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A Bust Of Martin Luther King Built By A Chinese Artist

Updated on August 23, 2011

A Bust Of Martin Luther King Built By A Chinese Artist

There are seminal moments in our epochal history: Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon, Martin Luther’s challenge of the Papacy; The Ides of March; the codification of the Magna Carta; and, above all, Jesus’ walking out of the grave, which caused craven Disciples who had ran during Christ’s trial and Crucifixion to ultimately becoming martyrs after witnessing the ‘Miracle’ of miracles. All those seminal moments had nothing to do directly with America, the greatest country so far that ever graced our world - but one such moment may have taken place when a Chinese artist was commissioned to build the Bust of Martin Luther King, which formally honored the slain Civil Rights Leader in Washington, D.C.

Imagine an American playing a similar role in Chinese history; say, building the bust of Mao or playing an important role in epochal moments in Sino history. Seeing a Chinese sculptor opining on his building of the MLK Bust is like having Stephen Hawking writing his dissertation on The Four Gospels or having Fidel Castro writing the Foreword to the Federalist Papers. This is now the state of America whereby even those men and women who have contributed to its storied history… when being paid due homage… the manifestations of such respect are being exported. If I did not know better I would venture to say that our flag (Old Glory) is probably made in some foreign country that probably has a government with ideals that are Polar-opposite to our Democratic tenets.

I supposed I must get accustomed to virtually having everything that used to be built in America or should be… being imported. It is the Twilight Zone period America is going through where nothing makes sense. In that vein, we have allocated some $900 Million so far in the efforts to liberate Libya, but does anyone thinks that we are going to subtract that $900 million from the $30 Billion of Libyan funds we have frozen in our banks?

Perhaps, the outsourcing of the building of the Martin Luther King’s bust, by itself, is not as important as those seminal moments listed above, but they are adding up. We have a United Nations that spits in our face, yet receiving most of its operating mammon from us; we have foreign countries dictating our laws that govern immigration; and we have allocated monies in a recent budget to study Chinese prostitutes… to the chagrin of our prostitutes domiciled right here in America. Do not be surprised if the traditional burgers and hot dogs, normally served on the Fourth of July, be replaced with Wonton Soup - incidentally, I must indeed learn how to use chopsticks.


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