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6 Stabbings. 90 Minutes. One City: London

Updated on April 7, 2018

Knife Crime on the Rise in the Capital

Knife crime has plagued London for a very long time. Without easy access to guns, criminals are using the second best option: a sharp instrument. Recently, stories have poured out of the capital detailing knife attacks that seem to be a part of a never-ending tirade.

In 2003, there were 10,305 documented knife-related crimes in London. In 2004, this number jumped up to 12,985 documented knife-related crimes in London, an increase of 2,680! Although this number stayed fairly consistent until 2010, it is still a huge indication of the magnitude of knife crime in the capital.

Things are not improving in the current year. As more and more stabbings take place in London, it seems as though this will never end. Just yesterday (05/04/2018), 6 stabbings occurred within 90 minutes in the capital...

A flower is taken to the scene of one of the stabbings in Link Street, Hackney
A flower is taken to the scene of one of the stabbings in Link Street, Hackney

Truly Sickening

As a result of these 6 stabbings, a 13 year-old has been left fighting for his life.

6 Stabbings in 90 Minutes

Simply adding to the excess of knife crime in recent weeks, 6 stabbings took place within a matter of 90 minutes across London on Thursday (05/04/2018). Newham Police have reported that three youths have been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent.

A 13 year-old and two 15 year-olds are in serious condition after they were rushed to hospital with stab wounds. The 13 year-old was taken in at around 6:57PM after being stabbed in broad daylight. The two 15 year-olds were attacked in Mile End around an hour earlier.

In relation to the attack on the 15 year-old boys, two males have now been taken into custody, according to Tower Hamlets Police. One alleged perpetrator is 16 years-old whilst the other has not had their age identified.

Earlier on Thursday evening, a 15 year-old had been found stabbed in East India Dock Road and another teenager was stabbed in Ealing Broadway. This string of stabbings is believed to have started at around 5:30PM, culminating in the final stabbing, mentioned above, at around 6:57PM - a truly horrifying 90 minutes for the city of London.

Newham Police and Tower Hamlets Police posted the following Twitter updates surrounding the stabbings
Newham Police and Tower Hamlets Police posted the following Twitter updates surrounding the stabbings

Sadiq Khan's Delusions

In 2017, Sadiq Khan stated that London is "one of the safest cities in the world" and he couldn't be further from the truth. London tends to have disproportionate levels of crime compared to other cities in the UK and this trend looks set to maintain its course into the abyss.

After the stabbings referenced above, Khan stated that there had been "a billion pounds worth of cuts" to policing - seemingly using this as a reason why these incidents had taken place. I am sure that he is right, making cuts to the police is going to do no good to the crime rates across the country. However, there has to be more to this than simple budget cuts.

The British government needs to stop these crimes as the source. The UK can deal with having a weakened police force, but the thinking behind these crimes must be thwarted.

What makes a teenager think that it is acceptable to walk the streets of London armed with a knife? What makes a teenager think that it is acceptable to attack someone using this knife?

Demographics also have to be taken into account. Recently, The Sun published an article covering the sheer number of stabbings in London this year. Within the article was a list of the names of all of the victims of London-based stabbings in 2018. The majority of the list was made up of non-British names, which suggests that this is an issue predominantly found in minority communities.

Rather than brushing race under the carpet, it's time it was looked into more thoroughly. If the issue of stabbings is truly a problem predominantly in minority communities, then something must be done to change this. Realistically, you cannot help people and you cannot make change unless the underlying issue is identified correctly.

Forensics on the scene
Forensics on the scene


London, as a city, has been declining for a while now, in my eyes. It attracts some of the greatest people in the world but also a large amount of the seediest people in the world and this is having a damning effect on the capital.

Lots of areas in the city are beginning to become very unsafe and this will only be detrimental for the residents living there. With knife crime on the rise and gang culture still playing its role, it's difficult to see what can be done in order to cleanse London of its notoriety.

Hopefully one day we will see London prosper, with crime at an all-time low. After all, it is one of the greatest cities on this planet and Britain will only benefit from London's exceptional status as a global city.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      18 months ago


      That was very interesting that you had walked that bridge on the same day. The contrast of timing should be an interesting story as well.

      And I forgot about the acid attacks. The mayor of London seems to see London, the same way that the mayor of NYC sees it. And they both see their city different from reality.

    • Benjamin McQuaid profile imageAUTHOR

      Benjamin McQuaid 

      18 months ago from England, United Kingdom


      I completely agree with your point about gun control. If a person has the desire to kill or cause harm, they will find a weapon. Another reference for this point is the rise in acid attacks in the UK, it's just another alternative.

      It's funny that you mention the attack on the bridge, I walked across Tower Bridge the day it was attacked by terrorists. To read that story later on that day certainly made me feel uneasy. A couple of hours earlier and I could have easily been a victim of that terrible tragedy - it was a very sobering thought.

      Thanks for your continued interaction, it's great to hear your views!


    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      18 months ago


      Thanks for your reply to my comment.

      The point of your article, especially with your experience in traveling to London gives you a good perspective on these real life knife attacks.

      Until a person can actually visit places in person their knowledge is limited to the views of others. Your article, at least to me, is more credible because of your experience in London.

      The point, I get is that crime is crime, and the device of crime can be changed. In this case, England having strict gun control has changed the device used to knives. And they are equally deadly as guns.

      Also, not long ago the bridge there was used as a way to run down people with a truck.

      I hope that more viewers will comment.


    • Benjamin McQuaid profile imageAUTHOR

      Benjamin McQuaid 

      18 months ago from England, United Kingdom

      Hello Brad, thanks for taking the time to read my article.

      I agree with you that high unemployment rates must be a factor in the rise of knife crime. I would also predict that it has something to do with growing levels of poverty, which is linked to unemployment.

      I recently took a look at your article about political bias on HubPages. This made me hesitant to write the segment about demographics, but I thought that I would include it anyway as things like this must be talked about.

      Having visited London plenty of times, I haven't been exposed to too many of the less affluent areas. Hearing about incidents such as these makes me less willing to seek them out. London just doesn't seem to be the city it once was and it is paying the price for the attraction that it offers to poorer families and migrants.

      Hopefully they can get this issue ironed out before it becomes too much to handle.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      18 months ago


      Interesting article. I was reading about it, and thought I would write a hub on it. Now, I don't have to, thanks.

      I think that the high unemployment rate might be sparking these crimes. Maybe not so much in this case because the knifers were teenagers. But in general, idle hands.

      Unemployment Rate in London 2018

      Though London City is a highly developed and educated city of England, the Unemployment Rate is constantly increasing. In November 2017, Unemployment Rate was 6.3%. But in next month i.e. December 2017, it has fallen to 6.1%. Still the current Unemployment Rate is much better than recorded in July-September 2011 i.e. 10.1%.

      BTW, when the IRA was attacking England they used Bombs.

      Take away guns, and you have plenty of knives, and bombs don't seem to be scarce either.



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