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Texas's Death Penalty Comedy

Updated on February 21, 2014

Oh No Texas, Not Again!!

 Arguments in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will be heard in Febuary, in the case of Anthony Leroy Pierce. The petition filed by Pierce states that he recieved inadequate legal help and that combined with his mental impairment makes him ineligible for execution. The Federal Court has ruled Pierece has the right  to appeal.

If everything is bigger in Texas, this has got to be the biggest crock of manure I have ever heard.

Anthony Leroy Pierce is one of the longest inmates serving time on Texas Death Row. Pierce was 18 at the time of his offense, he is now 50 years old. There are only three other inmates who have been on Death Row longer than Pierce.

In 1977, Pierce was tried and convicted of the robbery-murder of Fred Johnson,40, a Houston Fried Chicken Restuarant owner. He was sentenced to death.

So he has been on Death Row for 32 years and it has taken this long to figure out that he had not inadequate counsel, but inadequate legal help, and now 32 years later it is discovered that he is mentally impaired.

My professional guess is his date to meet his maker is nearing. As a Mental Health Counselor it takes me maybe two to three one hour meetings to see that a person suffers from mental impairment. But it took the State of Texas 32 years to figure this out!!! PLEASE!!!

As for the whiney, " I had inadequate legal help" every one convicted tries that at one time or another. If you get caught and convicted... Its the inadequate attorneys fault.

Texas Govenor Rick Perry denied a 30 day stay to an innocent man and allowed him to be executed, he denied the commutation of a sentence of death to life, even with the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Parole, which by the way is almost impossible to get. The actual shooter who killed the man got life for cooperating, the poor accessory got the leathal dose. Now a convicted murderer, with no doubt about his guilt gets a new hearing.

Personally I don't understand why he got to hang around this long. But this is Texas and I would bet you he gets his sentence commuted to life.

Guys I have to do some way back research on this one and I will follow up , so keep checking back, but mentally impaired.... I have been mentally disabled for 10 years and I never killed anyone.

You know me by my articles, I am not either pro-death penalty nor anti-death penalty. I believe it should be based on a case by case basis, with no doubt about guilt. But this case takes the cake and the shovel to swallow it with.


Anthony Leroy Pierece won his appeal and has been removed from death row in Texas.


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