, General Artur da Costa e Silva, during his visit to Belo Horizonte, the creation of an Army unit in the municipality of Montes Claros.

On January 23 of that year, the Chief of the Advanced Echelon Office of the Minister, in Brasilia, General Antonio Bandeira, said the request was being studied of the General Staff of the Army.

On May 21, 1971, the councilors of the Municipality of Montes Claros presented a petition to the President of that House, requesting that a letter addressed to the Minister of War, to study the possibility of installing a preference an Engineering Battalion.

In 1975, on behalf of the Army Regiments were extinguished. The first battalion of the 12th RI now called BI is 12 °, the second 55 ° BI.

The 55th Infantry Battalion was transferred from headquarters to the city of Montes Claros, MG, thanks to the actions of Rep. Luiz de Paula and politicians in the region.

On September 13, 1983, through Ordinance 738, was granted to 55 ° BI historical denomination Battalion Dionisio Cerqueira, in honor of General Dionisio Evangelista de Castro Cerqueira, for his part in the campaign of Paraguay, for their selflessness and dedication and his conduct as a member of the 16th BC, direct heir together, as the 12th (BI Lomas Valentinas Battalion), the honors and traditions of the 12th Infantry Regiment and its units forming.

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