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Updated on September 14, 2010

Americans will never forget.

The 9th anniversary of the event that shook America on September 11th, 2001, has come and gone; and there is the tendency of people insisting that "time heals all wounds", and therefore, the horrendous attacks will be put behind them as the years go by.

Many people, however somber the occasion may seem, will be tempted to replace the contempt they have for the perpetrators who caused the attacks, with complacency and lackadaisical reproach; and will even acquire an inward guilt or inner denial of why they need to hold the events of that day (9/11) in their memories, in order to "forgive and forget", and to look forward to a brighter, peaceful and better future.

A noble idealism it may seem; but it may also be the wrong one to assume, since nobody will be foolish enough to think that those who intend to harm the U.S. are not contemplating farther on doing so.

They may be relaxed in pushing forward their plans for the past nine years; and even so, there have been killings in a military camp in Texas, the attempt to blow up an airliner in flight on Christmas day; The New York City Subway has been under threat; and on and on.

There are others who are taking advantage of the generosity of the U.S. Constitution, which warrants them the right and the freedom to build or not to build on or near the ground that has been desecrated in the name of their religion.

Being kind hearted; that has been the nature of Americans. However, that must not be the attitude in regard to or toward 9/11, when so many of our citizens have died needlessly on that somber day. Americans will never forget.


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