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911 ten years on

Updated on September 15, 2011

911 - Ten years on

Recent coverage of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks rekindled a certain desire to remember thoughts and information I have gathered about that day. I wanted to get it down on paper (of sorts) more for myself as a way maybe of trying to understand everything, or maybe find that there are no real answers and any further quest should unfortunately come to a rest. The want for me to quantify what happened that day, the need for me to find out what truths were true and what truths were not led me on an interesting journey. It was often hampered by opinionated people who truely had no social skills, that I could see, and it is to this I now comment.

Just as dinner party cookery shows have turned individuals into culinary masters overnight, the Internet has provided a vehicle for everyone to presume they have more awareness than the Dalai Lama. To get information on any subject I am forced to read many peoples views and opinions and I thought I may as well have a few of my own. They are after all no more special than me.

This text came to me shortly before today (the 10th Anniversary of 911) watching a television programme where a stand up comedian (not my words) put a number of people (who had doubts about the truth behind the 911 attacks) on a bus and took them to various locations with the sole selfish purpose of convincing them that the governments accounts of what happened that day were completely accurate.

Now, it is not my intention to go through any of the events of that day. My opinions in that area, and everyone else's, are essentially meaningless. Facts are the only things worth searching for and the only things that matter. I am also not here to share my opinions, if anyone wants to put in the hours, days, weeks and months of information gathering then they are more than welcome and I encourage it. Just try not to read too many opinions, find your own.

My distaste for that television programme came from the poorly summarised way of proving the events of that day. Utilising a few members of the 'USA administration back pocket crew' and some well chosen events of that day it was the intention to prove without a shadow of doubt nothing happened that day other than what was described in the '911 Commission Report'. I found it embarrassing, puerile and inane - especially coming from a man who when he first came on the screen I thought 'who the #*!$ is that?'. The well chosen events of that day mentioned nothing of building 7 falling down (and also of it being reported to have fallen 20 minutes before it happened on the BBC UK news), nothing of the explosions heard prior to the towers falling or the footage of police men telling bystanders to 'get back because the buildings are going to come down'. I could go on but that is not my purpose.

Does occassionally thinking that an event has had something a little underhanded going on make you a nutter?

Conspiracy Theory Collins definition - 'A conspiracy theory is a belief that a group of people are secretly trying to harm someone or achieve something. You usually use this term to suggest that you think this is unlikely.'

Interestingly Collins even take time to let you know that this is the term you can use when you think anyone has an opinion that is unlikely. Just the definition alone has a mathematical chance of being true somewhere. People are secretly doing things every day whether it be secret societies, misguided governments, the Secret Service or even the illegal tobacco or coffee trade.

In a mad world only the mad are sane - Akira Kurosawa (1910 - 1998)

The term nowadays is mainly used to describe someone who's a bit nutty and has ideas that just could not possibly be true. This is completely inaccurate. Although I do not consider myself to be into conspiracy theories I find that what I am reading is either labelled as such or someone has made a comment as such. The accusation of being into conspiracies has lost its way, no longer does it hold it's definition. I search for facts and when something doesn't tie in with something someone has said it should raise a question with any intelligent individual capable of critical thinking. If you prefer to believe what you read and what you hear then that's one choice, but I find it a little naive to think that everything everyone says is completely accurate. If this makes me a conspiracy theorist then yes, yes I am. Further more you won't find me ridiculing those who believe what they're told. I couldn't care less, this is survival of the fittest and maybe the future doesn't hold much hope for their genes.

Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. - Adolf Hitler (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 1889-1945)

Any event that has inaccuracies, coincidences, deceit and secrecy is bound to make a few people ask questions. I'm not sure these people then deserve to be ridiculed and labelled when they are in fact looking out for those people who can't see the truth through the propaganda. Its not the first time major events have occurred where so called facts don't add up. Indeed its not the first time major events have occurred, have been covered up and lied about then subsequently the truth has come to light and everyone has looked like a right boat mooring device.... with a 'w' in front of it. Where are the hypocrites then?

Ignore the trolls, ask questions, focus on the truth - see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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      7 years ago

      Well done Marc. Could not have put it better myself.

      Only those who are able and willing to think critically and who follow the evidence will find the truth.


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