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Updated on April 2, 2012

Justice must be allowed to take its course.

If the police authorities in Sanford, Florida, think that the matter of Trayvon Martin being killed is going to go away, they have another thing coming.

From every media report and 911 calls to the arrival of police officers on the scene, there is every indication that a person has been killed, and that the killer must be placed in custody, forthwith.

In fact, the killer, being George Zimmerman, was arrested and brought to the local precinct, but he was freed again, and for what reason, nobody has been told.

Under the circumstances, the killer of Trayvon Martin must be in jail, while the investigation of Martin's death continues.

That is not asking too much from Florida's Attorney General to step in and rearrest Zimmerman, even though the governor, Gov. Rick Scott, has appointed a special investigator to handle the case, and the local prosecutor has agreed to step aside; an arrest and the detention of the killer have to be the recourse and normal police procedure.

Racial undertones and the fight between Martin and Zimmerman are elements of the case; however, they must be set aside, as the focus is to be on the fact that Martin's life has been taken by Zimmerman, and irrespective of what his background is, he (Zimmerman) must be in jail.

All kinds of legal names can be called in connection with the case, if Zimmerman is allowed to be free from being in the hands of the local police, then something is wrong.

He is still an individual involved in a crime, in which another person has been killed; and so, why is he walking around as if nothing at all has happened?

Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are in agony; they are distraught for losing their child; and the demonstrations across the country are in full sympathy with their loss.

They have to be comforted, at least, by knowing that something is being done by the authorities in their son's favor. An arrest must be made in conjunction with his killing, as the law demands. If not, then the investigation has only a subject, who is at large; and that does not have to happen.

The public outcry has to be heard for all to know that discrimination of any type is not recognized by the law. Whether Zimmerman has relatives in the law enforcement community, now or before, has got nothing to do with his committing a murder. He is a grown man, and he must be fully responsible for his own actions.

The rest of America is waiting for the state of Florida to do something realistic, and that is to have Zimmerman behind bars; before anything else can be considered as authentic.

Trayvon Martin deserves justice, like any other citizen of the United States.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      Trayvons parents should be in agony for raising a gangter baby! They should be put in jail for allowing their thug son to walk the streets with tattoos, hoody, and a gold gril in his teeth at the age of 17! They should have stepped in the first time the little thug was suspended from school this year! Trayvon did not live in that neighborhood! He should have been respectful and he would still be alive, instead of beating the crap out of Zimmerman and threatening his life!