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A Brief Note on "Palestine"

Updated on November 25, 2017
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Essays in politics & spirituality are part of my writing tool-kit. The challenge of supporting a claim strengthens the mind & imagination.



Palestine, a Roman Fabrication

Historically and technically, there is not now nor ever has there been an organic nation called "Palestine."

In 70 AD, the Romans conquered Israel, organized a pogrom against the Jewish people, destroyed their places of worship, sold many Israelites into slavery, and subverted their customs and language.

In order to further subjugate their captives, the Romans under Emperor Hadrian, proclaimed that Israel no longer existed. The new name for this conquered Roman province was henceforth called “Palestine.”

The Romans imposed the name “Palastina” upon the Land of Israel to refer to the land of the Philistines, a people once conquered by the Jews. Use of this term was intended to further humiliate the people of Israel. The Romans also renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” but somehow that name did not remain.

During the occupation of Israel by the Romans, many Jews fled the Jewish homeland, settling throughout the Middle East and Europe, but many remained. The land of Israel has never been completely abandoned by the people who lived there since the time of Abraham.

The Islamicist Captivity

By 614 AD, this area was controlled by the Persians, recaptured briefly the Byzantine Romans, but then in 650 AD, Arab Muslims under caliph Umar seized the area and turned it into a place of importance for Muslims, despite the fact that it had never been mentioned by the Prophet Mohammad and appears nowhere in the Koran.

The Arabs who controlled and ruled “Palestine” mostly ruled over Christians and Jews because few Muslims actually immigrated to this area during that time.

Palestine Conquered Many Times

Palestine was to be conquered many times in the following centuries: in 1099 AD, the Crusaders established a Latin Kingdom, killing both Jews and Muslims, in their zeal to establish a Christian hegemony. A succession of invaders from Mongols to Mamluks ended the Crusaders’ reign.

Then in 1516, the Mamluks were conquered by the Ottoman Turks, who ruled but did not settle and develop the area, until 1917, when they were conquered in WWI by the British. From 1917 to 1947, “Palestine” was referred to as the “British Mandate.”

A Phantom, not a Country

Palestine” is not a legitimate name for any country. There are no real Palestinians; they are Arabs, mostly Jordanians. There is no Palestinian language, no history, no culture.

According to Joseph E. Katz, Middle Eastern Political and Religious History Analyst, “The use of the term "Palestinian" for an Arab ethnic group is a modern political creation which has no basis in fact— and had never had any international or academic credibility.”


The Palestinian Authority, current location of the "Palestinians"
The Palestinian Authority, current location of the "Palestinians" | Source

The Modern Day, Non-Existent State of "Palestine"

In 1947, United Nations resolution 181 partitioned “Palestine” into two states: a Jewish Palestine and an Arab Palestine. The Jews in Palestine accepted the partition, but the Arabs in Palestine, as well as in the surrounding Arab states, did not.

In 1948, the nation of Israel claimed its independence as a strong viable state, while its Arab neighbors viciously attacked the nation, in a further attempt to drive out the Jews and return the Arabic Islamicists to the fabricated nation of "Palestine."

Israel was attacked once again in 1967, but instead of being defeated the nation regained more of its former territory. Despite constant attacks from its neighbors, the Jewish nation of Israel has continued to grow and prosper as the only democracy in the Middle East. About a million Muslims live and thrive in Israel, while Islamicists continue to attack and spread their revisionist history.

Thus, today at the beginning of the 21st century, the "Palestinians" remain stateless, but nevertheless put forth leaders who make the erroneous claim to Israel as their homeland.


© 2017 Linda Sue Grimes


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