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9-11-01: Day Of Disaster

Updated on September 11, 2011

September 11th is my sisters birthday. Can you imagine, waking up on that morning, planning on the things you will do with family and loved ones to celebrate your day of birth...only to have that day turned into a day of death and mourning instead? So many people died that day, some having no control or choice in the matter, others choosing to risk their lives in the hopes of saving others...all of them, their lives snuffed out in the blink of an eye...i often have wondered how those on the plane felt knowing they were going to die, and not just die but kill so many innocents along with them. The fear and helplessness as those in the tower watched the plane headed right for them, or trapped in a ruined building. And those who raced to their chance to save or be saved. And I feel like throwing up when I hear others who rejoice to see such acts done. In this video I posted, in the comments section, there is such a hater:

"WTC - Whining Twat Crap

WTC Tower 1: Oh no,oh´╗┐ no !

WTC Tower 2: Wait where are you going ?

Plane: I have a headache


My eyes are popping out because of all these laughz here ! Nuclear weapons should've been used as well,to wipe you all out from the face of the earth once and for all,pathetic miserable rats but this will be too.Your poor little prayers and your god won't help you,filthy western dogs !"

I want to make that person feel all the fear and pain and despair those people who died felt. I want them to feel it forever as they burn in hell. People like them are quick to destroy lives...but it the table were turned they would certainly think their own lives were worth saving...But they deserve no mercy. Not when they can take so many lives without care or even rejoice in the loss of life.

I will never forget that day. It was hard to believe it was actually happening. even today when I see it again, it is hard to believe it really happened. It was bad enough knowing the people trapped in the buildings were going to die, and that those in the planes had died...but to see the rescuers racing in to save only to be killed. That was a worse blow to me somehow. How i longed to be there at ground zero helping search for survivors...or even just comforting the rescuers as they did.

I grieved for those that died, for those left behind, and for those who searched. Today I hear the rescuers were not allowed to attend the memorial of the event. I don't understand that...if anyone has the RIGHT to be there it is them.

I know things must happen, but it is hard to see people die and others rejoice over their deaths.

Rest In Peace those whom we comforted you loved ones in knowing that millions of people will never forget that day...or those who died...and we mourn their loss with you.

Let's not forget the Search And Rescue Dogs that spent time searching in the rubble for survivors...or remains. Those dogs are special, and when they have gone to long without finding someone they become depressed. I remember after the Oklahoma bombing, their human partners arranged to have living people tucked away here and there just so the dogs would be able to find someone living, and cheer them up and encourage them to keep searching. I do believe these dogs know the reason they are there, not just because they were trained to find people, but that those people who are still alive need them to find them. Depend upon them to find them.

I also want to bring to remembrance those in the planes...but specifically the ones who fought their captors knowing they might lose, but understanding that if they did nothing.....To them the risk was worth it...Worth dying for.

The enemy thought by taking out the World trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House they could destroy us as a country and as a people. They were wrong. They did not consider that we are more than buildings. They did not believe their acts would actually bring us together as a nation...Make us stronger. Their mistake cost them.


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