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911 Do We Really Know What Happened - Government Conspiracy?

Updated on January 26, 2014

911 Conspiracy Theory Part 1

Government Conspiracy - Cover Up?

World Trade Center Buildings on Fire
World Trade Center Buildings on Fire

911 Conspiracy Theory Part 2

911 Conspiracy Theory Part 3

911 Conspiracy Theory Part 4

Conspiracy Theory or Truth or A Little of Both?

8 Years ago today! Conspiracy theory doesn’t matter because the event is over… the truth, full truth will probably never be known. But you have to really ask yourself if what was portrayed by the Media was a truthful account of what actually happened.

I’ve watched plenty of videos on different theories and find them fascinating. The fact that the buildings fell straight down as if imploded is astounding.

Some interesting questions arise. The Federal Aviation Administration estimated the first plane (Boeing 767-200) hit the WorldTradeCenter at 586mph!

According to one Aerospace engineer at 700 feet the engines act as turbines which actually slow the plane down. The power plant on the 767-200 will max out at 330 mph at 700 feet altitude. The plane will begin to shake itself apart at 220mph at 700 feet. If the plane were flying that fast at that altitude it would have shaken itself to pieces before it shook the building.

However according to other engineers the plane is actually designed to withstand these forces so this theory may have been adequately debunked even though Boeing Engineers wouldn’t come right out and say it.

What is the maximum speed of a Boeing 767-200 at 700 feet altitude?

At 35,000 feet the maximum speed is 530mph per Boeing Representative Leslie Hazzard.

What would be the maximum speed of a Boeing 767-200 at 700 feet altitude? “I would hope it would go pretty slow… Boeing Engineer Lori Bechtold September 19, 2007

The point of this article is simply to open up a discussion in remembrance of all the people that died… spurring today’s 10+ billion per month investment in military spending to chase down the elusive bad guys.

Buildings that were not even hit by the Airplanes fell to the ground. Hijackers that supposedly died are still alive. There is so much twisted and distorted information. I’ve read accounts of engineers talking about how the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of high winds, and even airplanes. Yet they crumbled to the ground in perfect fashion.

I don’t know what to think or who to believe. I do know there is a lot more to this story than is being told. And the real truth may never come forward. I do know that people died and whomever is at fault – it’s just plain wrong.

You’ll need to watch these videos and decide for yourself. I was not there, I do not know what happened or why. Do you?


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  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    An incorrect theory is not truth. It's very easy to infiltrate the minds of people with intentional mis-truths as well... thus making it easier to discredit legitimate theory. The bottom line is there are way too many unanswered and avoided questions that are being intentionally covered up and avoided. Building 7 simply did NOT fall on it's own. Terrorists were in fact created indirectly or directly by the actions of the United States Government interfering in other countries affairs. There is no reason to fear terrorists for this very simple reason. If were were in any real danger (Danger that could be stopped) we would have secure borders and we do not. We also would not allow the sale of US Properties to foreign interests, we would not educate foreign students in our Universities. America's Government can NOT be trusted. It's really that simple.

  • lone77star profile image

    Rod Martin Jr 

    6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

    One of your subheadings is a bit misleading: "Conspiracy Theory or Truth or A Little of Both?"

    This makes it seem as though a "conspiracy theory" is the opposite of "truth." It isn't!

    The Corporate Party media likes to spread the idea around that "conspiracy" means "crazy."

    But you have to ask yourself, has there ever been a conspiracy in the history of planet Earth? Of course there has?

    When things don't make sense, isn't it natural that someone theorizes on what might be the answer? Heck! We all do this. "Honey, who took the last frozen pizza?" So, theories aren't evil, bad or false.

    Reality check: Scientists create theories all the time.

    "Conspiracy theory" merely means that someone has a hypothesis about more than one person getting together to plan secretly to do something that may be illegal. Not all conspiracies are nefarious.

    On 9/11, we now know for a fact that all 3 buildings came down as a controlled demolition! The implications of this are frightening. Why? Because Al Qaeda did not have the required weeks of unfettered access to all 3 buildings. -- for the scientists, engineers and architects word on the subject.

    If Al Qaeda didn't plant the explosives and thermate cutter charges, then who did? That's the big question.

    Means, motive and opportunity. The government and corporations working together? They certainly had the means and they could create the opportunities. Motives? Look what happened as a result:

    * Greater power to the government with loss of individual liberties.

    * Lots of war (never-ending War on Terror), plus several specific actions.

    * Lots of oil (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and perhaps Syria and Iran, too).

  • maplethorpej profile image

    Jerad Maplethorpe 

    8 years ago from Minneapolis, Minn.

    No convincing arguments? I thought that whole videos series was convincing. The difficult part is trying to view it in an unbiased perspective - that is, you don't want the conspiracy theory to be true because it's that scary.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    It's a complex issue ... there is no evidence for any of the conspiracies theories hence they are conspiracy theories. The buildings did seem to "conveniently" fall straight down as in a controlled demolishion. The army couldn't scramble pilots in planes right away because they were doing some NORAD operation or something ... There are so many questions left unanswered ... the investigation the government did was weak and that is why so many people still wonder what really happened. There is no convincing argument for either side.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Absolutely. There is no question that people died and it was totally uncalled for. The questions arise about "What Really Happened". I'm getting comments from people who did not watch the videos and do not understand the real problem. Which is "What Really Happened". At the Pentagon the aircraft supposedly disintegrated... no trace of it. Yet bodies were found? Steel can disintegrate, but human flesh can not? The wreckage of the plane just disappeared? Why was Norad over an hour late to respond? They didn't respond to any of 4 hijacked planes? The buildings were actually designed to withstand an impact from a Boeing 707... but close enough. Airplanes are made of Aluminum. If the readers of this post would take the time to watch the videos they would learn that a billard ball dropped from the top of the Towers would take approximately 8 seconds freefall to hit the ground. Yet the building imploded at about the same speed! Building #7 was NOT hit by an airplane and it also imploded... a perfect demolition straight down. The Bush Administration put Cheney in Charge of Norad 3 months prior to this incident. Bush and Cheney refused to be interview separately on the incident. Why did the Government refuse to Dig into who financed the operation? Then they also refused to allow any recordings or records of the interviews with Bush and Cheney. It just goes on and on an on.

    So the real question is not about Whether People died, it's "What really Happened".

    Ignorance and Attitude are not a guise for the truth.

  • BkCreative profile image


    9 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    I know this is long and you can delete it if you want.

    I was doing overnight financial proofreading in the area from midnight to 8am - just a couple blocks away. But that morning I felt propelled to flee the city rather that make all my stops including catching the subway under the towers. So I was on the A train when the first plane hit just getting out of the area. I'm only 4 stops away so I was able to get home.

    Of course many of my friends and colleagues were still there and had to bear witness to the horror of all those people falling out the windows - while I just got the last train out but I still saw the devastation across the water from where I live. My banker who just started a new job that day - happily walked into one of the twin towers because that's where her new job was - and she did not get out. A neighbor's son was a firefighter who died.

    What happened that day? All I know is that no American should have died that way - it was horrific. We never should have been that unprotected and unprepared - there never should have been (but still is) outsourcing of security at airports. The designer of those twin towers said that a 747 could hit his buildings and they would not fall down. Of course he assumed it could not happen.

    No plane is supposed to fly in that airspace and when the first one did - there was absolutely no preparedness for that event. Unbelievably, people were told to remain in the building as it was safer (huh?) Fortunately, the people I know fled. A co-worker's daughter called him from a high floor telling him that she was told to stay put. He told her to get out. She lost her co-workers.

    My friend who was on the SI ferry saw the first plane hit and told everyone on board that we were under attack. As a Viet veteran he said he recognized the terrorist act immediately. But everyone on board argued him down and told him that could never happen in America. By the time, the ferry docked, the 2nd plane hit and the riders were finally convinced.

    We have blamed everyone on earth - even a country that had no terrorists on board. But I still ask - how can this country let this happen to its people? Absolutely, no protection was in place to stop this from happening. Even a first warning of a plane hitting a building - and no emergencey measures were put in place immediately after. How come that 2nd plane was not intercepted? How could my friend recognize a terrorist attack - but not the mayor and his people? Why weren't our fire department and police department coordinated - in the event of any disaster let alone one of this magnitude.

    Rescue workers were delibertly told the air was not toxic and to get down there immediately - how could that air not be toxic? And of course the people are suffering now.

    We can hate and blame everyone on earth for this horror but the fact remains that we were allowed to be 100% vulnerable. The US philosophy seems to be one of reacting, being reactive - and not proactive, it's cheaper - because if a disaster doesn't happen, well then you have saved the money. If it does happen - well then you just blame someone.



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