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9-11 Anniversary

Updated on September 5, 2017
"Bring to justice those traitors who took our lives!"
"Bring to justice those traitors who took our lives!"


The United States Government carried out the attacks of 9/11 and blamed them on someone else. The perpetrators of this crime are, among others, George Bush (President), Dick Cheney (Vice President), and Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense). These individuals are mass murderers. They should be brought to trial and executed.


George Bush never produced any objective evidence that commercial flights struck the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The only evidence that the US Government has produced in what little it investigated the incidents of 9/11 is subjectve. George Bush relied heavily on eyewitness testimony, ‘expert’ opinion, phone calls and circumstantial evidence, and did everything possible to eliminate black boxes, molten steel, testimony of people who heard explosions, and the obvious fact that World Trade Center 7 collapsed as a result of a controlled demolition. Where is the evidence of a 757 striking the Pentagon? Where is the evidence of a 757 hitting the ground at a mine in Shanksville? How come there were no bodies at the Shanksville site immediately after the crash?

These issues are explored in the videos that will be included in this hub.

The conclusions are inescapable. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are not only torturers, but also murderers, specifically mass murderers. And so are the military personnel and others that helped them pull the wool over so many gullible people. The cynical ‘remembrance’ of 9/11, together with the iconic memorials, only adds insult to injury. The fact that the Clintons and the Obamas and other politicians have joined in to sweep this tragedy under the rug only furthers the notion that something is terribly wrong at the highest levels of the US Government.



9/11 Anthem

A song dedicated to the unfortunate and inevitable 'casualties of war' that 'democracy' must cause in order to expand the empire...


9/11 - 10th Anniversary

The 113th Chicken Wing charged with protecting the skies around D.C. stood down.


With so much advanced warning, they didn't need to send fighter planes up there. They could have shot the intruding airplane directly from the ground with a surface-to-air.


9/11 - Bu.. sh it!

So... how does a professional terrorist group attack the Towers, the White House, and the Pentagon...

a. simultaneously

b. or like George Bush's team did it: one after the other over a period of 2 hours?


9/11 - WTC 7

No plane struck the World Trade Center 7 Building, yet it went down just like 1 and 2 amid explosions. The smoking gun of 9/11 is all that a rational individual's gotta look at to certify that 9/11 was an inside job.


9/11 - Flight 11

Dear Amy was painting her nails and smoking a cigarette while talking to ground controllers as her plane nose-dived. Nerves of steel! What a woman!


9/11 - IQ Test

Do the test to see how stupid you are!


9/11 Virus

Don't get too smart 'cause the FBI Virus is gonna getcha!




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