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A Broken System of the American people.

Updated on June 23, 2016
Sometimes the fist step is the hardest one to take.
Sometimes the fist step is the hardest one to take.

My Fellow Americans.

I'd say it's about time for change with the way things are going. As we move forward we are still not getting it right. Things have become so established that it's almost hard to change anything at all without a full rewrite of the system. If you look at it like an operating system we are still running on Windows 95 and haven't moved forward since then. Yes the first version of the operating system was good but it could use some improvements. If you look around do you feel that we are going to be better off in the future? It doesn't take much to have our operating system crash either. The blue screen of death can be representative as Hurricane Katrina. A frozen screen can be when the country stood still after 911. Look at things from this perspective you can almost feel we are being held back by an aged system that is starting to become corrupt. More and more holes in the system are exposing themselve. Are we to stand by and watch as a the train wreak slowly approaches? As small as it may seem I will do what I can to stop the wreak that is slowly approaching.

It's hard enough making ends meet.

Unless you are one of the fortunate that don't have too many worries and can make good money you might not relate to this section. Everyone is trying to pay the bills and survive. What I've found out that everythig around you is always sucking the life out of you. For example - you need to go to work. But can't afford the insurance but have to go anyway. You make the trip and end up getting a ticket on the way to work. Now you have to pay a ticket on top of insurance now. The snowball starts to build. Since you still have to make money to pay the bills you can't just not drive to work if you have to make it on time. So now you either stay behind doors or go to work like you should to pay the bills. Over a period of time you couldn't pay for the insurance and now you really don't have the money to pay the ticket but do anyway. Over the year you get pulled over but this time they suspend your drivers license and you really shouldn't be on the road. So now you have to decide again, stay home or make it to work to pay the bills so you can also pay your tickets. Eventually you get pulled over again but this time they take you to jail. You get out on bond but now you have to pay them to keep from having a warrent for your arrest. But all of this wouldn't have started had you the insurance in the first place.

It's a system that is meant to keep you down. Even now when doing taxes most people have an extra fear of owing due to the Obama care plan. I rarely go to the dr but seems now I am expected to keep a medical insurance on me at all times. And if I don't I owe money at the end of the year. And from my understanding is that the pentalty rate will only go up till there is a change in the White House.

The Politics

Now when I look online I see how the politics are going and its almost high school all over again. With the childish pointing fingers and he said she said behavior. I don't know about you but these people are going to be running your country over the next few years. I do feel that more people are ready to vote this year due to people just wanting a change. Trump seems to have grabbed the ant farm and shook it this year and now all the ants are running around thrown off. Again our system needs an update and it needs it fast before we have a major crash in our near future. Social media has helped make more people aware of what's going on with our government. But change isn't coming fast enough. I'm not here to say who to vote for, that is your choice and your choice alone. I do recommend do your home work when you go to vote.

It is not until you empty some of you cup that I can fill it with new knowledge.
It is not until you empty some of you cup that I can fill it with new knowledge.

How can we make the change?

The change in the system will come from us. We all have to play our part in this and not keep turning a blind eye to what is happening in our country. It is us sticking our head in the sand that is creating most of the problems. Open your eyes and see what is really happening around you. One way is using social media to inform your neighbor on what's going on in our system. Because most people don't know we are headed down a dead end road and it doesn't look good. Change will have to come from the inside out and not the outside in. And not assume that this problem is going to go away on it' own. It's our backyard and we have to get out there and clean it up.


I hope some of this makes sense for most of you. And if you care about this country you will get up and make the difference this country needs. It's not going to be an easy task. And we will make mistakes along the way. But as long as we take a side road and not this deadend road we might have chance to get America back on track. We are human and we make mistakes. Let not look back and find out our mistake was that we didn't do anything in the end to make a change. Let us make a better future for our kids and their kids after that.


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