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A Baggage Alternative

Updated on June 2, 2011

If you don't like paying airlines to bring your bags...

A Baggage Alternative

Friends of mine came up with a way to avoid airline baggage fees - they ship their skis to their destination by UPS or FEDEX. That got me to thinking - a high percentage of airline travelers probably rent cars, and most car rental companies have locations at airports. So why not ship luggage directly to the car rental agencies?

Even if that did not turn out to be cheaper, think of the advantages. UPS or FEDEX will, in many cases, come to your home to pick up the package to be shipped. So you wouldn’t have to lug your suitcases to the airport, check them through, tip a skycap, then worry about them passing the TSA inspection. You wouldn’t worry about the airline damaging your luggage - or sending it to the wrong place - or simply losing it. At the destination, instead of hanging around an arriving baggage carousel for a half hour, you’d simply amble on over to the appropriate car rental desk, claim your reserved car - and pick up your luggage.

I would think smart car rental companies would do a joint marketing effort with UPS or FEDEX, or whomever. They could expand their space in the airport to accommodate the luggage, or keep it nearby and have it at the desk when the traveler is scheduled to pick up his car. This would not only generate new revenue for the shipping company, it would provide competition for those annoying airline baggage fees, maybe even motivate the airlines to reduce or eliminate them. And car rental companies that offered this service would have a big advantage over competitors that don’t

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    • dongately profile image

      dongately 6 years ago from Sana Clarita, California

      Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 6 years ago from Kingston, ON

      A novel idea except for the car rental agancy, maybe ship it to your destination and/or hotel. The fact that to accomodate this the car rentals company would have to expand there space at the airport which means they would have to pay higher rent in turn probably charging fees for holding your luggage. Still a good idea if you are visiting friends and family. Voting up!