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Updated on May 20, 2016

When the 17+ trillion national debt reaches 24, America will stop breathing



Reconsidering America’s “House of Whores”

The United States Congress

By James J. Crook



Table of Contents……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3

Foreword……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 6

Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 7

Frightening Times……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 8

Some 20/20 Views……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 9

The Bleeding Hearts…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 11

The Electoral College……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 12

Commentary……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 12

Our Days Are Numbered…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 12

Corruption is Taking the USA Down……………………………………………………………………………………….. 12

The USA Is a Government of Multinational Corporations………………………………………………………. 13

The Selling Off of America……………………………………………………………………………………………………... 13

The USA as a Corporate Oligarchy…………………………………………………………………………………………. 13

The U. S. Supreme Court’s Dagger in Our Hearts………………………………………………………………….. 13

The New Teddy Roosevelt……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 13

The Corporate New World Order…………………………………………………………………………………………. 14

The Borderless USA……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15

The Continuing Islam-Christian war and Trump’s Plan to Temporarily Bar Muslims……………. 16

The Need to Excise Predatory Corporations from the U. S. Government……………………………. 18

The Electoral College Must be Abolished Least America be a Democracy in Name Only……. 18

Interim Summary………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 18

Timely Issues for All American Citizens to Comsider…………………………………………………………. 20

Not a One Man Show……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 20

Trump’s Wall, The “Illegals”, and The Bleeding Hearts…………………………………………………….. 21

JFK Revisited…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 24

America is the New Evil Empire……………………………………………………………………………………….. 26

America’s Middle Class Has Been Erased…………………………………………………………………………. 27


With 60 Million Felons, The USA Is Becoming a Fascist State with Class Persecution

Rampant……………………………. …......................................................................................... 27

The Corrupt Partnership between Billion Dollar Corporations and the U. S. Congress………. 30

A Constitutional Amendment Is Needed to Reverse Citizens United v. Federal Election

Commission……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 31

USA, Europe, and Russian Relations, Revisited…………………………………………………………………. 31

The Leadership Vacuum in the United States is Spawned by Corporate-U. S. Congressional

Corruption……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 32

The U. S. Press is the Culprit in Inflating the Ranks of ISIS and Handing ISIS Its Greatest

Weapon…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 33

The U. S. Immigration System Is in Need of a Major Overhaul…………………………………………. 36

The Great American Insurance Industry Scam…………………………………………………………………. 37

The U. S. Election System Is in Need of a Major Overhaul……………………………………………….. 37

The Nation’s Health Care Problem From Out of Control Gouging Charges…………………….. 38

A New United States Department of Corporations Is Needed to Control Predatory

Corporations………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 40

The USA Must End Its New Imperialism Created by Corporate Profit Agendas to

Remain Allied with the International Community of Nations………………………………………… 40

U. S. Foreign Policy as an Unmitigated Disaster Created by Multinational Corporate

Defense Contractors and Oil Conglomerates Money Ruling the U. S. Congress for

Conflagrations for Profit……………………………………………………………………………………………... 43

America Exporting Democracy is an Accident Waiting to Happen and, in Reality, a

Tongue-In-Cheek Hoax to Allow a New Imperialism to Pirate the Resources of Other

Sovereign Nations. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 45

Prosecution Jurisdiction Over Police Officers Murdering Unarmed U. S. Citizens Should

be Transferred to the United States Attorney General……………………………………………… 47

The “Good Ole Boys” Annual Renewable License for the Carnage of 65,000 Innocent

Each Year by Drunk Drivers………………………………………………………………………………………. 47


America’s Inability to Offer Higher Education to Our Children As a National

Disgrace and Reflection on the Scary State of the U. S. Economy Moving Ever

Closer to The Abyss……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 50

Creation of a United States Department of Accountability on Administrative

Efficiency Is Long Overdue……………………………………………………o…………………………………… 52

The United States Congress Revisited and Accountability……………………………………………… 53

Political Party Primary Super Delegates as The Hoax of The Century and Illusion of

America’s Democracy……………………………………………………………………………………………… 55

The United States Military’s New Atom Bomb………………………………………………………….. 58

International Diplomacy and National Defense………………………………………………………… 59

The Failure of the USA to Adequately Use the United Nations in Gaining the

Cooperation of the International Community by Consensus in Resolving World

Problems is Remiss……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 60

Some Conclusions…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 62

A Final Word……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 67


Reconsidering America’s “House of Whores”,

The United States Congress, in Bed With Big Business

By James J. Crook

A May 1, 2016 essay in support of the Donald Trump Presidential Candidacy. This highly adroit uncompromising businessman may be the American economy’s Last Hope before the USA becomes a third world country thanks to U. S. Congressional prostitutes selling out to billion dollar predatory corporations now eating the Nation. With Hillary, it is “More of the same” lack of moral fiber leading the country? Why did her husband receive over a $100 million dollars for a few dozen speeches? What were the payers buying and what were the Clintons selling? This same lack of moral fiber also on the part of the U. S. Congress, for the right price, has permitted multi-billion dollar corporations to cut America’s throat and sell the country off piece by piece because that is where the money is with the people and the Nation be damned. An essay in defense of the United States of America and a call for organization nation-wide of citizen patriotism, under the Citizens Patriot Party, the CPP, a third political party, to save the country.



Does anyone know whose paddling? Does anyone know how to paddle? More accurately, is anyone at the helm in this country’s’ blinding fog? Hello? Is anyone there? On March 18, 2016, the USA was $19,012,827,698,418 in debt. When our debt reaches $24 trillion, our entire GNP will go to interest payments and then if default occurs our credit will be gone and America will collapse as a nation.

Dear sleepy beloved Americans. It’s happening. People can feel it. People can see it - everywhere. It is frightening. America is noticeably collapsing with jobs and opportunities and resources fleeting from our shores like a large receding tide. For America, Chicken Little is right. The sky is falling. It may interest you to know that America has just had its throat cut. By multinational corporate criminals whose parasitic corporations owe allegiance to no country and like vultures are now in the process of selling off the nation’s body parts in a business onslaught licensed by our own U. S. Congress in tow for the right lobbyist bribe. When $24 trillion dollars in debt is reach, the United States will stop breathing. Unless it is already too late, it’s time for all of us citizens to rally and come together in strength and ‘collective power’ and fight the Corporate Establishment that has descended upon the United States like 100s of hungry sewer rats, in order to rescue our “government of the people” and our near mortally wounded economy. We may not get another chance after these cold, ruthless multi-national corporations that claim no country get through selling us off piece by piece Mitt Romney style and there is nothing left of the USA. Scary times indeed for us and our children’s futures. A new Alexander Hamilton is needed. A proven powerful, able, and courageous American leader must come forth immediately to save the United States” before the national debt reaches $24 trillion.



Good evening ladies and gentlemen and every American citizen and foreigner as well. A memorable line in the movie, Annie, stated “A child without courage is like a night without stars”. Applies to adults too. My name is Jim Crook. I am a garden variety American citizen. I love all of you. What’s not to love? Pizza Pie, Super bowl Sunday, hot dogs, our kids in college, birthday parties, and the latest Friday night movie. We Americans are a good people but maybe a forgotten people. Mass apathy hasn’t helped. I am deeply concerned about us, our children’s futures, and the path our current elected leaders have taken us. And whether we are still a government of the people. This is our government. Not our representative’s. The American citizen on the street has been muted. What our citizens currently need is a “national voice” that is not happening through our Congresspersons with their own agendas. Some voice during dangerous times. We need to be heard - and considered regarding the direction of our nation. This commentary is such an attempt. You should read it all to defend our country, our freedoms, your children’s future, and possibly your very own lives as it will arm you as citizens to take back our government which has been compromised by our U. S. Congress. Our representatives have sold out for the right price to greedy multinational corporations which are selling off America piece by piece e.g. our middle class is gone, our jobs stolen, and cheap drugs for the elderly blocked with Congress’s blessings. A published list of the amount of corporate donations to U. S. Representatives will mute the hypocrites and - reveal – whose in the pockets of these Mitt –Romney type multi-billion dollar corporations eating America.

Frightening Times

It is a sober and frightening time for our nation. Our future is imperiled and we know it. Thank God we are finally awake. Some of us. Feeling it was time for the citizens of America to speak out and for someone to speak on behalf of the American population rather than more of the non-stop demagoguery of special interest politicians bought and owed, body and soul, by big greedy corporations which have strip mined the United States and erased its jobs and middle class; feeling it was time to speak in the best interest of the American masses for a change rather than listen to more irresponsible rhetoric from our current ineffective bleeding hearts leaders who have allowed welfare seeking “illegals” to flashflood across our borders by the tens of millions draining our U. S. Treasury of citizen taxpayer dollars (they seek freebees they did not work for as the reason they come. Otherwise they’d have no motivation in coming. This represents mass stealing, in a “feeding frenzy”, like a plague of locusts that has swarmed across our borders gobbling up America’s unprotected resources to the point wherein our nation cannot repair its disintegrating infrastructure or pay its teachers;); and feeling it was time to control the radical Muslim threat, among other considerations, the following is a “A Citizen’s State of The Union Message”.

This commentary is an attempt to remove the blindfolds from the average ordinary American and provide a crystal clear 20/20 vision of distilled truth, amidst political rhetoric and chaotic confusion, as to where America is really at and how imperiled we are so our citizens can finally see the grave dangers that now confront us in order for us to defend ourselves and the survival of America. The enemy is here among us in the form of vulture-like huge corporations which own Congress and are devouring America piece by piece in order to maximize corporate profits. I hope I have your undivided attention and that you will listen carefully and labor over the words in the following commentary so that all of us and our children can continue to live in safety and find some solutions to claw our way back from betrayal to hope and the preservation of our children’s futures:

Some 20/20 Views

For a 20/20, huge corporations justifying outsourcing of American jobs by the tens of millions, via Bill-Clinton-type free trade agreements with our jobs going to foreign employees, by the significant increase in corporate profits is irrelevant to the tens of millions of unemployed Americans, losing their jobs to Asians, Filipinos, and Mexican Nationals, who do not participate in those corporate profits and can’t even pay their light bills. These increased corporate profits are made from the suffering of unemployed American families. These multinational corporations are not the U. S. workers’ friends. Everyone of these unpatriotic greedy corporations should be punished for harming America with exceptionally high tariffs when their finished goods return to the USA.

For a 20/20 on the eleven million “illegals” and their motivation for invading our borders and while practicing law, I once had a 22-year old personal injury client who was a mother of three American born sons who, in response to a deposition question from opposing counsel regarding where she worked replied, “I don’t have to work. I am retired. My three American-born sons receive almost $3,000 a month in Social Security Supplemental Income payments tax free for an income equivalent to $50,000 per year”. Of course if our ineffective U. S. Congress simply passed a law stating being born in the USA no longer establishes U. S. Citizenship, the problem would be solved. However, that would require them to show up and vote and think.

The word has spread rapidly across the Western Hemisphere of “instant retirement” in the USA. Just have three children there. That is why they come running by the tens of millions. Christmas. Such a mouth watering reality has marshalled millions of freebee seeking illegals to race across our borders who are here now and still coming non-stop. Their rallying cry probably is “Wow. It’s a good deal. What are we waiting for? Hell yes. Are you kidding? Lets go. We’d be dumb like the stupid Americans who permit it not to go. This is unbelievable. Too good to be true, guys”. A Mexican national in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico several years ago bluntly stated to me quote, “You Americans are stupid. All we have to do is cross the border to your county hospital in El Paso which has to take us to deliver a baby to pick up a free $18,000 over the next 18 years and then repeat that amount in the future every time we have another baby. Further, that American born baby then becomes entitled to all the welfare benefits such as free schools, free school lunches, food stamps, the county hospital, and maybe public housing just for a four-hour visit across the border”. And the Federal Government sits there allowing the nation to hemorrhage and bleed out without correcting this situation. One becomes dumbfounded at our inept U. S. Congress which at times appears to be comatose. Or is it just a party in Washington, DC where U. S. Representatives seldom read bills beforehand for enlightened voting or even show up? Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently missed 17 voting sessions.

The Bleeding Hearts

I agree with the “bleeding hearts” position that the illegals’ American born children should be entitled to stay with their families. Families should stay together in all decency all would agree. Children belong with their parents. That is only right. They can stay together with their parents with their American born children returning to Mexico with them with automatic duel citizenship under Mexican law. If their parents aren’t too good to live in Mexico, their children shouldn’t be either. Best wishes. Now what is the bleeding hearts’ argument? The family remains together. Mexico is home to 90+ million other lawful nationals who are not living in the USA and are not ripping off our welfare system like thieves in the night as the illegals are doing because they can. These people are criminals who feloniously violated U. S immigration laws and should not be rewarded for their unlawful actions in raiding the U. S. welfare system to join the feeding frenzy. Would one feel sorry for a person who robbed a bank to eat because work didn’t agree with him? He’s a criminal. Donald Trump is right. All 11 million of these “law breakers” ripping off the USA should be remove from the country and off our welfare rolls lest others be encouraged to also steal our welfare funds. The amnesty granted to illegals under President Jimmy Carter didn’t stop illegals from coming. To the contrary, it encouraged them by anticipating another amnesty. And the beat goes on. The illegals knew exactly what they were doing when they snuck in. “Chasing the good deal”. Then planned to have children to guarantee the freebees. They know it is wrong. They are stealing. Capitalizing on an irresponsible Federal Government which could care less.

In this “A Citizen’s State of the Union Message” and beyond the rancor and self serving rhetoric of our very vocal U. S. Representatives and aside from the illegals issue, let us as ordinary American citizens turn now to address other current issues among ourselves that are reeking havoc within the United States and on the health of our democracy and economy which impact us all and our children’s futures. We citizens are the government or should be unless we have been betrayed and the government has broken its contract with the population to line its pockets with lucrative large corporate bribes.

The Electoral College Revisited

Regarding our republican form of government, the American Electoral College is a major issue that needs to be reviewed. It is an affront to our democracy wherein their delegates do not have to follow the will of the voting population. An oxymoron i.e. a vote that is not a vote and mockery of democracy in power-broker options for self ingratiating politicians. Yet this democracy-killing forum, wherein delegates can trade votes for power outside the will of the voting public, is allowed to continue to exist. To reconsider the issue, again, would require our U. S. Representatives to show up for the vote…and think. The time is long overdue for a national referendum to abolish the Electoral College.


The following is offered as a few sober salient perceptions which hopefully may allow many of us ordinary American citizens a 20/20 view, outside of politically correct commentary, on the real “state of the union” in order that we all collectively may try to save our country if time permits since our Federal Government has shown no inclination to do so:

1. Our Days Are Numbered. The days of the United States appear to be numbered unless some powerful fearless uncompromising leader emerges and steps forward and creates change rapidly;

2. Corruption Is Taking The USA Down. The current path of the United States of America is equivalent to the undefeated Roman Empire’s which crumbled from within under its own corruption;

3. The USA Is A Government of Corporate America. America’s democracy is a myth replaced by an oligarchic “government of big corporations” rather than a “government of the people”;

4. The Selling Off of America. These corporations, now the U. S. Government, have no patriotism or allegiance to country and will and are selling off the USA and its resources piece by piece with their sole allegiance to maximizing corporate profits. When America’s jobs and circulating money, now in the bank accounts of Asian and central American employees, and our resources are strip mined, these parasitic corporations will simply leave the shell of the USA and hop to the next victim country. This corporate mentality is much like a relative of the current head of Turkey currently buying stolen crude oil from ISIS on the black market for personal gain which finances ISIS world terrorism to continue to reek death and destruction around the globe;

5. The USA Is A Corporate Oligarchy. America’s corporate oligarchy is made possible via America’s “House of Prostitutes”, the United States Congress and the USA’s political leaders. A prostitute is someone who sells one’s self, correct?; The colloquialism is “whore”. A review of the amount donations U. S. Representatives received last year from corporation will tell us who they are and how many.

6. The U. S. Supreme Court’s Dagger In Our Hearts. The American people and their government were further delivered on a platter to the big greedy insatiable corporations by the second largest donor, the United States Supreme Court, in its decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission wherein the High Court declared that 100 billion dollar corporations had no limits on political contributions so crushing that no non-corporate candidate for office can survive against thereby guaranteeing a corporate American government;

7. The New Teddy Roosevelt. The last American candidate who stopped corporate predatory capitalism from exploiting the people in the late 1800s sweat shops, with women and underage children working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no health care, for less than livable wages, was President Theodore Roosevelt over 100 years ago. Such leaders come along rarely. Luckily, we have one of those leaders today running for U. S. President today in the person of Donald Trump. The Republican Establishment’s massive attack to stop Mr. Trump certifies his legitimacy. The Republican Establishment, really a paid off pawn fronting for Big Business, has bought off everyone else. Like Teddy Roosevelt, Trump is “un-buyable”. He is going after predatory corporations selling off America piece by piece Romney style and they are terrified of him. Sound like he is in the pocket of the criminal corporations eating our country or American citizens’ last hope to save the USA?

8. The Corporate New World Order. Due to this corporate New World Order as America’s real government (money talks), probably over 20 million jobs were outsourced under Bill Clinton’s myopic NAFTA and his 6 other no-tariff free trade agreements which are a corporate license to export jobs to hire foreign employees at lower wages with American workers be damned. Ford just moved to Mexico. The free trade agreements are causing the loss of America’s middle class which simultaneously is also resulting in the rise of Mexico’s and China’s middle class in the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world from American shores according to historians. Former rice patty China now has 20-lane super highways unmatched by the world on U. S. job salaries. With the outsourcing of American worker salaries to the bank accounts of Asian employees, also is the transfer of America’s circulating money which is the backbone of an economy. For example, one dollar circulated 1,000 times buys 1,000 McDonald’s dollar hamburgers which then keeps McDonalds supporting industries from collapsing. Americans job losses are the result of scraping protective tariffs in favor of corporate free trade agreements to coldly replace U. S. jobs with cheap foreign labor leaving unemployed Americans on the welfare rolls and many on the street. Bill Clinton is no friend of America. Hillary defends these free trade agreements that take our jobs.. Does that mean more U. S. jobs will be going if she is elected? What was the Clinton price tag to large corporations for this Clinton decision treasonous to U. S. workers?

President Obama, on April 24, 2016, announced he was pushing for TTIP, the Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement and Investment Partnership, yet another free trade agreement, justifying it by stating that 95% of the world market is outside the USA. Every time a free trade agreement is entered into by the United States, tariffs are struck down and jobs leave America to cheap labor employees in other countries. So how do the free trade agreements help the American worker? They harm them. These agreements are destructive to the American worker. Multinational corporations make the money under these free trade agreements and not the U. S. workers losing their jobs. The free trade agreements devastate the American worker. The answer is to form a huge trade block wherein every nation member in the trade block will have tariffs. This will stop this cheap labor outsourcing in its tracks by adding a tariff to the cheap labor goods subsequently arriving at the trade block members shores and then having a tariff slapped on the cheap labor goods equal to what the goods would cost using the hourly wage of the member country worker. This trade block with tariffs would return member country citizens’ jobs lost to cheap labor. These agreements are nothing more than corporate licenses and tools to steal American jobs and should all be repealed and ended in favor of Trump-type protective tariffs.

9. The Borderless USA. Our borders are going unprotected. The USA is becoming a nation without boundaries. Even instinctive lower animal life is territorial mandatory to survival in terms of food and mating. Past presidents failure to control illegal immigration has led to a plague of welfare benefits seeking “illegals”, as an ocean of thieves, after the freebees without working for them, draining the U. S. Treasury filled by hard working Americans’ tax payer dollars. Metaphorically speaking, no different than 11 million mice overrunning our borders and emptying out and eating all the wheat from our bins representing welfare benefits they did not pay for. Hard to believe American taxpayers, even of Mexican descent, would agree to such illegal “drainage” of our resources by these opportunists. A “free lunch” out of American taxpayers’ bank accounts including those of Mexican Americans. That is why they come. Their motivation. A feeding frenzy. If someone yelled free money, would we go? Our borders that protect the American masses are going unprotected. To the contrary, bleeding heart sanctuary cities have encouraged this welfare drain of the U. S. Treasury of hard earned taxpayer dollars by these foreign thieves slipping into the country illegally ripping off welfare benefits without paying for them much the same as an irresponsible parent allowing his or her adorable child to burn the house down and sell the furniture paid for by their hard earned money without holding that child accountable;

10. The Continuing Islam-Christian War and Trump’s Plan to Temporarily Bar Muslim Entry to the USA. The bloody, non-stop war between Christianity and Islam has been going on since the 7th Century, over 1400 years, without letup. Because such war has again erupted with unspeakable atrocities, the United States - hated by tens of millions of radical Muslims, an undeniable reality to the intellectually honest – must be realistic and act responsibly to protect American lives even though most Muslims are not radicalized. Bleeding hearts are not going to keep Americans from being massacred. If there is a murderer in a gang, even though the rest of the gang is innocent, you quarantine the entire gang until the murderer is found to keep more citizens from being murdered. That is effective and responsible government. No indictment of the non-radical Muslim people is intended. Americans are guaranteed freedom of religion.

America just must responsibly do what is necessary. You don’t refrain from interrogating a group when a crime has been committed because most in the group are innocent. No one dying should be the measure of our resolve. Not bleeding hearts wishful thinking. The essence is preservation of American lives and not throwing the dice much the same as the USA quarantined Japanese Americans during WWII. It was admittedly a major grueling Marshall Law-type hardship of Americans citizens that many Monday morning quarterbacks did not agree with and may have been right but the U. S. Government decided not to throw the dice on American lives and opted for control rather than wishful thinking. Not being realistic resulting in American deaths is unacceptable, irresponsible, and blind stupidity.

For this reason and until the feelings between radical Muslims and America, their Great Satan, once again calm down, responsible steps such as barring all foreign Muslims from entering the USA temporarily must be taken unless the bleeding hearts want to offer their own child to be butchered by a radical Muslim in place of attending the funeral of the child whose death they blindly caused. Mr. Donald Trump is a responsible tough leader in taking this correct position to keep Americans safe. I feel safe with this forceful candidate. A Teddy-Roosevelt type leader who will protect Americans short of rhetorical nonsense. For a reality byte, these radical Muslims are killing innocent people all over the globe on a daily basis. Even schools do a lockdown when a dangerous person is on their premises for the protection of their students. No one, even the most innocent and even the school Principal, are allowed to enter the classrooms, to protect the children. In the interim, the same responsible policy should apply to all Muslims seeking to enter the United States among whose ranks we know are concealed religious fanatics whose plans are to massacre Americans. No thank you.

Non-radical Muslim hardships are preferable to massacred Americans. Istanbul, Turkey on March 21, 2016 just had 17 citizens blown to pieces. Today, March 22, Brussels had 30 people blown to bits. Our football stadiums and places of mass gatherings could result in catastrophic carnage if our government does not have failsafe policies and a leader strong enough to follow his paternal instincts, regardless. A Harry Truman type. Try sneaking an atom bomb into New York Harbor. How about it, bleeding hearts? Are you willing to throw the dice on New York’s 11 million people some of whom might be your own children because all Muslims are not radicalized? Not possible? Only an extended heated argument with an overruled head strong Russian sub commander saved Miami from being nuked during the Cuban missile crisis as reported in the documentary, “The Man Who Saved the World”. Wake up, America. Everything is possible in this very dangerous world we live in. We don’t have the option of illusions. We must follow a take-no-prisoners failsafe hard policy to keep American citizens safe.

11. The Need to Excise Huge Corporations From The U. S. Government. Political campaign reform must be set in place to get big corporations completely out of our government, along with the mass corruption they bring to siphon off the nation’s resources, by a system that renders political candidates non-dependent upon corporate contributions. Requiring television and radio stations to give candidates equal time free as a condition to their licensing to broadcast is one idea;

12. The Electoral College Must Be Abolished Least America Is A Democracy In Name Only. As stated, the American Government must be returned to the people by abolishing the Electoral College which renders America’s democracy a myth wherein representatives’ votes can be traded outside the will of the voting public thereby arbitrarily destroying our republican form of government. Further, Federal legislation should be passed proscribing super delegates in both Democratic and Republican primaries in any election process that includes the voting public wherein the delegate voting does not have to represent the will of the voting public rendering the primary process a mockery and a trip to the polls in vain. Otherwise, the Democratic and Republican Parties are mere private clubs with their own rules having little to do with the democratic process in the American people electing a President and office holders of their choice. In this case, independent candidates, owing no one anything, would become a more credible choice and closer to a true democracy than these gaming two private clubs, the Democratic and Republican parties, solely exchanging power among their members, with the population as irrelevant.


Summarizing these introductory comments, the American people must wrest their government back from the hands of sociopathic greedy big corporations whose loyalty and patriotism is only to the dollar much the same mentality as that tobacco company CEO taped in a board meeting stating “Lets triple the nicotine content of our cigarettes to hook the 7 to 12 year old children’s market”. Big corporations, owing allegiance to no nation, are strip mining America and selling it off piece by piece much like Mitt Romney buys businesses only to dismantle them and scatter their employees to the unemployment compensation welfare rolls. The U. S. Treasury, courtesy of America’s “House of Whores”, our U. S. Congress, has been emptied by corporate defense contractors making one trillion dollars per war for every invented fake war they can sell to Congress. The product these corporate defense contractors sell is genocide by paying off Congressional “whores” and treasonous U. S. Presidents to vote for them and declare these fake wars. Distilled evil and treason considering the loss in vain of the lives of thousands of American soldiers, a wholesale betrayal, and over a million foreign citizens killed per hoax war which wars produce one trillion dollars in corporate profits per war. The Viet Nam War (no Gulf of Tonkin incident), the Afghan War (the Taliban had nothing to do with the 911 al-Qaeda attack), and the Iraq War (no weapons of mass destruction or al-Qaeda training) were all fake wars to deliver three trillion dollars to corporate defense contractors on e.g. smart bombs leaving holes in sand instead of using that money to rebuild America’s infrastructure and its educational system.

American school districts, in specific the school districts in El Paso, Texas, have to consolidate in closing schools and releasing teachers due to no funds. These same schools are required to register illegal aliens for free schools and free lunches and not permitted to check their backgrounds. When President John F. Kennedy decided to withdraw his advisors from Viet Nam assessing it a civil war and not a communist expansion, he was murdered four weeks later by, in this author’s opinion, the U. S. Government in tow because big corporate defense contractors were going to be denied their trillion dollars. So who is the American Government? A “government of the people” or a corporate oligarchy (small group of rulers) selling off the country piece by piece, Mitt Romney style, because that is where the profit is with corporate profits being their only allegiance and not the welfare of the United States of America and its people.

To avoid a collapse of America, as the Roman Empire, from corruption from within, the American people need a courageous, strong, un-corruptible leader to change its path rapidly from corporate tyranny and predatory capitalism back to legal capitalism to save the country and salvage what is left of America much like Teddy Roosevelt did 100 years ago standing up to J.P. Morgan, Dale Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford. This courageous, un-corruptible, powerful leader with the extraordinary vision to lead America out of its current quicksand and restore our nation again to a great economic power is Donald Trump who appears, given America’s “House of Whores”, the only hope we have unless corporate powers, with their profits threatened, have him murdered also the same way they murdered JFK. If elected, Trump must have no illusions like JFK in his open limousine, and must surround himself with the protection of hundreds of highly vetted agents until his work is done. Illusion free Saddam Houssine and Fidel Castro survived because they did just that. William Wallace i.e. Braveheart and Chief Crazy Horse labored under illusions, trusted their enemies, and were both slain.


Not a One Man Show

This is not a one-man show. Americans must become pro-active and angry and get behind Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s movement to “make America great again” by electing him as President in order to get our nation out of the hands of these sociopathic corporate saboteurs, protect our borders from thievery from the U. S. Treasury draining “illegals”, control the radical Muslim threat, reform America’s political and electoral system by excising big corporations from our government to re-entrench America’s democracy and restore our “government of the people” .And the USA must immediately exit the Middle East and re-direct our resources to renewing America’s infrastructure.

I am just a citizen trying to help. The following commentary represents a laundry list of suggestions I offer to help make our nation stronger, safer, better, and more just. I hope you agree with some of them:

Trump’s Wall, The “illegals” Invasion, and The Bleeding Hearts

When a foreign people illegally cross and transverse the sovereign borders of another nation to pillage and drain off its resources, historically that is termed an “invasion”. The bleeding hearts, so willing to give the food of their own children to others not even of this country, might remember the old adage that “Charity begins at home”. One must first feed one’s own family before giving the family’s survival resources away to another allowing their own family to go under. America cannot afford to feed the world, perfectly willing to drain our U. S. citizens wallets in the form of increased taxes for the “illegals”freebees, nor should we be expected to. Self reliance, the law of survival, is the power that feeds one’s own family. American grit is what has made us a powerful people from the Puritans on. Giving something for nothing has done nothing through time but corrupt character and spoil and cripple even one’s own children. America has always been self reliant as our ethos. Even during the Great Depression, U. S. citizens cleaned another’s yard for a hot meal. Like the Jews, in New York City, whose charities are quite admirable and some of the best sometimes say, “Something for nothing? Unhoid of”.

Courageous Donald Trump, amidst a storm of criticism, has with conviction responsibly engaged an issue that many past presidential administrations irresponsibly chose to ignore, to protect America and its borders. 20 million mice entering our fields and invading our wheat crops will eventually leave no food for the American population. No food can be disastrous. For the sleepy among us, it is time to blink and remember that half the population of Ireland died of starvation in the 1830s. U. S. citizens in New York City were in soup lines four blocks long in just 1942. America cannot survive unless this invasion of the 15 to 30 million welfare freebees seeking “illegals” i.e. thieves sneaking across our borders is stopped before our resources are drained. Due to schools having to take “illegal” without checking, dozens of states are consolidating their schools and laying off thousands of teachers. This brings us to the issue of “Trumps’ Wall”. Most of us sane Americans will agree the invasion of the “illegals” must be stopped. The issue is will “Trump’s Wall,” expensive to construct, stop the hemorrhaging or be just another French Maginot Line. It is the analysis of this author that “Trump’s Wall” and Trump’s plans will stop the invasion and be effective for the following reasons.

An electrified steel fence wall from Brownsville, Texas to the U. S. border with Tijuana, Mexico could be constructed with dangerous current, Jurassic Park style, with a propaganda campaign for illegals” not to risk going near the fence wall to avoid major harm. A 10,000 person inflated U. S. Border Patrol Agency to station themselves 20 yards back from the wall every 200 yards apart with instant satellite information to the agent’s infrared computer cameras will pick up “illegal” in the night immediately interfering with the electrified fence wall for instant apprehension. If tunnels are the “illegals” answer to the fence wall, a radar system penetrating 100 feet below the surface will not only identify these “illegals” tunnels but also help apprehend drug dealers favoring such tunnels. The “Trump Wall” will not stop all the “illegals” but probably 95% of them. The next question is what to do with the “revolving-door “illegals” returned to Mexico and are back one hour later confirming the present U. S. system of “illegals” control is a nullity. The 11 million “illegals” America is fixing to return to Mexico will be back within two weeks via the “revolving door”. Another system that will be effective to stop this drainage of our resources before the USA is tapped out is direly needed to replace the “revolving door”.

Why not enter in to an agreement with Great Britain to rent the unused Falkand Islands 200 miles off the coast of Argentina to ship all these “illegal” freebee thieves to with tent cities waiting for them with U. S. Agriculture Department established farms to grow pinto beans, corn, rice (a complete protein) maize, flour, chili powder, and fruit to feed them very inexpensively (the way most Mexican families live), with fishing for meat from this island completely surrounded by water, and have these new residence work the fields and fish for sustenance. This system will allow the “illegals” to survive and build self reliance, and make it very difficult for them to return to the USA illegally absent extreme hardships and easier to return to their homeland. The “revolving door” will be over. Other measures are also needed to halt the “illegals” invasion which will then opt to come by sea and not by land. Small U. S. Coast Guard stations with a satellite system already in place to protect our 200 mile coastal boundary around the USA can be effectively planned to pick up these boat “illegals” but the current system will have to beefed up. A small U. S. Coast Guard Station can be established in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Texas, near New Orleans, Miami, Florida, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, New York City Maine, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, off Oregon and Washington state, to intercept the freebee invaders and transport them to their new temporary home in the Falkland Islands where their basic survival needs will be temporarily taken care before they have to move on. But what about coming through Canada? The USA will have to coordinate with Canada to intercept these “illegals” coming through with temporary holding stations until the U. S. Coast Guard can pick them up and transport them to the Falklands Islands. After a while, the “illegals” facing an unpleasant temporary life in the Falklands Islands tent cities and finally realize it will be futile to keep trying to enter the USA illegally, will stop trying and the borders of the USA will finally be protected. The additional U. S. Coast Guard Stations would also be valuable for National Defense.

Like any other country in history that wished to survive, our U. S. borders also needed to be protected from invasion militarily and economically. If we are economically drained, there will be no funds to build aircraft carriers, missiles, and bombers critical to our security in the global community and the USA could perish from a well financed superior military force. If the bleeding hearts are so concerned of the plight of the “illegals”, let them invite the “illegals” to live with them and eat their children’s food and resources out of house and home. When their own kids start starving, reality will replace those misguided and irresponsible emotions to that of the raw survival of their own children as they won’t be able to get those freebee seeking “illegals” out of their houses soon enough.

Greece is now experiencing being eaten out of house and home as they can’t send the Syrian refugees back to Turkey soon enough. Donald Trump, although idiosyncratically, not always the most charming due to his compulsion to be complete honesty, neither was Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Even football players only want the toughest most abrupt coach because that strong coach, refusing to walk on eggs, gets them championships and years of self pride. Mr. Trump is the most powerful personality force we have for the survival of America in these treacherous time with our national debt at 17 trillion dollars and probably the nation’s only hope of achieving its survival considering America’s rampant current destruction by multinational predatory corporations doing a good job selling us off piece by piece Mitt Romney style for their only god. Corporate profits. A vision lost on liberal Democratic Presidents Barak Obama and Bill Clinton, wholly endorsed by Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, if she becomes president (more of the same), when they signed into law the multiple free trade agreements presently killing America with the loss of worker wages hence the critical loss of circulating capital. Further, Hillary’s recent statement regarding the “illegal” invasion, “We are all the same people and all count” by implication seems to mean it is alright for the invasion and hemorrhaging of the state and federal treasuries to continue if that will muster her the Hispanic vote. Winning at any cost? That is the difference between her and Donald Trump.

JFK Revisited

America’s democracy is threatened. By the United States Government, in the opinion of this author, murdering JFK on behalf of multinational corporate defense contractors in a democracy killing event, 130 million votes of Americans were erased. The danger is if the U. S. Government indeed did it once at the bidding of 100 billion dollar defense contractor corporations, it can happen again. Did the U. S. Government murder John F. Kennedy? The 60- second reading below will prove it did. Start the clock with the American family being converted to a jury to bring in your own verdict of yes or no.

(1) The Warren Commission ruled Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter and no one else was involved. This conclusion implicated the U. S. Supreme Court’s Warren Commission as part of the assassination conspiracy for the following reasons. A chunk of JFK’s skull went flying out of the back of his head in the direction of Oswald indicating a shooter in the opposite direction or more than one shooter. See the film Fahrenheit 911. (2) There were 9 bullet holes in JFK, Texas Governor John Connolly, and the Presidential Limousine. FBI tests concluded Oswald could have gotten off one clear shot. (3) President Lyndon B. Johnson had the Presidential Limousine sanitized immediately outside of the hospital JFK was taken to in a wholesale destruction of crime scene evidence, a felony, regarding the greatest murder in American history outside the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. (4) At the hospital while JFK’s body was surrounded by 300 law enforcement officials, his brain, which could determine the direction the assassin’s bullets came from, was stolen and never to be found to this day. (5) On his death bed, J. R. Holderman, one of the Watergate burglars, confessed that he was invited to a secret meeting by the CIA to discuss the assassination of President Kennedy. He did not go. A death bed confession is entitled to the greatest credibility in a court of law. (6) There were 48 witnesses to the JFK assassination whose names were taken immediately at the murder scene before they disbursed. Only the United Stated Government had the opportunity to immediately complete the time unpredictable assassination investigation before the people disbursed and had the name of all 48 witnesses, their dates of birth, social security numbers, driver license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, and their family. Within 18 months, all 48 witnesses were murdered and not one witness or even one suspect was ever uncovered or indicted or prosecuted for all 48 murders by the American Criminal Justice System. An astounding non-reality rendering Oswald as the lone shooter logically unacceptable. (7) The Warren Commission was aware of the 48 murders before it concluded Oswald was the lone shooter. Its conclusion defied all facts and rational thought implying a cover up.

Oswald’s ghost must have done it. (8) The U. S. Government, heavily implicating itself, then arbitrarily sealed all JFK investigation documentation until the year 2032 at which time any co-conspirator of hirable age by the Federal Government at the time would be over 93 years old or dead of old age. Clumsy cover up indeed wherein the math could be done by a second grader. Did the U. S. Government kill JFK? Time for the American family jury to vote. Yes or no. Did the killing destroy 130+ million citizen votes thereby destroying America’s democracy? Well of course. To protect America’s democracy from a repeat, relentless undying efforts must be made to bring these treasonous JFK assassins to justice at all cost much like England’s timeless policy of chasing mutineers forever, as reflected in the film, Mutiny On The Bounty, to thwart future mutinies and for America to thwart future assassinations of its presidents and the destruction of its democracy by its own government. The nation must send a message to future would-be assassins that they will not get away with it, will be relentlessly hunted down, and will hang.

America Is The New Evil Empire

Sleeping Americans will be shocked to wake up to the reality that America has become the world’s New Evil Empire courtesy of corrupt corporations and a corrupt paid off U. S. Congress in tow. The USA has been declaring and creating fake wars around the globe at the bidding of greedy corporate defense contractors, whose product is genocide, to make one trillion dollars in profits per invented hoax war lifted from the already depleted U. S. Treasury thereby depriving the U. S. infrastructure of badly needed repairs and schools financing. Teachers are being released all over the country. Dropping thousand of smart bombs at $5,000 per bomb on the Middle East countries while we have to borrow from China to run our government is irrational if not insane, general state oa f confusion in Congress, or raw corruption..

America’s Middle Class Has Been Erased

Our middle class has been erased courtesy of our corporate paid-off “House of Whores” and President Bill Clinton’s signing 7 free trade agreements which transferred an estimated 20 million American jobs out of the country. The tariffs must be resurrected immediately to stop the river of U. S. jobs out of our nation by killing the incentive of corporations to hire foreign labor if the cheap labor advantage is nullified. It will be once corporate products return to American shores and the tariffs aare slapped on them making the price of their products equal to a full wage paid to an American employee, and hiring foreign workers an additional transportation expense increasing the cost of their goods above U. S. competition. The direction of the river will be then be reversed and all our jobs will flow back as our middle class rebounds.

With 60 Million Felons, The United States Has and Is Becoming a Fascist State with Rampant Class Persecution on the Verge of Revolution by an Ocean of Disenfranchised Citizens

“Incarceration Nation” is the term now attributed to the USA by foreign nations now with the former Prime Minister of Canada declaring “In the United States, you can indict a fire hydrant”. Due to glutted penal codes, America has over 60 million convicted felons. These codes need to be reduced by 65%. Due to myopic American visionaries in the Criminal Justice System, most of the people convicted or in prison are there on drug charges. Long haired Michael Pittman got 35 years in Pecos, Texas in 1968 for having a marihuana roach in his pocket which allegation was never proven in “redneck” Pecos. Pot has been found harmless by most of the world. Like Prohibition’s inability to control the use of alcohol after thousands went to prison, history has shown the United States Government cannot control Americans’ use of cocaine as well. Life destroying prison is not the answer as mass consumption of cocaine continues in the USA unabated. Anyone can have their physician legally prescribe cocaine’s equivalent any day of the year. Look at parents’ medicine cabinets. The 3-5 Hour Energy Drinks and Monster brand are legal and also provide speed as well as Cuban-style syrupy Expresso.

So “whose on first” on our current path which is clearly murky and destructive? We need to abandon our paranoia about something we don’t fully understand and have not studied well and finally become realistic in our response to our citizens’ unabated use of this contraband as an alternative to our destroying millions of citizens using it. Why not legalize a harmless amount of regulated cocaine to remove it from the Criminal Justice System to quit imprisoning Americans. Another alternative would not to prosecute the “users” and just give life in prison without parole to the “pushers”. If there is no supply, Americans can’t be prosecuted for using it. This would empty America’s prisons by 75% to 80% and eliminate prisons’ great tax burden on the population. If we keep working on removing social and economic injustices among our classes, eventually prisons will become unnecessary as most crimes are anchored in the absence of adequate income to live on.

In our “Land of the Free”, we have over 2 million citizens in prison. More than twice that of any tyrannical nation in the world. This deplorable condition of abject human misery must be changed immediately. One in three African Americans statistically destined for prison is the existence and retention of “slavery” of a class of Americans in our population. A shocking realization that doesn’t match national government rhetoric of freedom. What are we to believe anymore? Our Criminal Justice System appears to have no ability to reach justice if it even understands the concept. Incarcerating classes of people like cattle without analyzing and addressing why it has to. This deplorable system has been broken for some time and in need of a major overhaul. Currently, it is breeding seething hatred and the erosion of patriotism among millions especially of our black people whjich may eventually morph into revolution. We must depart from the world’s label of “Incarceration Nation” and the nation’s current rapid pace toward fascism. Our prisons need to be emptied by revised and reduced penal codes that reflect not paranoias that chew up blacks and Hispanics but reality and justice instead of boggy-man fears that put millions of teenagers in prison for smoking harmless pot and others from using cocaine. More research is needed regarding whether drugs currently listed as contraband are actually harmful to reduce the penal codes.

Regarding the social persecution of anyone with a criminal record, America’s hypocritical Christian Society, espousing love, understanding, tolerance, charity, mercy, and compassion, refuses to rehabilitate the 60 million Americans with felony convictions via employment and social discrimination but to the contrary sadistically persecute them from conviction to grave. If a 17 year old is convicted of a felony, even though he or she has fully repaid their debt to society and owe no one anything else, employers, following a criminal background check, refuse to hire them in universal employment discrimination which discrimination continues from conviction to grave. During that 50 years or more without income even to afford shoe laces or a bus token, the quality of life of these paid up Americans and human beings is lower than lepers wherein crushing social injustice by a judgmental American society makes these citizens repaid the same debt 1,000 times over. Such class persecution is beyond cruel, sadistic, and evil. It is “unholy” and the misery is meted out by our espoused loving Christian Society. Hypocrisy indeed.

Ironically, the myopic law is actually creating crime by forcing these 60 million unemployed people into a life of crime to the endangerment of society by making crime the only window of income to feed their families. A mother will steal before letting her child starve. More ominous on the horizon is 60 million restive and very disturbed unemployed people hurting and being crushed under the present system. The right demagogue to spark this ocean of disgruntled citizens may result, when the number reaches critical mass, in a formidable bloody revolution in America from seething hatred toward the country for the incredible pain and injustices it has put them through. Revolutions are not new to the USA. If foreign nations adverse to the USA jump to the revolutionaries’ aid, they could become formidable in splitting the country. As our history confirms, millions of us will die. To stave off this eventuality, these people with criminal records need to be put back to work immediately and given a chance to lawfully survive with some quality of life without resorting to crime. The way to do this is for the U. S. Congress to legislate the sealing off of all criminal records in the nation from the public sector rendering these records the confidential property of law enforcement so that employment background checks can no longer keep these 60 million paid up once errant citizens out of the work force. Further, civil tort laws must be passed proscribing all forms of social discrimination. The opposite may be revolution unless the miserable plight of these 60 million imperfect human beings is timely addressed.

The Corrupt Partnership Between Billion Dollar Corporations, the U. S. Congress, and the U. S. Presidency

The difference between the political systems of the United States and Mexico is the USA is the land of the big mordida. Regarding corporation corruption and corporate owned American foreign policy, where is America? Apparently a people drifting aimlessly in a fog ever closer to a nuclear war especially with the Muslim Middle East set on fire by a sociopathic President George W. Bush in the pocket of petroleum corporations one of which, the Carlyle Group which owns United Defense, is partially owned by his father, former President George H. W. Bush. The Afghan War and Iraq War were corporate wars, respectively. The behind-the-scene Afghan War motivation was for corporations to put a gas pipe line across Afghanistan to help Unocol, Halliburton, and Delta Oil (partially owned by Osama bin Laden). The Iraq War was sheer American imperialistic piracy courtesy of George W. Bush. On his first day in office in 2000, 100 oil company CEOs met in the Oval Office to divide up the Iraqi oil fields three years before war was declared. Big corporations controlling our government set the Middle East on fire for corporate profits. Defense contractors, it is speculated, are trying to get the USA involved in the wars in Syria and North Africa just to sell more munitions and armament for corporate profit purposes. War is good for business. Theirs. The United States Government appears to now be a department of big corporations courtesy of the U. S. Congress on the take and treasonous Presidents. Ever wonder why buyers had to mix yellow coloring into white unattractive margarine during the 1940's? Dairy lobbyists. Or why in 2016 meat packers are permitted to add water to beef and ham to charge more for the extra weight? Meat packers industry lobbyists. Our U. S. Congress is for sale.

A Constitutional Amendment is Needed to Reverse Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

The United States Congress must pass a Constitutional Amendment reversing the U. S. Supreme Court’s insane decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to wrest the nation from the hands of major corporations and return the U. S. Government to the people. To repeat, no non-corporate political candidate for public office could stand up to corporations’ right to make unlimited political contributions. Such decision by the High Court guarantees America to become a corporate department.

USA, Europe, and Russian Relations, Revisited

The USA’s problem with Russia is much more complex than meets the eye but can be fixed with sound American leadership. The United States appears to no longer occupy the role of a world leader for the good of the world community due to a leadership vacuum and corporate corruption. The reason the USA and Europe are at odds with Russia is the Catholic Church. Europe is a Catholic stronghold for centuries and the Vatican has opposed the Greek Orthodox Religion of the Russian people since the Great Split centuries ago. The Catholic Church’s continuing refusal to recognize the Greek Orthodox Christian Church and its people has translated from church dogma into the mindset of European Catholics resenting Russia and such stubborn opposition has retained Western population’s continuing trouble with Russia’s Greek Orthodox population to the endangerment of the world.

To confirm the Vatican’s opposition to Russia’s Greek Orthodox Church and its Russian population, as late as 1945 a Catholic Archbishop in Croatia partnered with its president in a pogrom that slaughtered 300,000 Greek Orthodox members to make Croatia all Catholic. This theological conflict could end with a capable U. S. President interceding between the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church and brokering an end to the conflict by the Vatican’s accepting Russia’s Greek Orthodox religion and its community. Such leadership is timely with Pope France’s recent meeting with the head of Russia’s Greek Orthodox religion in Cuba in February of 2016. Such a move by the Vatican could end the long conflict and finally result in the amalgamation of Russia as part of the European and American community and put an end to the Russian threat to the USA and Europe from a formerly rejected and paranoid Russia the Catholic Church has been holding at bay and not allowing to assimilate. The USA must again assume the role of a benevolent and adroit world leader and focus on accomplishing such events that could sedate the West’s conflict with Russia for the good of the human community. Trump already has a good relationship with Premier Putin.

The Leadership Vacuum in the United States is Spawned by Corporate-U. S. Congressional Corruption

Our leadership vacuum in the USA is due to, and stated without apology, the nation’s “House of Whores” who have sold out to predatory and sociopathic greedy corporations whose only value is corporate profits regardless of the consequences of its actions to our people. We are reminded of the CEO of the tobacco company attempting to hook the 7 to 12 year old children’s market and America’s three fake genocidal wars for defense contractor corporate profits in the trillions with unspeakable human carnage being rendered irrelevant to corporate primacy. Profits at any cost. Evil indeed. The U. S. Government has become the pawn of lawless large sociopathic corporations with many corporate policies detrimental to the nation’s welfare and future survival such as outsourcing and fake wars. The multinational corporations have taken over America and have it in a stranglehold if not economic death grip courtesy of our “House of Whores”, the U. S. Congress, in tow for the right price. This must be reversed before there is no United States and its people are reduced to a third world country. The American people must become pro-active and bravely fight to get their country back.

The U. S. Press is The Culprit in Inflating the Ranks of ISIS and Handing Isis its Greatest Weapon

World terrorism has become a highly profitable press-created “Wizard of Oz” to terrorize global populations in order to maximize broadcast audiences and sell expensive advertising on sensationalism. Actually, Chicken Little, the sky is really not falling. The Boston Marathon killed four people. The recent Paris massacre in January of 2016 killed 17 people. The press coverage of these incidents paralyzed France and the United States’ populations of 500 million citizens with fear with a press-created “boggy man” which mass coverage further became free advertising as the glamorous recruiting machine for the inflation of the ranks of ISIS wherein each radicalized Muslim experienced visions of jihadist greatness with all this world attention. Putting things in perspective, 37 people in the United States die from ant bites and 32 die of bee stings each year i.e. more than the Boston and Paris massacres combined. Shame on you America for allowing press-created fear cower you.

Our heritage reflects we are stronger and prouder and more courageous people than the wimp I am describing. The real bogyman in the USA is drunk drivers who kill 65,000 people on our highways each year. More deaths in one year than the fatalities of the entire Viet Nam War. Yet the reckless and irresponsible U. S. Criminal Justice System gives these “good ole boys” a slap on the hand for burying another innocent human being thereby guaranteeing another 65,000 deaths from drunks next year and the years after. By contrast in an eye for an eye approach, El Salvador’s approach is a life for a life i.e. the firing squad. No one gets drunk in El Salvador. Thank God for MADD. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. It DOES make a difference to them that their young daughter is buried.

To stop such carnage, the penalty for a driver killing an American while intoxicated should be strong enough to stop 65,000 coffin sales annually holding innocent lives snuffed out with their families crushed. A mandatory 20 years in prison without parole will get their attention enough to limit their alcoholicp intake to end the carnage. To put things further in perspective to get rid of the Muslim terrorist bogyman, the approximately 25 U. S. citizens killed by terrorists each year pales to the 41,000 Americans who commit suicide annually. Rather than focusing on press sensationalism to sell advertisements, we should dismiss that bogus-press-created fear of radical Muslims and appropriate money to address such mental health issues here at home to try to save these thousands of mentally ill Americans from suicide.

Americans are terrorized and shaking because 12 to 25 Americans die from Muslim terrorists each year. Common garden variety criminals in the USA murder 100 times that number annually. The greedy and irresponsible U. S. Press is the culprit for stirring the pot and continuing to poke and frighten Americans by the masses with their “Wizard of Oz”. The U. S. Press has harmed the world by empowering ISIS and radical Islam to control by fear alone as they are basically impotent otherwise. Shamefully, the Philippine Government, a few years ago, submitted to al-Qaeda out of press-created fear, the terrorists greatest weapon handed to them on a platter by the profit seeking press all owned by big corporations, if al-Qaeda agreed to leave them alone. The impotent radicalized Muslim extremists, considering the very few people they have actually slain, is not the culprit here. It is the American Press that has the world on edge and terrorized by their “Wizard of Oz”.

Time to grind our teeth and bow our backbone, fellow citizens, stand down fear, and flip off the exploitive press for creating this calamity to sell ads. We have more character than that. We are a tough people. No one intimidates us. No one. EVER! Time to stand up to such nonsense. These assassins are just common hoodlums like any other garden variety hoodlum and are usually caught or killed. It is further time to stand up to corrupt corporate power and defeat it where it stands. We are not impotent. We are Americans. The same people that killed 2,000 of England’s most elite soldiers coming from a victory over Napoleon without losing one American soldier in the Battle of New Orleans. We let fear conquer us as a people? Since when?

Shame on the exploitive American Press. You have lost all credibility. Quit giving these hoodlums and common criminals coverage and making them world heroes like Jihadi John. Where are your ethics and professionalism? Bonnie and Clyde were admired by the U. S. population due to their fame from press attention and coverage. Again, is it just about corporate press profits with the people as cannon fodder? Are Americans emotions just to be moved along like cattle. Been a while since Americans have seen an Edward R. Morrell. Quality is hard to find these days among the corrupted press, right? A treasonous U. S. Press that is corporate owned which is the most powerful if not only weapon of terrorists in inflating the ranks of ISIS to carry out civilian carnage to enable ISIS to control mass populations by fear alone from wannabe radicalized Muslims visions of instant global fame for themselves made only possible by America’s irresponsible, sensation-seeking press which in reality is responsible for terrorists murders. If these fame-seeking Muslim citizens among us thinking about radicalizing saw they got no attention and were just executed by the Criminal Justice System like any garden variety hoodlum, they would not be inspired if they were destined to die in obscurity.

The American Press is asked to take a bow at this time for all the carnage it has caused. Freedom of the press must be anchored in responsible discretion to protect us all and not tyranny, exaggeration, libel, yellow journalists, or commercialism that causes harm to people rather than supports the welfare of the people. A shameful moment and a shameful time for the corporate minded, money minded American Press which through commercialism appears to have lost its humanity, goodness, and nobility. How sad? Maybe the U. S., like the American people, will wake up and start again to admire Edward R. Morrell to replace their fear of losing their high paying jobs and personal fame. It isn’t about fame and materialism. It is about people hurting and helping them to heal for a stronger and safer and kinder world. Not ripping people to shreds lustfully chasing every miniscule vulnerability to complete the job. Ugly indeed.

The U. S. Immigration System is in Need of an Overhaul

The quotas for each foreign country need to be reworked. A study should be completed on the number of “legal” immigrants entering the USA that go on welfare rather than working and pulling their own weight. Such numbers will reveal to us why they came. If primarily for the “freebees” on the taxpayers’ tab as opposed to self reliance, the quota for that country should be adjusted down dramatically and possibly even to zero. Further, to apply some control as to why people immigrate to the United States, one sifting program would be to declare a moratorium on 100% of all welfare benefits, eliminating all benefits, for a period of 10 years. This will give the new immigrant a chance to exercise self reliance and get on their own two feet by the sweat of their brow and hard work.

Not to complain because this is equal treatment as most Americans are not on welfare and encouraged to survive by relying on their own labor and resources. What made America great is American ingenuity and self reliance. If over 50% of the immigrants from other countries dive onto the welfare rolls, the quota for that country should be cut to zero. Citizens are expected to lift the government. Not burden it. This continuous drain on the U. S. Treasury to where we can’t afford schools must stop at some point. Responsible leadership to replace the decades of America’s leadership vacuum is direly needed. The Social Security Administration is so lax via lack of responsible and efficient management that common uneducated hooligans were allowed to drain eight billion dollars last year of other Americans’ social security checks by simply calling the SSA and asking the check be sent to a different address without the Social Security Administration verifying these thieves’ identity. A return of efficiency is direly needed not just regarding illegal and legal immigration but in every facet of the United States Government and multiple heads should roll from these administrative slackers by a strong president riding herd on them. Social Security could have used a simple password to avoid the theft.

The Great American Insurance Industry Scam

This scam must be legislatively ended. Carefully calculated deductibles that allow insurance companies to not pay 80% of policy holder claims but keep the premiums should be abolished with a 100% payout of an insured’s loss every time. Exorbitant co-pays for seniors living solely on Social Security checks should be ended as the current design is to eliminate health care for the aged and elderly who cannot pay these exorbitant co-pays with bread money in which event all health care is refused to all of them by hospitals and physicians thereby removing them completely from the health care system and insurance payments. This is just wrong and cold. We are leaving our retired loving parents who raised us, cared for us, and sacrificed everything for us hanging without health care. A $20 per visit maximum co-pay cap should be legislated by Congress for all senior citizens 65 years or older whether it involves a health checkup, surgery, cancer radiation, or the like. These seniors who paid taxes all their lives do not work anymore and require health care and life-saving drugs to live their last years. They should not be removed from our health care system.

The U. S. Election System Is in Need of A Major Overhaul

The election system for public office seekers also must be overhauled to get corruption and corrupt corporations out of our government. An amendment to the U. S. Constitution is needed to reverse the U. S. Supreme Court’s treasonous decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission previously addressed herein which gave the American Government to big corporations. Further, brutal penal codes should include life in prison for both the corporate donor and the government representative candidate or office holder payee for the transfer of corporate money to any political candidate or office holder on the national, state, county, and municipal levels. Predatory corporations must be removed from the United States Government before there is no United States.

The path for the U. S. Government is to be effective and not bleeding hearts idealism. We must take whatever strong measures are needed to get the job done effectively and successfully. As stated, an alternative to political candidates being dependent upon and owned by big corporations for their political survival is to require television stations to give free equal time to all candidates for public office as a condition to their being licensed to broadcast. Not so tough as the television stations then make more money drawing bigger audiences with more interesting political programs to replace many mindless clapping seal programs presently using up air time in order to get to the money making commercials.

The Nation’s Health Care Problem Resulting from Gouging Medical Charges

The nation’s health care system is a problem as the health needs of 350 million citizens cannot go ignored. The gouging practices of the health care community must stop. Philosophically according to visionary John Locke, the purpose of government is to contract with the population to meet their needs in exchange for the government being allowed to take the citizens’ property in the form of taxes. Large greedy health care corporations are being allowed to rape the American public without the U. S. Congress doing anything about it courtesy of the AMA lobby’s huge transfers of money to Congressional whores. Examples are the drug manufacture’s increasing the price of a life-saving pill from $137 to $750 per pill overnight. This guy did get indicted. Another example of Congressional prostitute activity on behalf of corrupt health care corporations is the shameful blocking by Congress of cheap drugs from Germany, Canada, and Mexico direly needed by the population and especially the elderly. Shame on you Congress. Shame on you. Without conscience, right? How do you look in the mirror? It is easier with a bank account bloated by corporate donations, right?

National health care may be more detrimental than helpful. If all health care providers are reduced to government employees, the health care insurance industry will disappear. This is significant as this insurance industry provides the investment money to the secondary mortgage market that supports the stock market and provides for the renewal of mortgage funds for the construction of new homes without which such construction may come to a hall putting 1,000s of supporting industries out of business. As an alternative to shutting down the health care insurance industry which supports business community financing on a vast scale without which there will be less business growth hence less jobs, why not legislatively put a huge number of caps on charges by hospitals, physicians, and health care providers resulting in charges that Americans can afford which does not allow physicians to make several million dollars a year and retire at age 43.

Such would be equivalent to national health care which would raise income taxes dramatically where the same spendable income would be retained by the public without national health care through a massive caps system on all health care charges. The American public never agreed to be shamelessly exploited in excessive charges by the greedy health care industry. If the AMA and health care community vehemently resists these caps that allows everyone reasonable charges for health care, short of providers taking one’s life savings, and permits health care providers a reasonable living but not a kinghood, then bring on national health care. The obscene gouging of the American public by greedy large health care corporations must stop. It is evil. Almost every new business building being constructed today in El Paso is a medical building. Why not? Plenty of money, right?

A United States Department of Corporations is Needed to Control Predatory Corporations

A Federal Department of Corporations must be established to control rogue corporations that are devouring and strip mining America Mitt Romney style. Government control must finally be applied to these renegade wild swinging corporations destroying America. The first frontal by such a new government department of corporations should be upon the evil sociopathic corporate defense contractors which sell genocide by buying off America’s “House of Whores” to vote for fake wars so these corporations can crank up their assembly lines that will eventually allow them to lift one trillion dollars in corporate profits per war from our dwindling U. S. Treasury. These trillion dollars should be really going to improve America’s aging infrastructure and educational system rather than these multi-national corporations which owe no allegiance to America and can just as easily relocate to another country as Ford as just done moving to Mexico. When a nation has pirates invading, ravaging, raping, and ripping off the population, it must take measures to address and control the pirate menace. Exploitive corporations in America are those pirates being allowed to rape and pillage the people, courtesy of America’s “House of Whores”. Lawless corporate behavior uncheck by our own paid off government. Things must change and it will take a strongman leader to do it that can face off with power. After 100 years of corporate exploitation of the American population since Teddy Roosevelt, we finally have that Presidential Candidate in our midst. Mr. Donald Trump.

The USA Must End its New Imperialism Created by Profit Seeking Corporate Agendas To Remain Allied With the International Community of Nations

The solution to radicalized Islam terrorism is for America to end its present corporate created imperialism initiated by President George W. Bush which declared fake wars on Muslim states such as Afghanistan and Iraq for the purpose of corporations with governmental influence pirating these nation’s oil resources to enhance corporate profits and contrary to the welfare and safety of the United States. “W”’s father is an oil investor and one of the seven founders of the Carlyle Group which owns United Defense, a defense contractor. Most Americans don’t know that four years before the U. S. declared war on Afghanistan, Unocol, Halliburton, and Delta Oil were attempting to get a huge 100 billion dollar gas pipeline from Turkmenistan’s fourth largest gas reserve across Afghanistan and on to the Arabian Ocean for world distribution. Unocol wouldn’t budge because Afghan’s Taliban Government, which had nothing to do with 911, was politically unstable due to its conflict with the Northern Alliance Kurds. Unocol would only continue if the Taliban Government was removed. Only one force on earth could do that job, the U. S. Military, with a commander in the pocket of these huge corporate monsters. All of a sudden, 911 happened like a 21st Century Pearl Harbor to arouse the American people to agree to war. We went to war, removed the Taliban, and the pipeline went across Afghanistan. It is interesting to note that Delta Oil is owned by the Saudi bin Laden Group run by Osama bin Laden’s brother of which Osama was an investor. Did Osama’s brother tell him one morning, “Osama, we have 100 billion dollars in profits held up only to be released to us if the Taliban can be removed. Can you help”? “W” was linked to Vice President Dick Chaney, Halliburton’s former CEO which gave Cheney $28 million dollars after Cheney became VP. And “W”s father was a founding father of the Carlyle Group that owns United Defense, a defense contractor. “W” had to be aware of Unocol’s obstinacy unless the Taliban was removed. Only al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan did 911. Not the Taliban. “W” also had to know who owned Delta Oil as it was Halliburton’s partner to move the huge gas supply from Turkmenistan and that one of Delta Oil’s investors was Osama bin Laden. It certainly smells. Like 911 translated into the Taliban gone and the three petroleum giants getting their100 billion gas pipeline across Afghanistan courtesy of “W”.

When Germany, Israel, and France told the USA that an attack was eminent and by plane within a week against the USA, “W” had AG John Ashcraft tell panicked counter-intelligence Richard Clarke who warned “W” many times the week of 911 to “Shut up about it”. If a commanding general of a nation’s armed forces was told by a sentry at night the enemy was at the nation’s gate, highly adrenalized he would sound the alarm and wake up his soldiers and the population to keep them from being bayoneted in their beds and killed, in time to defend themselves. Made aware by three nations that an enemy attack upon the USA was imminent and by plane, “W” could have put one of the 50,000 armed U. S. Marshalls on every plane in America which would have successfully thwarted the 911 attack and saved 3,000 Americans working in the World Trade Center from being massacred. Astonishingly as U. S. Commander In Chief of the U. S. Armed Forces, he did nothing and astoundingly showed no emotion when told while his supporting agents were going crazy around him. See film Fahrenheit 911. Logically, If a commanding general knew the enemy was about to do 911 and by plane and did nothing to thwart it to defend the nation and even shut down resistance to the impending attack (Richard Clarke), his no resistance would be “assisting” the enemy to attack one’s country and make that commanding general “part of” 911 and in complicity with it. We are talking about treason. Was “W” part of 911 to create another Pearl Harbor to arouse the American people for war against Afghanistan to help his three corporate buddies dump the Taliban to begin their pipeline and also create business for his father’s Carlyle Group which owned United Defense, a defense contractor? It almost stares at you. Why would a commander-in-chief not confront an attacking enemy? His job. For the American people, this issue cannot be ignored. Explanations are needed and a Congressional Inquisition appears mandatory. A stupefying subject of speculation regarding possible incredible corporate-governmental evil tantamount to outright treason and conspiracy in assisting an enemy of the USA to make billions in corporate profits. If I have the attention of the press, perhaps Frontline’s locating and speaking to former disgruntled insider employees of the Saudi bin Laden’s Delta Oil in Saudi Arabia might be revealing. An imperialistic “W” military attack upon the Taliban Government which had nothing to do with 911 quickly followed 911 and these three merry CEOs of Unocol, Halliburton, and Delta Oil were on their way across Afghanistan to their 100 billion dollars in corporate profits courtesy of an American President in their pocket. Sobering indeed. If “W” was part of 911, this would represent the apex of all incidents of treason in American History in helping an enemy of the state in order to make a corporate profit, and the worst incident of the rampant corruption now existing within the Federal Government. It is to be noted that when “W” declared war on Iraq, his father made $37 million dollars in one day from his Carlyle Group’s owning United Defense.

With the United States 19 trillion dollars in debt and each one of the 1,000s of smart bombs costing the nation $5,000 that is dropped on Middle East and North African countries we don’t agree with due to a failure of our insane and roguish and imperialistic foreign policy when we can’t even afford to pay our teachers, it is sheer lunacy for the USA to be in the Middle East. A money hole that cleverly happens to be the pockets of multinational corporate defense contractors who by design and with the help of our “House of Whores” invented these conflicts for corporate profits and are the only ones benefiting from these continuous wasteful conflagrations. We should rapidly get the hell out of the Middle East where we never belonged but were sucked into by the Israeli lobby to protect Israel at a huge expense to America, assume a position of neutrality, and allow water to seek its own level as determined by will of the populations of those countries and not the dictates of the pushy and egocentric United States. China, with its new 20-lane super highways as part of its infrastructure, is not into such tar-baby insanity and is not squandering its money on useless and meaningless conflicts the United States should have never been embroiled in to begin with but have become due to reeking Congressional and big business corruption with each greasing the other’s palms for the big money from wars with the people be damned.

U. S. Foreign Policy as an Unmitigated Disaster Created by Multinational Corporate Defense Contractors and Oil Conglomerates Money Ruling U. S. Congress For Conflagrations for Profit

The cliché is “War is good for business”. If in agreement that created wars for defense contractor corporate profits is alright, one is also in agreement that it is alright to unnecessarily bury thousands of U. S. soldiers in vain and millions of foreign innocent civilians for corporate profits that go to multinational stockholders and never go to the U. S. worker. To repeat, the Viet Nam, Afgan, and Iraqi Wars were all irrefutably invented corporate created wars for profit if an honest person traces the history. Genocide for profit is morally corrupt and even beyond evil. Unholy. Our foreign policy has been a crushing if not insane disaster for America if indeed it is our policy and not that of profit seeking corporations. Almost the product of brain damaged politicians. Even Osama bin Laden offered to negotiate a complete end to radical Islamic terrorism and the inept USA, with this golden opportunity, turned him down with a thought-replacing cliché saying, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”, and instead killed the very Islamic leader who could have brought it all to an end. Enemy heads of state have negotiated peace for centuries. Just replace the word terrorists with enemy. Simple. Corruption might explain it. The leadership vacuum has been unbelievable. The United States has lost its vision, has been run over by greedy corporate and congressional criminals working hand in hand, and is now basically lost and in major trouble. Only illusion and denial walls that reality. Try the loss of our middle class.

A strong leader with exceptional vision is needed to check these treasonous criminals and re-chart the path of our nation out of these treacherous and insane chaotic waters before the promise of America is over. The sole presidential candidate with those extraordinary abilities, courage to face off with the evil Corporate Establishment and our “House of Whores” and the will to do so, the clearest of vision, and strongest commitment for country that even has a chance to save America if that is possible is Mr. Donald Trump. If the Establishment has him assassinated like it assassinated JFK in the opinion of this author based upon irrefutable logic, the American population should respond with an uncontainable and savage ferocity and take to the streets in mass to save this country and begin a purge and cleansing of the nation’s evil starting with the predatory corporations eating America. It will not happen again! In terms of new foreign policy, America should immediately mend its relations with the entire Muslim world and stay completely out of their business forever. The trouble causing, bullying ways of the United States that has caused half the world to hate and fear us must finally come to an end. It is a destructive, unintelligent, and wasteful if not highly immoral path offending the instinctive national pride of any country.

Nationalism can be a formidable enemy for the United States. Instead, the nation should turn its focus now and use its money constructively, like China, on the mass renewal of America’s infrastructure which also will put a lot of Americans back to work, and forget about war as a way of life. A full four-year college education for everyone like many countries have as an extension of the 12-year education paid for by our taxes might even be economically feasible if the USA quits wastefully and recklessly squandering all its resources. It is possible to pay off that 19 trillion dollar debt most of which incidentally is owed to China. It won’t happen as long as the corruption continues. Corruption in Congress’ relation with the corporate world will be substantially cleaned up when a system is implemented wherein political candidates no longer have to pay for election expenses as previously discussed. This in turn will guarantee a greater representation of the will of all the people when poor candidates as well as rich candidates will have an equal shot at holding public office.

A second way already mentioned to sedate the enraged Muslin world against American would be for American to revert back to a position of “neutrality” regarding the conflict between Israel and the Muslim nations. Donald Trump is correct in taking this position. The USA should have never left a position of neutrality except for Jewish lobby money to buy off our “House of Whores”. Imperialism and corporate corruption must be excised from our government and its foreign policy for America to heal.

America Exporting Democracy is an Accident Waiting to Happen and, in Reality, a Tongue-In-Cheek Hoax to Allow a New Imperialism to Pirate the Resources of Other Sovereign Nations. The USA exporting democracy is rich when America itself doesn’t have a true democracy with primary election Super Delegates capable or erasing the popular vote for the U. S. Presidency and America’s Electoral College capable of doing the same, voting the way the delegates want to, regardless of the popular vote. The United States must abandon its policy of exporting democracy and revert to a policy of modeling democracy instead for the rest of the world if the latter nations choose to follow if they desire. This country has no right to bully other non-democratic nations and shove democracy down their throats. They, like America, have the right of self determination. The United States is putting ripples on the international waters all over the world causing incredible havoc. President Sadat of Syria ruling Syria is none of the USA’s business as Premier Putin said. He was correct.

The rule of law must prevail for a civilized world. There is also international law. The USA has no right to dictate to another sovereign nation under the rule of law unless it declares itself a rogue nation and international criminal. The United States must clean up its foreign policy to a policy of sanity to replace the insane and destructive path it has been taking with its world neighbors. There are many forms of government around the globe. Even Great Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy. Monaco is a monarchy and beautifully run. China has an oligarchy that has done well by that super prosperous nation. If the people of non-democratic nations want to become a democracy in their own time, it is up to their population to make such conversion just as the American Colonist did with England but such conversion to democracy must come from within according to the will of their people and not upon the dictates of the United States imposing its will on the international community like a global dictator. This pushy foreign policy is losing America all its friends, is roguish, illegal, and must change immediately to live and let live.

Also, the United States foreign policy is militaristic and one anchored in threating and frightening major countries around the globe. Placing armies on the door step of China and Russia, CIA, style, of course is quite provocative and is going to cause anxiety and provocative responses by those threatened nations to the endangerment of the world community. Better to abandon this militaristic approach and opt for good trade relations with these other major powers and focus on the market place instead of always being in position for military conquest. If China or Russia had a major army in Mexico on the U.S. border or 300,000 soldiers in Cuba, the United States also would be very threatened and take counter-provocative actions as well. This path is the old archaic militaristic path and must be abandoned for a future safer world based upon sanity and peaceful relations anchored in the market place where everybody wins and there is little waste leaving more funds for infrastructure rebuilding.

The USA must stop provoking other nations resulting in continuous bad relations and global danger. Military influence in the Federal Government must be marginalized significantly. It represents the archaic ways of a past world built on distrust and destruction. If there are international atrocities, let the United Nations, a collective body of nations around the globe, deal with it by consensus. Having said that, what has really been happening is a new United States imperialism in which the United States has been in bed with large petroleum corporations in the latter’s pirating the resources of other sovereign nations, especially Middle East oil countries such as Iraq, under the guise of exporting democracy. E.g. the first day President George W. Bush took office, he met with 100 CEOs of multinational oil corporations to discuss the dividing up the Iraqi oil fields three years before the USA declared war against Iraq. Big corporations using the United Stated military to pirate the resources of other sovereign nations. A U. S. Government controlled and bought and owned by huge corporations. That is the on-going game killing America.

Prosecution Jurisdiction Over Police Officers Who Murder Unarmed U. S. Should be Shifted to the U. S. Attorney General

District Attorneys cannot be expected to prosecute police officers who murder unarmed U. S. citizens because the DAs need the police as witnesses and police developed evidence which evidence is indispensable to secure convictions over lawbreakers. To achieve justice over these heinous crimes committed by police officers against unarmed U. S. citizens which currently appear to be epidemic, jurisdiction must be transferred to the Federal Government’s United States Attorney General for these reasons to bring this epidemic of murders by police offers to a halt by prosecuting them like any other murderer.

The “Good Ole Boys” Annual Renewable License for the Carnage of 65,000 Innocent Americans Each Year Caused by Drunk Drivers

The American Criminal Justice System is making a lot of coffin manufacturers very happy each year with the sale of 65,000 coffins and a lot of cemetery owners equally happy charging out for the burying six feet under of 65,000 innocent American citizens each year killed by drunk drivers. There is no incentive for drunks to control their intake of alcohol as nothing real bad is going to happen to them in any event and they know it.

Life is all one has. Our most precious asset. One’s existence is far more precious than all of the value in the world combined because without life, there is nothing. All accumulated in life is for naught once life is taken from us. When an inebriate takes our life on the highways, he or she takes everything and emotionally destroy the deceased’s relatives and close friends anchoring their lives around the deceased. When a drunk driver takes a life, he or she in essence destroy many lives. Who among us would not give our own life if that would allow our son or daughter to live, have a life, and grow old? When a drunk kills a loved one, he or she kill us also as we all die to a degree and are emotionally damaged for life.

In the Viet Nam 10-year conflict, 55,000 American soldiers died in combat. Yet in the USA, drunk drivers in the same 10 years have killed 550,000 innocent Americans who now lay in graves. Their entire existence gone with their remains relegated to coffins and graves for something they were not responsible for. These half million people are not abstracts. They are our real sons, our daughters, our wives, our husbands, our parents, and close friends. Drunks who see no reason to limit their alcoholic intake bury the innocent because the Criminal Justice System just applies a slap on the hand as equal in value to the life taken. These drunk killers are not “Good ole Boys” and are not innocent. They are fully aware they are becoming inebriated and might kill someone but do nothing to manage their intake of alcohol because they are not afraid of the “Good Ole Boy“ system that will cover them. In El Salvador, there is almost an absence of deaths due to drunk drivers because the drinkers are fully aware of the consequences of killing someone with an automobile while intoxicated. It is a life for a life. Something of value for something of equal value. Another life. They get the firing squad and are executed. No free killings by drunks in El Salvador. Their government is fully aware of how precious a human life is.

In our work-in-progress America, killer drunks for the most part “walk” due to the “Good Ole Boy” mentality of our criminal justice system and Americans continue to be slaughtered by the tens of thousands each year in the greatest ever most reckless shirking of responsibility by our state governments. No one ever said a nice guy, inebriated, also had a license to kill. If brutal laws were enacted much like El Salvador, short of a death sentence, as a mandatory 20 years in prison without parole, drunks, while still sober out of a sense of self preservation, would apply more self management in drinking too much or getting behind the wheel while in a dangerous state of intoxication. Citizens inclined to drink too much would be frightened if not terrified to drink too much and drive after seeing what happened to their drinking buddies serving a mandatory 20 years in prison without parole. The killing of an innocent person by a drunk should not be free and will stop once the public no longer tolerates the “Good Ole Boys” and bring this mentality to an end by brutal accountability laws to save the lives of 65,000 American citizens annually killed by these irresponsible intoxicated people.

A drunk’s perception needs to be change to horrible things will happen to the drunk driver if he or she kills someone while intoxicated. The drinking public needs to live in extreme fear of killing someone while intoxicated for this annual carnage to stop. Enough fear to make them exercise self control while drinking so no one gets killed by these nice “Good Ole Boys” who are just killing people. Murder by a drunk in a motor vehicle should be treated the same as any other murderer. The bottom line is they have taken the life of another person. Forget personalities. Some murderers are nice guys too. Brutal laws and punishments will save 65,000 Americans from death by drunk drivers each year in America. Proof of brutal laws working is El Salvador wherein deaths by drunk drivers is rare and for good reason. The drunk knows what is coming and fear controls his drinking.

As long as drunk drivers are tolerated by the Criminal Justice System and the “Good Ole Boy” mentality continues, the annual carnage on the nation’s highways will continue also and 65,000 innocent citizens will go to coffins and continued to be buried each year by drunk drivers. State and federal legislation should enact brutal laws realistic enough to bring the annual carnage on our highways to an end. This will happen when a non-vehicular murder and murder by a motor vehicle by an irresponsible drunk are considered the same with the only focus being an innocent life has been taken and accountability must be applied - to such a degree to be effective in finally stopping this carnage.

America’s Inability to Offer Higher Education to Our Children as a National Disgrace and Reflection on The Scary State of the U. S. Economy Moving Ever Closer to The abyss.

With China getting its young college students up at 6:00 am to attend classes to 10:00 pm with breaks in between, returning them home and getting them the next morning at 6:00 am for classes paid for by the Chinese Government compared to the U. S. Government saddling our young children wanting to go to college with crushing student loan debt unpayable until that young graduate reaches the age of 35 or 40 years old and further with the Federal Government actually making a windfall on interest from those student loans much the same as the IRS’s blue chip late tax payers who wind up paying three times the tax due to interest, such a situation is a national disgrace indeed. Only about 1/10th of high school graduates go to college. If the country can pay for 12 years of college for every young person, why couldn’t it pay for four more years for the motivated 1/10t% going on to higher education especially if those specialized degrees involve engineering, math, architecture, finance, law, banking, education, science, and health care specialists so needed for a strong nation. Instead, our Federal and state governments exploit our college age children with crushing debt that will dampen their quality of life for years causing many to refrain from college and seek blue collar jobs instead that offer a higher quality of life. Education is the backbone of all nations. Without such college trained profe3ssionals, the nation’s technology and ability to stay ahead of our competitors will be inadequate for America to survive as a world power.

The problem with these disgraceful student loans along with everything else in our sagging economy comes from the same malignancy. Uncontrolled exploitive predatory corporations pirating our economy, outsourcing our jobs due to the absence of tariffs, emptying our U. S. Treasury on invented wars by defense contractors taking funds earmarked for infrastructure repair, the gouging health care industry sucking up social security payments of the elderly leaving them inadequate funds to live on all made possible courtesy of the U. S. Congress in tow for the right instant wealth corporate lobbyist bribes. Money that could go to free college education like in China and infrastructure repair go to defense contractor $5,000 smart bombs dropped by the hundreds of thousands wastefully making holes in Middle East sand in countries that never were the problem of the United States and further none of our business. Our “House of Whores”, the U. S. Congress, and its corruption in being in bed with billion dollar multinational exploitive predatory corporations that line our Congresspersons’ pockets well is what is causing the demise of the United States.

It appears that uncompromising Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, owning no one anything and not needing corporate money to politically survive, is the only visionary able to heal our crippled economy in ending free trade agreements in bringing back the tariffs and further has the courage to face off with big business and excise huge corporate influence with the national government so contrary to the public good. With the return of jobs and pirating corporations hands out of the U. S. Treasury, we might be able, like China, to provide free college education to our children and also have money for needed infrastructure repair. Our children motivated enough to go to college deserve better government than they are getting which is now impacting heavily upon their future opportunities and future quality of life when they will never get out of debt until they are near 40 years old. We owe them more than that. The present situation involving the education of our children is a disgrace indeed and a source of national shame all caused by an irresponsible, corrupt, and sell-out U. S. Congress in bed with big business.

America is in trouble with its 17 trillion dollar national debt. The student loan situation offers a 20/20 alarming example of our crumbling national economy. Hopefully, Donald Trump will be America’s next Alexander Hamilton in time to turn it all around before our states start breaking off from the national government similar to the breakup of the Soviet Union after its economy collapsed. Aside from national party rancor, hateful rhetoric from pundits, and Donald Trump idiosyncrasies, the nation should thank its lucky stars that uncompromising financial guru Donald Trump is running for U. S. President. His first order of the day should be to address the corruption currently existing between the U. S. Congress and billion dollar predatory corporations so deeply influential in the national government at this time with most of its agendas contrary to the national good. For America, it is time for Teddy Roosevelt II, Donald Trump, to again take control of pirating corporations currently devouring America just like they did in the “sweat shops” of the 1870s but were stopped in their tracks and brought to a screeching halt by a one-man show named President Theodore Roosevelt. It is time for America to once again purge pirating corporations from the national government by our next Teddy Roosevelt in time to avoid the abyss.

Creation of A United States Department of Administrative Accountability is Long Overdue

Regarding departmental administrative efficiency in the United States Government, it appears when each governmental department were created, they were cut loose from any monitoring or accountability from any higher authority and were designed to operate with autonomy absent any overseeing. Allowed to drift under their own capricious leadership. Due to such non-accountability in terms of administrative efficiency, efficiency has been in a state of continuous free fall into a state of inefficiency resulting in unbelievable economic waste. Examples of such waste from non-accountability are the eight billion dollars stolen in 2015 from the Social Security Administration by thieves just calling with one’s Social Security number and requesting the check be sent to another address. There are criminal organizations that will cash those checks for half their value. The Social Security checks were sent to the new address without any effort being made to identify the caller as the true recipient destined for the payment. Something as simple as a PIN to identify the caller would have save the eight billion dollars stolen last year by thieves.

Another example of governmental inefficiency due to no accountability is Medicare. Medicare will pay for almost everything requested. One example is a 78 year old gentleman, probably 13 years beyond his ability to fertilize a female and well beyond his reproductive years, having trouble in getting an erection. He was given $500 by Medicare for a pump including a rubber band to main an artificial erection to allow intercourse. And forget the former hand operated wheel chairs which kept the occupier is good shape with such daily exercise adding to his or her longevity. Now Medicare covers the latest Ferrari-type motorized expensive wheel chairs just for the asking.

In short, all these governmental departments are going unmonitored by the Federal Government for efficiency and are capriciously operating at will and out of control and management resulting in shoveling out the window from the U. S. Treasury tax payers dollars. To stop this hemorrhaging of U. S. tax payer dollars before the U. S. Treasury is empty, a new Federal agency, the Department of Administrative Efficiency, is direly needed to apply monitoring and accountability to each and every Federal agency and department to stop waste each year in the billions of dollars and insure efficiency in their operation. Tough if not brutal standards of efficiency for each department and agency need to be enacted and, if not followed to the letter, dozens of heads should roll until efficiency and accountability is re-introduced and re-entrenched into all of our Federal administrative agencies and departments to end decades of enormous waste. Again, the example of the military burying heavy armament and vehicles under the sand at Ft. Bliss, Texas in the 50s due to over purchase and inefficiency. This ocean of waste is at the expense of needed infrastructure repair and maintenance and education. It must stop.

The United States Congress, Revisited, and Accountability

The U. S. Congress, especially after their extended period of gridlock, has disgusted the American public which now, according to the latest credible polls, holds the U. S. Congress is very low esteem as a viable organization capable of taking care of the Nation’s needs and providing for its national defense and sound economy. It appears the U. S. Congress has degenerated into a sell-out to corporations playboy club where no one shows for voting and regard their tenure in Congress as “party time” and multiple great suppers paid for by their constituents. The degree of irresponsibility and lack of professionaisml currently being displayed by members of the U. S. Congress has turned millions of heads as to the functionability of Congress if any. With nothing being accomplished for the nation among the petty mongers on both sides of the isle, American citizens are becoming very insecure with the state of the nation which inspired this Citizens State of The Union Message.

The makeup and perception of the current irresponsible members of our U. S. Congress must change for the country to remain in safe hands. The number of U. S. Congresspersons failing to show up for voting and sometimes even to make a quorum to allow a vote on important issues is scary and appalling. Kind of like “Is anybody driving”? It is long past the time for accountability to be applied to require responsible behavior from our representative members of Congress who hold the nation’s future in their hands but some of whom have forgotten they are the “people’s choice” for representation and not there on a mission of their own. The responsibility of their position has been entrusted to them by the USA’s “government of the people”. What is suggested to correct this very unimpressive if not deplorable behavior from our elected representatives is, regarding our members of the U. S. House of Representatives, if the Congressperson misses 30 voting session in his or her two-year tenure (15 per year), that Congressperson’s elected position will be legislatively eliminated automatically with the governor of his or her state immediately appointing their replacement. Regarding our irresponsible U. S. Senators playing golf and attending social events in their honor always with expected gratuities, if they miss 90 voting sessions in the U. S. Senate in their six-year term (also 15 per year), that U. S . Senator’s elected position will be legislatively eliminated automatically with the governor of his or her state immediately appointing his or her replacement.

U. S. Representatives in Congress should worry less about the survival of their political party as primacy and worry about the welfare of the Nation they were elected to represent which seems to be a forgotten issue in all their squabbling. It appears they have lost their way in the woods and forgotten what is important except being consumed by their “private club” and its private rules, pettiness, and revenge with their forgotten country be damned. Major critical issues such as “illegals” draining the U. S. Treasury and state governmental funds, corporate outsourcing of millions of American jobs through tariff-less free trade agreements, infrastructure repair, education, pirating predatory corporations, the gouging health care industry, etc., have irresponsibly gone ignored and unattended by our non-functioning U. S. Congress which has lost its vision due to being heavily mired in enmity and personal pettiness which has now reached a deplorable level to render the U. S. Congress non-functional. Maybe the American people’s solution for a responsible functional national government would be a clean sweep of the cantankerous visionless old team to be replaced by a new guard fresh with vision and noble motives for running for office, aside from instant wealth corporate bribes. Such as the welfare of the nation and the betterment of the American people. A clean sweep might be in order at this time for a functional national government. A new guard.

Political Party Super Delegates as the Hoax of the Century and Illusion of American Democracy

America a democracy in name only? In reality, a rigged primary election process by a corporate aristocracy as the de facto political system in the USA? With current eye opening revelations regarding “Super Delegates” in the primary races with the ability to disregard the choices for U. S. President of all U. S. citizens voting in the primary process in preference to the choices of “Super Delegates”, this shameless scam on the United States voting population represents a wash of America’s democracy, short and simple, by minions processing the will of corporate Super Pacs? Was it ever a government of the people or hoodwinking hypocrisy all along with the real political dynamics being “money talks” and owns governments? Why even vote in the political primaries if the vote can be erased at will by Super Delegates.

Such a political process does not represent a republican form of government but a scam perpetrated by two private clubs, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, who declare as private clubs they can make their own private rules. However, no one ever told the American public turning out to vote that their votes could be erased by private political party rules. Such a mockery of democracy. If a U. S. citizen’s vote doesn’t count and is not binding and is replaceable by Super Delegates choice authorized by private club rules, why do Americans even show up for party primaries to vote if it is all a scam? A gesture in vain as their votes can be erased at will by Super Delegates under party rules. This scam on the American voting public, feeling they are living under a republican form of government of representatives chosen by a government of the people via voting at the polls, has been going on for decades. With Super Delegate powers to replace citizen votes in preference to their own choices for nominees, there is no reason for any American to waste their time showing up at the polls to vote in party primaries as their votes may count for naught.

Private political party clubs do not represent a democracy or a republican form of government but just private clubs. As such, no candidate for political office should feel bound by the rules and outcomes of private political party clubs in their private election process which is appearing to be irrelevant to democracy and hence non-binding. This decades old scam should be exposed to the general voting population in the United States possibly by PBS or Frontline to nullify the legitimacy of America’s two political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, as only two private clubs having little to do with the democratic process of electing government office holders. In the alternative if the primary process is to survive, the U. S. Supreme Court must step in immediately to end this victimization of America’s democracy and hoodwinking of the voting public who turn out by the millions for private party political agendas and power grabbing outside of the will of our self governed people.

The U. S. Supreme Court should decree that Super Delegates are a fraud on the American voting public and an assault on the country’s democratic form of government and hence unconstitutional. Further, that all citizen votes in any and all political primaries cannot be compromised, erased, or replaced at whim or caprice by Super Delegates or any other form of political fraud that would nullify the will of the voting public thereby declaring Super Delegates a fraud on the democratic process, contrary to a republican form of government, hence, unconstitutional. This smelly power grab makes an independent party candidate so much more attractive and credible to the American public than a candidate chosen by clandestine power brokers in each of the two political parties outside of the choices of the voting population and will of the people. Such a seamy fraud that both political parties are immersed in defraud the sleeping and all too trusting American voting public. This political corruption, far from any democratic process to elect our governmental representatives, smells to the high heavens and must be cleaned up immediately before all Americans lose complete confidence in the electoral system within the United States and feel that they are not truly living in a democracy. The power brokers in each of our political parties, so willing to defraud the naïve American public and bend the rules, have corporate money, corporate mentality, and corporate agendas written all over them for purposes of self aggrandizement. Again, the message of these no-allegiance multinational corporations representing these Super Pacs seems to be “the people be damned” even if reduced to peons. Such a mentality, which mirrors the system in Mexico, smacks of aristocracy.

It is time to take back America from those who would pirate our rights, our resources, and our republican form of government. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is correct in vehemently attacking this Super Delegate system in political party primaries as a wholesale fraud upon the American people and an attack upon our republican form of government. Huge multinational no-loyalty corporations have pirated our resources, outsourced millions of American jobs, and now appear to be transforming our very republican form of government to accommodate corporate agendas. When does the American population finally say enough is enough? When? When they elect an uncompromised, unowned, highly committed, and independent Donald Trump as U. S. President to turn it all around, get corporations and money control out of our government, cleanse the political system to return it to a true democracy including nullifying the non-democratic Electoral College which mirrors Super Pacs, get it all back, return the USA to a “government of the people”, and defend our economy with the return of the tariffs the absence of which, thanks to President Bill Clinton’s seven free trade agreements, erased millions of jobs of American citizens all lost to cheap labor Asia and Mexico. Free trade agreements are a creation of corporations. A license to outsource. In short, America has had its throat cut by multinational corporations only interested in maximizing corporate profits with little to no regard for the survival of the United States of America or the fate of the American people. Multinational corporations[dc1] and corporate money must no longer dominate the U. S. Government if our nation and our political philosophy is to survive.

The United States Military’s New Atom Bomb

The new frightening weapon on the scene of world technology which has national defense systems in super power countries all over the world scrambling much like the USA’s race with Germany (only six months behind the USA) and Japan (which had already test exploded its first atom bombs) to get the atom bomb first, is control of cyberspace. If advancing technology of an enemy of the United States allows that enemy to neutralize all cyberspace transmissions, that enemy could not only wipe out America’s entire financial system, i.e. banks, stock companies, etc., by erasing all records of assets and citizen equities hence bringing the national economy to a screeching halt, such technology would also neutralize America’s ability to launch defensive weapons including nuclear weapons, drones, and every vehicle depending upon computers to operate and defend the United States. Our enemies would be immune, for the most part, from counter-attack by the USA or at least itm would vastly cripple America’s ability to defend itself. Most communications, most of which are computerized, would be cut off crippling U. S. Command Centers to engage in critical defensive strategies. Even our radar probably wouldn’t work against incoming missiles and certainly anti-ballistic missiles to take out these incoming nuclear missiles would not be able to engage or defend us. Destroying U. S. cyberspace would be almost similar to another enemy country getting the atom bomb first. The U. S. couldn’t launch its defensive nuclear missiles and would have to rely exclusively on SAC, the Strategic Air Command, to drop nuclear weapons which would be dramatically slower than the speed of incoming nuclear missiles. The United States could be destroyed before one SAC bomber could get off the ground. U. S. Polaris nuclear submarines couldn’t counter-attack because they are also dependent upon computers and operational cyberspace.

Whichever country gets the technology first to wipe out the cyberspace of another country will in essence have the next great atom-bomb-type weapon that could militarily control the world. For this reason, the United States must move with the utmost haste to create, which in essence is, another Manhattan-type project to get that technology first capable of neutralizing the ability of any enemy to launch a nuclear attack on the USA. As a second defense against nuclear attack, the USA should recommence its cold-war Star Wars Project of the 60s to be able to effectively take out any incoming nuclear missiles.

International Diplomacy and National Defense

Diplomacy on the international scene for the military defense of the USA should include immediate serious negotiations with China to gain its cooperation in neutralizing North Korea’s nuclear threat to the world. North Korea has a leader who is emotionally crippled to the point of threatening the USA if the American Press embarrasses him. North Korea’s nuclear missile delivery system is inadequate at this time but improves every day with on-going testing and its missiles will soon be able to reach most American cities. The United States can no longer throw the dice on the possibility of this Armageddon especially if a crazy person’s finger is on the trigger. Even if the USA has to negotiate the removal of its troops from South Korea as a bargaining chip if China will help neutralize North Korea as a nuclear threat by helping the USA to remove its leader from power, it should consider it if joint military power is to be used. This could lead to the re-unification of Korea and the end of conflict on that peninsula. This may make sense because of the great amount of trade and economic dependency that now exists between the United States and China which mandates that peace between both nations makes more sense than war.

Regardless of the current paranoia and arguments on all sides on how to approach this problem, the nuclear threat of North Korea, now shaking up Japan and the rest of the world, must be taken seriously before millions will possibly die and negotiations with China should commence immediately to neutralize North Korea as a nuclear power. Europe waited for the Nazi Germany threat to resolve itself and go away resulting in the destruction of most of Europe and the loss of 67 million lives. China is the solution and its cooperation with the United States is the only viable answer to end the nuclear threat of North Korea.

The Failure of the USA to Adequately Use the United Nations in Gaining The Cooperation of The International Community by Consensus in Resolving World Problem is Remiss

The United Nations, a forum almost destroyed by President George W. Bush in his “go-it-alone” policy in the Iraqi War, is a tremendously useful organizations for global problem solving by consensus of the community of nations. One huge issue is the mass extinction of animal life. The human race is on verge of rendering all non-human life on earth extinct due to no management of the international community on this subject. Through consensus of all nations and their leadership, this mass extinction of all other non-human animal life can be brought to a halt before any more species disappears from the earth. At least a start with some program to address the issue should be made. For example, all nations under UN leadership could agree that the possession of ivory and ivory jewelry is illegal and all such jewelry be regarded as contraband and subject to criminal prosecution. This would bring the carnage of elephants worldwide to a screeching halt and save that noble species. Rhinoceros horns and horn powder, popular in China, should likewise be declared contraband. Due to the abundance of food supplies in the world, hunting for food for family sustenance belonged to a different age and is no longer necessary when one can easily go to the corner grocery store for chicken, ground beef, and most forms of animal food. In Texas, hunting the big horn sheep just for its head and horns as a wall trophy is deplorable. Killing just for killing’s sake is morally wrong. For this reason and for the protection of the world’s remaining species of animals, huge prohibitions by all member nations of the international community against the killing of any wild animal except for self defense should be set in place with penal code consequences before human beings are the only species of animal life left on earth. Such conservation efforts are direly needed and possible through U. S. leadership in coordination with the United Nations.

Another issue that should be coordinated through the United Nations, although probably seeming remote and important to most people, is an economic plan with contributions by the world community of nations to develop a viable anti- asteroid defense in case life on earth is threatened by one. Big asteroids have wiped out all life on earth several times in geological history. Just 11,000 years ago, most life in North America was destroyed by such a large asteroid. The native North American Clovis Indian population in the USA, the saber tooth tiger, dire wolf, and wooly mammoth were all destroyed along with most animal life. In 1903, trees in a 500 hundred square mile area in Siberia, Russia were flattened by an asteroid exploding in air. Just last year again in Russia a small asteroid barely missed a town blowing out all windows and many doors in that community. With awesome atomic weapons, a viable asteroid defenses system might be quite possible. Regardless, it might be productive for the subject to be explored by the United Nations. U. S. leadership should lean more to consensus problem solving through the use of the United Nations at least more than the USA has made use of that valuable organization in the past. With consensus, there is no conflict.

The Need to Pass The Politico-Economic Treason Act

Treason and treachery are close in meaning according to the Marriam-Webster Dictionary. Treason is defined as “the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or help its enemies”. There are other forms of treason. Treason is also tantamount to treachery defined as “the betrayal of a trust” and “to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family”. There are politico-economic traitors among us whose acts are against the public good and detrimental to the general welfare and very survival of the nation. For the USA to survive, these traitors must be identified and immediately purged from our national economy and Federal Government. These politico-economic traitors are in the form of sociopathic billion dollar corporations which espouse no allegiance to any nation and whose only interest is corporate profits even at the expense of the very demise of its host nation. The economic treason of these sociopathic predatory greedy corporations is made possible only by equally treasonous sell-out U. S. politicians and U. S. Congressional “whores” who are in bed with these exploitive and evil capitalists for the right amount of instant wealth corporate bribe. The flagrant corruption existing between this treasonous partnership is what is currently sabotaging America and cutting its throat in 2016 in terms of millions of lost jobs for cheap labor, loss of circulating capital being the backbone of the American economy, and U. S. Treasury draining fake wars of defense contractors selling genocide for corporate profits in the trillions of dollars which should have been earmarked for infrastructure renewal and education, made possible only by our U. S. Congress, just to name a few of these politico-corporate assaults on the very survival of the United States of America. We must fight back and not go silently in the night toward the economic death of this nation.

To begin with, a list should be made and published of all the U. S. Congresspersons who obscenely voted to block cheap life preserving drugs for the elderly on Social Security from Canada, Germany, and Mexico requiring our seniors to use bread money for life sustaining expensive drugs from U. S. manufacturers. And then vote this published list of “whores” out of office. Next, The Politic-Economic Treason Act should be passed making it a felony for any corporation in partnership with any member of the U. S. Congress to conduct business detrimental to the general welfare of the United States of America and injurious to its population as only possible with the cooperation of sell-out members of the U. S. Congress equally indictable under this addition to the U. S. Penal Code with stiff 20-year sentences without parole for all executives of these predatory corporations and U. S. Congressional co-conspirators for all violations. We can call this “a good start” to clean up the current incredible level of corruption within our U. S. Congress whose “whores” are getting rich helping these corporate pirates eat America. Big business eating America is nothing new. Recall the “sweat shops” and 16-hour-a-day child labor of 1870s. The greedy bastards are at it again. It is time for Teddy Roosevelt II to return to the scent in the form of Donald Trump to edge America away from the abyss in time by getting corporations out of our national government for good. A Constitutional Amendment and making it a 30-year felony without parole for corporations to donate one penny to any candidate for public office or public office holder at any level of government and any candidate and public office holder to accept one cent from them. Again, free radio and television equal time as a condition to the licensing of these businesses would make candidates and office holders non-dependent upon corporate money for their political survival and go far to clean up America.


IN CONCLUSION if America is to survive, its middle class must be restored with Donald Trump’s position of bringing back the protective tariffs to protect American jobs and stop them from flooding from our shores, thereby returning business-supporting circulating dollars, which loss was due to corrupt exploitive greedy sociopathic corporations, represented byT Mitt Romney types, which could care less about the survival of the United States of America. Our borders must be secured least the U. S. Treasury be emptied by welfare seeking “illegals”. The Criminal Justice System must be overhauled reducing glutted penal codes to one third their size. Social persecutions against 60 million citizens with criminal record must stop by sealing criminal records from the public so background checks no longer keep this ocean of people unemployed with,new tort laws against any discrimination so these people can become rehabilitated again and have some quality of life in preference to a hopeless existence. Better than revolution. And democracy must be re-entrenched starting with the abolishment of primary Super Delegates and the Electoral College. We need a man for all seasons whether he be Republican, Democratic, or Independent to do the job. A powerful, forceful, courageous, and fiercely committed patriot dedicated to the survival and preservation of America and protection of its people. Luckily, we have one on the scene and just in time to reverse it all before America goes into the abyss. Mr. Donald Trump.

If we are a government of the people, we need to act like a government of the people and take an interest in defending our country. We need to become pro-active in protecting all our freedoms, our opportunities, our resources, and not only our children’s futures but their lives. Apathy will morph America into a third world country unless we are willing to depart from arm chair television, get up, and fight for ourselves and our children’s future. We are family. With a “Let George do it” attitude, America will die. For a wakeup call, we no longer have a middle class. Mexico’s and China’s middle class is noticeably rising on the salaries of outsource U. S. jobs. Our minimum wage is $20,000 under the poverty limit. If our economy cannot afford a military adequate enough to defend us, we will be overrun. Aircraft carriers cost real dollars and not dreams. Some apathetic French citizens resented America’s liberation army landing on Normandy in WW11 feeling submission to Nazi Germany would keep them safe. History has proven occupation armies brutally butcher the occupied citizens by the hundreds of thousands. Japan, in WW11, butchered 300,000 unarmed Chinese citizens in one week. Yes, it is time for a legitimate fear. America is in trouble. We American citizens must at least try to save America. We owe it to our children’s futures. Multinational corporations and their economic treason of the United Stated made possible through sell-out U. S. Congressional prostitutes on the take must be confronted and completely destroyed, eradicated, and purged from our government. Never to return short of life in prison for these corporate criminals chopping up America and their Congressional co-conspirators. Purge is the operative word. Corporate and U. S. Congressional criminals are killing America.

This commentary has been to deliver a 20/20 vision to the American population so we know where to paddle to save ourselves from the treacherous turbulent sea our ship of state is currently battling for its very life in if there is still time to save America. Blinding corruption between predatory corporations partnering with treasonous U. S. Congresspersons for the right instant wealth bribe has caused us to lose our way. The near trillion dollar bank bailout with taxpayer money is one example with bailout money shamefully going to million dollar corporate bonuses. Ripping, tearing, and running. Outrageous. With Wall Street publically flaunting its powers over Congress without remorse or intimidation because it knows who the real government is. Big money. A huge pro-active patriot political party and an organization by the name The American Patriot Party with its chosen local leaders, must arise at this time and organized in every neighborhood to be vocal with each citizen heard, take to the streets with banners and megaphones, network as patriotic citizens with leaders locally, statewide, and nationally, and engage a Citizens Movement To Save America to get our country back. Maybe the time is long overdue for a Citizens American Patriot Party, the CPP, a third political party, to emerge to fight corruption in Washington, DC. Each of you needs to speak up now. The time for comfort and caution is over. The time for treasonous, sell-out politician rhetoric Mitt Romney style is over. The time for taking personal risks and bravely stepping out in defense of our country is here. In my opinion, the only strong, fiercely committed, and patriotic Presidential candidate with the extraordinary business savvy to turn it all around and save America, like Alexander Hamilton did years ago, is Donald Trump. America’s new Teddy Roosevelt. Our new St. George strong enough to slay these predatory corporate dragons currently killing the United States and indict the U. S. Congressional personnel in cahoots with them.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for allowing an ordinary citizen on the street to speak up in defense of America, and for allowing me to share this Citizens State of the Union Message with you for the protection of the still greatest nation and greatest people on earth. The United States of America. Please download this commentary now and email it to 10 of your friends with instructions for them to email it to 10 of their friends in case the Establishment erases this commentary. I hope you are awake. We need you. The future of your own children depends on what you personally do at this time. We must act now, choose our local citizen leaders now, and form the Citizens’ Patriot Party, the CPP as the new political party, to get our country back. Do this for our country. And for God’s sakes do it for your children and their future. There may not be - another time for the United States. God bless you and God Bless America. Good night.

P.S. I endorse Donald Trump for U. S. President as the New Teddy Roosevelt. Corporate dragon slayer. Illegals solver. Terrorists stopper. Champion of the middle class. Defender of our “government of the people”. Not bought and owned. It is requested that you download this commentary with the permission of this author and email it to 10 of your friends with instructions for them to email to 10 of their friends and so on. Within 60 days, the commentary in support of Donald Trump as the American economy’s last hope will reach 30 million people. Good luck and God speed. Let’s rapidly launch this Citizens Movement to Save America before the November elections. There isn’t much time left to make Donald Trump, this financial guru needed at this time, happen for America. No other candidate is capable of saving the United States from the predatory corporate cannibals, with their U. S. Representative minions in tow for the right price, morphing America into a third world country. It is to be remembered that President Bill Clinton got the American economy in trouble to begin with, with his signed-into-law seven job stealing free trade agreements which left tens of millions of U. S. workers unemployed and removed trillions of circulating dollars, the backbone of all economies, from the U. S. economy. Even President Barak Obama recently signed into law yet another license to outsource our jobs. The Asian Free Trade Agreement. Apparently a Democratic Party thing. These free trade agreements killing our economy have been wholly endorsed by Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

More of the same with Hillary? Guess what? We cannot afford more of the same before tumbling into the abyss and into a third world country. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, with his extraordinary financial skills matched only by a few, is the new Alexander Hamilton who can erase our 17 trillion national debt, face off without compromise with the predatory corporations destroying us and currently eating America, cleanse our sell-out U. S. Congress of corruption, and return America to greatness. We direly need your help to prevent a Hillary “more of the same”. Please do your part now and make a contribution to save this country which is going to stop breathing once the national debt reaches 24 trillion. We can’t let that happen. I know you don’t want that. It will happen with Hillary who endorses free trade agreements and has no major problems with the “illegals” invasion of the USA.

Please do your part to stop America from economically tumbling into the abyss along with our children’s futures which may take place soon without immediate dramatic changes. Changes by an uncompromising, powerful, forceful, an able president – a Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman type - with vision and the strength capable of “cramming on the breaks” - in time - to change the direction of the nation away from the treacherous precipice ahead, facing off with power, restore our millions of lost jobs with tariffs, stop the welfare-seeking illegals’ drain and thievery of our U. S. Treasury, get completely out of the Middle East assuming a position of neutrality and let their water seek its own level under their people’s own self determination and not ours, redirect our resources, currently wasted on unneeded corporate-for-profit wars, to improve our infrastructure badly in need of repair, get predatory corporations completely out of our Federal Government for good, and put us back on the road to prosperity. America doesn’t stay down long. We are a great and courageous people with enough grit to make it happen and can dig in deep when we have to. History has shown that tyranny does not prevail long in the USA’s “government of the people” who will collectively fight for our families, individual freedoms, justice, and democracy.


Yes, it is time to get angry. We have been sold out and America’s throat has been cut. America has been wounded by predatory corporations devouring us and is on its knees but we will not pass silently in the night. We will not take it laying down without a fight. And a ferocious one. We American citizens collectively are a powerful people who never give up and cannot be beaten because one can only be beaten if one agrees to be beaten. That is contrary to our national heritage as the “home of the brave”. We will always get back up regardless of the price. Always! Yes, It is time to get our country back. One lost to corruption - from within. Shame on them.


The evils of predatory capitalism in the form uncontrolled exploitive multinational corporations must be successfully confronted by a moral, decent, and humane people with a strong uncompromising leader for their civilization to survive. Democracy was a gift to the world from ancient Greece which proved that individual freedoms produce the greatest civilizations. However, the democracy must be a true one and not one watered down by Super Delegates and Electoral Colleges, which erase the popular vote which is democracy, to prevent corruption from ruling the day. That same internal corruption within government that took down the undefeated Roman Empire. It is this author’s hope that that same corruption doesn’t also take down America. Only adroit leadership, accurate vision, and moral fiber can prevent that from happening or surely the USA will soon be pushed over the edge into the abyss into a third world country. Help me publish this message to all U. S. citizens.

God bless you, strengthen you, thank you, and good night - and prepare for a Donald Trump victory in November. The only U. S. Presidential candidate not bought and owned by big business and probably our only hope as the new Teddy Roosevelt. It is up to you, your friends, and your personal collective efforts in getting out of your recliner and becoming pro-active in your neighborhood in time to get Trump elected. It is worth repeating that Alexander Hamilton took the United States from a country deeply mired in debt after the Revolutionary War to one of the most economically powerful nations on earth in a period of eight years. Possibly Donald Trump with his business acumen can do the same.



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