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99 Problems: The First Lady reciting the Lord's Prayer, most definitely, is not one of them!

Updated on October 23, 2017
abwilliams profile image

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless issues? Not happening!

Prayer is one of the good of the Best things

The President held a rally in Melbourne, FL.....

and if I may digress, for just a brief moment.

Here in Florida, we locals refer to Melbourne, as Mel Burn!

So tired of hearing that long and drawn out

M e l...B O U R N E.....

Down here, it's Burn as in hot, ouch, not Bourne as in 'The Bourne Identity', so now you know and it is off my chest!


I woke up to the News yesterday, that many folks had a problem with Mrs.Trump reciting the Lord's Prayer at the start of the Melbourne Rally.

I thought to myself, this is the News, this Lord's Day?

This is the News on this day set aside, to rest our bodies and unclutter our minds, as we hand all that clutter and all that worry over to God?

All week long, I've worried about our Business.

Can we get back to where we were, before the past few years began working against us, setting us back?

- As for those, tweeting ugly comments about the First Lady, I wondered...why is this such a problem?

I've worried about our elderly Parents. Will their small Savings sustain them for the rest of their lives and can we get to a point, where they can count on us.

- Is the fact that Mrs. Trump recited a Prayer the problem?

I've worried about family and friends. So many loved ones are dealing with hardship, health issues and with heartache.

- Is the combination of Prayer, the Trumps and the fact that they are the First Couple the cause for such angst?

I always have my grandchildren on my mind....the times they have drastically changed!

They'll never have the carefree childhood that I had.

As kids, we could roam the woods and the neighborhoods, never looking over our shoulder.

Our Parents could allow us to do so, without having to monitor every step of our path.

- The word "creepy" came up a couple of times, when people were discussing The First Lady, reciting The Lord's Prayer.

I reserve the word Creepy for all of the sickos that wish to do harm to our children, our grandchildren, our Neighbor's children.

- Many people and many things are deserving of this description, but the First Lady and The Lord's Prayer certainly are not among them.

Islamic Terrorists come to my mind, those that wish to be provided easy entry into our Country, in order to have easy access to All of Us, including our children, our grandchildren, our Neighbor's children, in order to do us harm.

That's creepy!

Sadly, you don' have to look very far, to find another very Creepy thing, thriving right here in the Sunshine State.

It is called Human Trafficking.

A few months ago there was a woman at my Church that I had not met before. I introduced myself and we struck up a conversation.

She is here, in the Central Florida area, for one reason.

  • Not because Disney World is here,
  • Not because beautiful beaches surround us here,
  • Not because we are in the Tourist Capital of the World here,

'Here' is Paradise, but it is not Paradise for All!

She is here...because Central Florida has become a Human-Trafficking Hotspot.

Modern day Slavery... If you will!

Thank God for this woman and her Mission work! It is so much more than just a job.

Godspeed the Task force that works tirelessly to end this wicked practice!

Our Governor understands and recognizes that for all of the beauty on the surface of our wonderful State... there is an ugly underbelly that cannot be ignored.

Libs, when you feel the need to feel agitated about tweet about protest about this; the buying, selling and trading of human beings. In many cases; innocent, defenseless and very young.....children!


When America's Founders spoke of having a separation between the Church and the State, it was so that there wouldn't be/couldn't be...A Church, One Church, The Church!

It was not a suggestion, they were very clear.

Amendment 1 to the U.S. Constitution:

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We have been granted Freedom of Religion here.

  • We are Free to attend The Church of our choosing, not A Church, One Church, The Church chosen for us.
  • We can choose not to attend Church at all.
  • We may be forced by our Parents to attend, (or made to feel guilty when we're no longer under their roof) but we cannot be by our Governing Body.

The first freedom discussed in the first Amendment has been spun and re-spun, but still remains crystal clear.

The First Amendment takes nothing from us.

The First Lady is free to recite the Lord's Prayer, if she so chooses!


How shall I end this?

Without hesitation.....

Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus said:

"This is how you should pray.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever.


For more information or to see how you can help or assist in putting an end to Human Trafficking:

Florida Statewide Council on Human Trafficking

The National Human Trafficking Hotline

PH: 1-888-373-7888

Operation Underground Railroad


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 2 weeks ago from Central Florida

      The Lord's Prayer is on my mind this morning.

      I wonder how many times it has been quoted this past week and will be quoted in the weeks to come by many still suffering and questioning...following the horrible actions of one evil man?

      How many more times will it be quoted by family/friends of the slain, as they attempt to go forward with their lives, without their loved one?

      The carnage in Las Vegas ,which this one man was responsible for...will leave many turning to God, while others will question..."Why?"

      Til the day we no are longer breathing on this planet, we will question how a human being can be so wicked. Some so wicked, pleasure is taken, while doing harm to other human beings.

      Sometimes we hear of a motive, as of yet, we have not heard of a motive with this individual. But even so, whatever we hear, does nothing to satisfy our innate desire to really know and to truly understand.

      I suppose that is why this simple, consoling Prayer was shared with us all, some two thousand years ago.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 2 months ago from Central Florida

      Another non-profit group fighting Human Trafficking and doing great work:

      1-844-439-6387 or 719-941-9755

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 7 months ago from Central Florida

      The Left.....per usual, are focused on all of the wrong things!

      It seems they've their own ideas for an 'Underground' movement.

      Violate U.S. Law by hiding Illegals.

      Instead of acknowledging that we have a Problem that needs to be dealt with...Must Be dealt with... they would further complicate the problem, by breaking the law too.

      No one that I've ever run into in my day to day, wants families separated. But if they wish to stay here, they need to back up and start over.....and do it Legally!

      Can they not see, that the worst of the worst, the criminal element, would benefit from their illegal actions. Why would they (the criminal element) not take advantage of safe haven, handed to them on a silver platter?

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 7 months ago from Central Florida

      The National Human Trafficking Hotline

      PH: 1-888-373-7888