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A Backstabbing Stripper, Lots of Drugs and Guns, and a Judge

Updated on October 7, 2010

One Messed Up Story

 In my good town of Johnson City, the always wonderful 'Johnson City Press' had this article about Judge Jack T. Camp in Atlanta. Heard about it? If you haven't-- it's very messed up. So here it goes!

So Judge Camp was appointed by Ronald Reagan, and was known to deliver rough sentences, especially with drugs. Little did Camp know, the stripper he was seeing was secretly working with the FBI to get Camp into a little trouble. Things went from lap-dances to sex very quickly, and began to include getting together and having little cocaine parties where they got high with each other.

Now as you read this is horror, this'll definitely make it worse. Judge Camp is..... 67. Sixty-seven years old. That's your dad's age. Yeah. Sickening.

So as things went on and Camp kept seeing the stripper, he began to pay her $40-$50 to join her in getting high, which later led to following her to her suburban home to purchase more drugs, WHILE carrying his semiautomatic handgun, to 'protect her'.

So in the end, the stripper, who still prefers to remain nameless, applied for a job and was rejected because of her criminal record, and Camp offered to explain to the possible-employer that it was a minor offense and a judge had screwed something up. This later led to Camp and the stripper going to a Publix grocery store to meet a drug dealer, and eventually getting caught and having to possibly pay a stiff fine-- years behind bars on gun and drug charges. Yikes.


 Alright, really?! What I don't understand is why the stripper gets away with playing this old guy, and playing WITH him, if you know what I mean. I mean come on, there has to be something against that?

And really?! A sixty-seven year old judge doing this nastyness?! Come on! This is the justicce system in our America! All the old guys having lap dances performed and snortin' up the white stuff! It kills me!

Well, until next time, on 'Really?!'


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    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Just what the hell is wrong with this old judge, he definitely has no business judging anyone else.