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Updated on July 15, 2011

A grateful nation.

It was former Prime Minister Winston Churchill who made the comment below many, many years ago in the White House,

"His words are quoted as “It is ‘better to jaw-jaw than to war-war,’” in the sub-heading on p. 1 of The New York Times, June 27, 1954, and as “To jaw-jaw always is better than to war-war” on p.3." (

For talks about the debt ceiling was still going on, with both sides in an agreement that there should be no default on the part of the United States government, when the deadline prescribed by all kinds of economic experts was reached.

Tempers were frayed at a previous meeting that caused President Barack Obama to leave abruptly (Wednesday), but then the talks continued until today, when another meeting was in the offing. That alone was a good omen.

Lawmakers have all kinds of plans to deal with the issue at hand; as onlookers have observed lately. Some were good and some were not so pleasant; yet the talks went on. To them (onlookers), the talks should continue until a compromise was accomplished.

Members of Congress were doing the work that the country gave them to do; a duty, unlike any other they have done before, that must be performed to resolve a problem of profound proportions, to get the nation's finances in order, for the good of all Americans. They must therefore be encouraged in their efforts to do all they could to handle it with care and with the seriousness it deserved.

Otherwise, the financial woes of the nation would go from worse to worst; and that would not be in anyone's favor, be he or she a Democrat or a Republican; or for that matter, an independent.

August 2nd. is fast approaching, and the U.S. Congress must have a bill ready, and long before that date, for the president to sign into law; and to put the world on notice that America will never relinquish its responsibility to meet its financial obligations.

When that is done, the economy will bounce back, the budget deficit gap will be at an acceptable point, where it will be near to closing it completely, unemployment will subside, financial markets will be stabilized, cost of living will not soar to unimaginable levels, where ordinary folks, such as Senior Citizens, cannot cope; and everything will almost return to normal.

Americans will then have a sense of assurance that Congress is doing what it is meant to do; and that is, to put the needs of the country first. Its members must not be too partisan and so fail to find a way to bridge their differences. They must always do what they regard as being in the best interest of the country; and when they do, they will always have the backing of a grateful nation.

We must all wish them well in resolving a financial crisis that will spell nothing, but doom to the U.S.; the raising of the debt ceiling will give the economy a fresh start, and Americans can then look forward to a brighter future from now on.

Keep on talking in Washington D.C.


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