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Updated on December 10, 2011

They deserve it.

It will not be simplistic to say that 80% of Americans are still goading or stimulating themselves into believing that nothing is likely to change for America.

They continued to live in the 1930s, when automobiles were made in the United States and Europe only. However, the industrial world has been expanding just as soon as after WW2; and Japan, China, India and South Korea have become part of it since then.

Technology or technological know-how is spreading like wild fire, and pretty soon Africa and South America will be manufacturing industrial products for domestic and international markets.

America, as well as Europe, is going through hard economic times, and although history being so organic will not revert by going backwards. As experience has shown over numerous years, nothing reverses; they only change.

Change has come, and the sooner people realized it the more likely it would be for them to accept it, and to put the conservative thinking they have been carrying, like a hefty baggage, away for good.

There are those who, like the proverbial ostrich burying its head in the sand, will prefer speculating that everything will remain as is after a while. That will never happen

Of course, outsourcing has a greater part to play in all that was going on in the economy, the real culprit was nothing, but corporate greed. Big corporations have been responsible for using cheap labor in other countries, hence a weakened economy and the high unemployment problem that was currently sweeping across the U.S.

They can even boast that there are billions of dollars sitting idly in vaults that can be invested to boost the economy and to create jobs, but they are not doing anything about that.

It is, however, sad to see some political organizations sympathizing with that idea; but at the same time attaching the controversial Keystone oil project to the payroll tax cut that President Barack Obama is fighting to get for the middle class and working peoples.

An impression that they are on the side of working Americans; but a pretense like that will get them nowhere.

They are very much aware that it will not pass in the U.S. Congress, now or ever; but why are they doing it? If that is not the height of hypocrisy, then nothing is. They aspire to the shenanigan on Wall Street; yet, how can they claim that they are getting jobs for Americans, when in fact, Canada being the oil producer, will be walking all over America. All the profits will be going to that country; it (Canada) will get the lion's share, leaving next to nothing behind.

Capitalism or the capitalist system is not a bad thing; it only becomes obnoxious, when people misuse it to exploit others. America's greatness must not depend on that.

America's greatness must depend on hope and charity, in which people's lives are paramount and not profits, and that the gauge of a better life should not be mere opulence. It should not be a life that one should struggle, instead of working normally, for.

Also, life for Americans should not be a class of elitists lording over the other section of the population. That should happen in Europe, and not here.

As said before, change has already come, and 80% of Americans need to wake up and acknowledge it.

If attitudes would also change for the needs of others to be recognized and be sufficiently redressed, and for them to have "a chicken in every pot, and a Ford in every garage", then America could hold its head up high, for treating its citizens with respect and dignity.

It would be a magnificent example for the rest of the world to emulate.

This blog remains as neutral as ever.


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