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I agree with Bernie Sanders on all the issues, but I'm voting for Hillary

Updated on November 11, 2015

Is it a realistic hope to fix the broken US political system? Can one person, in 4 years, ever hope to rewrite the parts of the constitution to be more inclusive, or add amendments about personal wealth restrictions? No, thats crazy. But it seems that Bernie Sanders has convinced a whole lot of people that he can walk into the white house, snap his fingers, and cause change. Sorry everyone, I love Bernie just as much as the next far left leaning democrat... but he's not a good fit.

I should emphasise that I love Bernie Sanders and I agree with him on the issues. I believe the US government should tax the millionaire class much higher, and decrease taxes for the middle and lower class, thus evening out taxation in a much more compromising way across the income spectrum. I believe the war on drugs has put too many people in jail, thus costing our citizens incredible amounts of money to keep the criminals locked up- a large portion of whom are in prison with low level drug offences. I agree that the United States should follow in the footsteps of Scandinavian countries who give paid leave for mothers and fathers who have recently brought a new child into the world. This gives parents more time to raise children appropriately, and teach them important values in a stress free environment. This ensures that our children- the future leaders of our world- will grow up in overall better family situations. I believe climate change is a pressing issue, and I trust scientists who say that the human effect on climate change is incredibly real but also stoppable if we can make changes.

And the list goes on. On the issues I have no problem with Bernie Sanders, and in fact he is the candidate whom I share the most similarities... but I still can't vote for him.

What have we learned from Barack Obama's presidency? Can we remember back to when he was running his grassroots campaign in 2007-2008? I instantly fell for the the Obama spell. What an amazing man. I agree with so much that he stood and still stands for, and the excitement of seeing the first black president was overwhelming. But what happened to the slogan "change"?

Heres what happened.

Barack Obama was introduced to an incredibly broken and horribly divided US political system where the issues are no longer important. Compromise between parties is more and more difficult to come by, and politics are very rarely focused on the issues, as opposed to underlying hostilities between politicians. Republicans just vote how republicans should vote, and democrats do the same. Democrats vote against a bill they might agree with just to get back at republicans for screwing them over the month before, and vice versa. This is reality. Barack Obama was never going to "change" the entire US political system, and unfortunately that would have been the only way that he could have gotten anything done in office. The point is, there is a very sad point to be made here, but we need to see the reality. We need someone who fits in this broken system and can at least get some things done, and not see the threat of government shutdown. This takes a candidate who is as close to the centre of the political spectrum as you can get. That is definitely not Barack Obama, a man who could have done great things given a morally functioning political system. And it is definitely not Bernie Sanders, and left of left democratic socialist threatening to drive up taxes on the rich republican supporters and turn the USA into a welfare state. Great ideas, but I'm sorry, nothing will ever get done.

Hillary is a slightly left of centre candidate who has great relations with both republicans and her fellow democrats. Having just served in the White House as Secretary of State, she knows all the most important and influential figures in Washington, and knows how to compromise with them, and more importantly how to get them to tell their followers to compromise as well. She might not promise anything as exciting and radical as Bernie, but she will get things done. She is a much better fit for the system, and definitely the best democratic choice. Bernie would get no more done in the White House than someone as oppositely extreme as Ted Cruz. Give Hillary a shot, put a woman in the White House, and let the broken machine crunch on slowly, and not stop completely.

Who would you rather see in the oval office?

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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Saying the same thing over and over does not make it any more true or false than it was the first time you said it. If the worst thing you can say about Secretary Clinton is that she didn't tell the world something that couldn't yet be confirmed, I hardly think you can attack her character.

      We have a field of candidates with the least amount of governmental experience, on both sides, than I have ever seen. What they don't seem to realize is that if the solutions to our problems were as simple as a sound bite, those problems would have been solved long ago. We are a complicated society with a complicated government. I'm not about to hand it to a novice when there is a candidate with the experience of an involved First Lady, the senator from one of our largest states, and a secretary of state. Character is subjective. Experience isn't.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 2 years ago from usa

      Hillary Rodman Clinton Where is she today? Someone who all Democrats should know before voting Character?