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951-662-9712 Scammers

Updated on October 12, 2012

Text Message Received

951-662-9712: Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your winning code 3746 to claim your FREE $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24hrs.

I guess I am the only one who gets annoyed that “They” have the right to utilize my texting via my mobile telephone, which I pay for, in order to send me crap I didn't ask for. Why again is it that we can’t reverse charge for this?

The most I can find out about this particular new spam campaign is that they are trying to drive you specifically to their website, and that they don’t actually have anything to do with the company Best Buy. It is Best Buy Raffle not Best Buy.

I didn’t sign up for anything. I am not sure where they got my telephone number. I have noticed lately that more numbers connected to my hotmail account seem to be getting spammed more frequently. Oddly, I think the telephone number this came in on happens to also be my security number for the account so that would lead me to believe not only has the account information been hacked but that some of that information has been retained in some manner.

The 951 area code comes out of South Riverside County in California. That doesn't actually mean much of anything. I can set up a company name and get a telephone number with a California area code. This number is also a cell phone, owned by Sprint. Very interesting, it means they can probably receive reverse spamming. Wouldn't THAT be lovely.

I will leave this with my usual warnings. Please use some common sense when addressing these types of texts, emails, phone calls. Don’t give out your personal information. In fact, if it is directing you toward a website, be careful of even clicking on the website since somtimes those can be embedded with tracking mechanisms, and viral infections. Do not ever give your personal information to a site that has solicited you in this way.

I like to post these types of intrusions because I like feeling that it gives me back some power. Now, you know as much about the number as I do. They have had multiple spamming complaints. And, you know it isn’t a legitimate “Win”…most likely a fishing expedition for the company to see how many hits they can drive to the site. I still think we should be able to send them my phone bill for this month to whomever owns the website. That would be my personal solution. And, finally, I like thinking that maybe they will get garbage contacts back at them if I post their telephone number out in plain sight. I soooo am eager to tell the world this number belongs to Justin Beibers personal mobile phone. But, that would be just wrong, right?

I don't know why I feel so compelled to write about these except that I am always hoping I help someone with information so they don't get snagged up in the internet scamming. If even one soul...well, you get the gist.


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