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Updated on September 10, 2012

Wouldn't that be pleasant?

The headline on CNN front page just this morning said, "Obama outraises Romney for first time in months...", and it went on to say, "President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and supporting committees brought in more than $114 million last month..." which was good news for Obama.

However, the previous announcement over the weekend had said that Mitt Romney, the Republican Party presidential candidate in the 2012 election, had $100 million dollars in his political campaign war chest raised only in the month of August..... and many people were saying if so, that should not be a big surprise at all.

Everybody by now knew who his contributors were or where the bulk of that money was coming from. Needless to say that they (contributions) were more from millionaires and billionaires, than from ordinary members of his party, who could afford sums ranging from $500 dollars and up, and some of those "gifts" could ran into thousands and even millions.

Those kinds of money would be loose change for many of them, to say the least. They, Romney contributors, were prepared to spend whatever amount they wished to boost their candidate; and unlike most of the people that were making contributions to President Barack Obama's campaign, one as small as $5 to $100 dollars, would be considered enough, because they could not offer more in most cases. The limited family budget would not allow them to give more than they would like to.

Owing to the fact that there were more ordinary folk among Obama's contributors than those that were wealthy, but then it would be a lie to say that some rich people were not among those on his (Obama's) side; it would, however, take more people to come up with anything that would even begin to compare with what Romney was getting.

So far, the conventions were over, and according to the media, Obama has generally received a bump or a bounce in the polls around the whole country, and particularly in the swing or battle ground states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa and five others; and if that should continue through November 2012, he would be coasting smoothly back to the White House with the victory he so badly needed.

Yet, if that should happen, it would be that the electorate has sensed that Obama would do a better job as president in his second term, because he would have the cooperation of the Congress of the United States, a "luxury" that he was constantly denied before by that august body.

He had fought an uphill battle with the U.S. House of Representatives, on the debt ceiling being raised to stop America from defaulting in meeting its fiscal responsibilities in 2011, the deficit reduction debate that was tossed over to a "Special Committee", but did not get any good result, the payroll tax cut and its extension for several thousands of workers that went to the eleventh hour before it was passed; ... just to name only a few of those issues that hampered Obama from reaching his goals. All of them at the hands of the "do nothing" Congress; remember?

That type of opposition would be out of the way; and as he (Obama) was forecasting the other day, that he would reach out and work with the people on the other side of aisle, and especially, if they would do the same, the uncompromising and disagreeable attitudes between the president and Congress would diminish substantially.

That would be the kind of atmosphere that people would want to see in Washington D.C. for the country's problems to be solved amicably; and for peace to abound in homes and neighborhoods all over, and also the nation to be united once again, with very little political differences between its lawmakers and the government.

That would take a great deal of selflessness on both sides to achieve; for the economy and all the other problems that were plaguing the country to be corrected and resolved as they should be.

Raising funds for political campaigns was all pleasant and lucrative, but it only has its place for a short time in the political system, and when that was over, the activities of the super-PACs should be eliminated, dismantled or disregarded, to give way to simple values like understanding and brotherliness.

America would be a better place for that kind of environment to exist in the future.

Karl Rove, the fundraiser extraordinaire and head of the American Crossroads super-PAC, would lose his job; but who should care about that? He was already among the millionaires and billionaires that were supporting Romney, and his personal bank account has never been that full. Good show, Karl.


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