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9 Things i want to do before i die

Updated on April 23, 2015


Millions of people have lived and died without setting a purpose or goal to accomplish. It’s not something to be proud of, i can’t imagine what it feels like to live without plans. I believe life should be planned and accurately timed.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like what is life all about? What is my purpose? It’s not normal to die without having positive accomplishments.

I woke up this afternoon after a quick knap and something was bothering me but I couldn’t say for sure what it really was but after some “me time” with serious thinking, I realized that another inspiration/message was bugging me. I had to disseminate the information and the topic that popped up was “9 things I want to do before I die”.

I had to think further on how to filter and arrange my points, it was tough but I still came up with the points below. Don’t forget that every point below is based on my opinion because every person’s plans or accomplishments aren’t the same.

1) I Want To Be A Good Husband And A Good Father

Many people plan to create a good and intimate family forgetting that you need to be a good parent before a family with that type of bond can be created and it’s quite easy to be a good dad or mom. Want to be able to provide a comfortable home and life for my kids.

2) I Want To Start A Charity Organization

I will love to open a call for help organization that will always be there to help people in need, I have this thing that makes to always care and want to help people in need. I guess I contracted it from my mom, she always helps even when she notices that she’s been exploited, let me say she can’t just stop.

3) I Want To Be An Inspiration To The World

I have always wanted to make a positive difference through every possible means I try to create ways and means to make a difference. Ways such as fighting for the freedom of others I know only a few individuals that fought for the freedom of others like George Washington, Mahama Gandhi, Lucky Dube, Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, etc.

4) I Want To Explore The World

I am like the earth (wonderer), I like to travel a lot to meet people, see new things, learn new things, and taste new things. I have that inquisitive nature of wanting to know, I believe that knowledge is power and seeing is believing.

5) I Want To Exhaust All My Abilities

Is better you do something than you didn’t do at all and it’s also better that when you do something do it to the best of your abilities. I want to give the public everything I can in every possible way, I urge people that are very versatile to make use of all their abilities maybe through singing, rapping, acting, writing, etc be the best you can.

6) I Want To Speak At least 5 International Languages

I want to be able to communicate with different type of people without any barrier setback/ resistance and in order to spread the news I need to communicate with people and this can’t be done efficiently through the use of translators. And people tend to relate/socialize more with you if you can speak fluently in the tongue they understand.

7) I Want To Have A Threesome

Yea, i know it sounds weird...don't judge me but i really wanna have a threesome. Im not good at sharing, so my threesome will preferable be a guy and two girls, scratch that two

8) I Want To Be Famous

Yes i want to be famous, don’t be shocked or surprised because everybody wants to be famous. But am not talking about that type of fame, I know it sounds crazy. I want the type of fame that will allow me to still have real friends not the type that associate with me having ulterior motives, I don’t want hidden cameras in my cribs or hidden stalkers. I want the simplest type of fame so I can still live my life the way I want not the way they want me to.

9) I Want To Be A Good Writer

If you want to be listened to you need to be good at how you release your messages. People want things that are easy to use, easy to understand, easy to do, etc and for you to make things easy for the world you need to be good at it. I’m a writer, I talk to the world through writing and I want to be heard because I want to make a difference.

What do you think about my plans, are they great?

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